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The EDLs much-vaunted 'homecoming' to Luton last week-end was, in the end, a damp squib. Only around 800 leaguers (estimates vary between 600 and 1,000) actually bothered to turn up as opposed to around 3,000 last year. This marks the end of a year of declining attendance at demos and much infighting for the EDL. Luton is feted as their hometown - 'Where it all began' and the poor attendance doesn't bode well for Tommy's little soldiers.

This demo was also supposed to be the launch pad for Tommy Robinson's (aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) political career - unelected as ever, he's ascended to the dizzying heights of the deputy leadership of the British Freedom Party (currently polling even lower than the Lib Dems). In the event the BFP were kicked out of the hotel before a word was spoken and forced to hold their press conference on Twitter. Not a good start even by the bungling standards of the UK far right.

Opposing them was a crowd of around 1,000 organised by the UAF under the banner 'We are Luton'. This feisty demo marched around the suburbs, tried to break out into Bury Park (the town's Asian area) but ultimately ended up in a park miles from the EDLs rally.

The real story of the day was the massive police mobilisation - Bedfordshire cops spent £1.2 million policing the two crowds, who got barely a glimpse of each other. Small groups in town were stopped, searched, identified and then marched in the direction of their respective kettles.

What next for the English Defence League? 16th of June will see them kettled in a car-park in Dewsbury for another national demo and at some point in July they're gonna try and march through Bristol - something some locals are said to be "really looking forward to".


Meanwhile as the main body enters its decline - the EDLs splinter groups are starting to try and get into scraps with anyone they can find on the left. Two SWP paper sellers were attacked by a mob in Lewisham on 28th April - one pensioner on the stall suffered a broken cheekbone. Five idiots from the local NF/Infidels turned up to a public sector workers' picket line in Bootle today (Thurs 10th) in attempt to intimidate strikers.

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There are 3 comments on this story...
Added By: Anarchiste. - 11th May 2012 @ 12:30 PM
Funny how the cops and the press estimated an edl crowd of three thousand. Your agenda is transparent. Well, you better censor this post.Oh, and the spooks whove screwed up the once mighty truth wielding schnews of yore Im on your tail and ill turn you. Enjoy!
Added By: Miffy - 11th May 2012 @ 4:39 PM
While a number of news outlets quoted the figure of 3,000 EDL this was merely lazy journos relating the estimate that had been made prior to the demo. Eyewitnesses on the ground (including SchNEWS spooks) estimated under 1,000 and we've yet to see any photos that suggest otherwise.

Contrary to the EDL claiming that "police confirm Luton demo attended by around 3,000" they actually stated - "The protestors themselves are thought to have numbered possibly up to 3000 for the EDL and around 1000 'We are Luton' although these are not confirmed." It seems they too were quoting the early inaccurate figures.

While Luton Today initially stated that "around 3,000 EDL supporters took part in the demonstration in Luton, Bedfordshire, and another 1,000 people gathered for a counter protest" this quickly dropped to "it is estimated a total of 1,000 [EDL] protestors took part" in later articles. The BBC also went with "about 2,000 demonstrators from the groups".

Incidentally the SchNEWS hive mind is of the opinion that 1,000 fascists on the streets is still far too many, but we have more confident our estimate is based more on counting than any hidden agenda to down play the EDL. We too cringe when the SWP, UAF etc. make wild estimates in the other direction.
Added By: Hiroki - 22nd October 2012 @ 6:05 AM
Jaco No, I am not ignoring the other thaerd, It just that I have been out on my bike, a spreading a little infidel vibes You ask a very valid question Excuse me if I start of by answering with a question. Have you wondered why I do not live in England? The answer to that is white on white racism from family, who now today oppose BNP. Also, strange as it may seem, people here in Indonesia enjoy more personal freedom than most people in the UK do If you went to live where your wife comes from you will find out what I mean. Now about the BNP, I am not blind to there murky past, and that is why I only support them conditionally. If I was in England and the BNP where the ruling party (which I doubt will happen in the near future) a lot would depend on whatpolicies they where following, if they follow their present policy I would not have too many problems, except the only ethnics ruling, and I would join the group within the BNP to bring pressure to change that ruling, which is happening today If the BNP where to revert back to their old ways, then I would fight them tooth and nail. Also I firmly believe that should the BNP revert to their devious past there would be a mass exodus and it would fall apart. Unlike most here I do pop over to BNP site and leave critical comments and they have not been rejected. I have followed quite a lot of debates within their forum, and I am left with the impression that they are moving in the right direction By the way, new membership to the BNP has now been frozen, while they adjust to the new ruling that is coming into force The BNP will soon be open to all
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