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Brighton University's Vice Chancellor must be kicking himself. The university was on lock-down yesterday (Nov30), not out of support for the strike, but to prevent a possible occupation. Unfortunately for him, the students waited 'til the 2nd, when the uni was wide open and vulnerable again. Thirty plus occupiers are now camped out in the very public art gallery space and more are expected as the space gets established. They're protesting in solidarity with the public sector workers, against the increase in fees and the fact that the VC made noises in opposition to the White Paper to please students and staff  - and then signed a public letter to the government in support of fee increases. The uni is also targeted for their lack of transparency regarding links to dodgy private companies.

Elsewhere in the country: Aberdeen students have occupied their uni's management offices.... Unlucky UWE students have been threatened with expulsion and police-aided eviction for daring to protest in administration buildings- the occupation continues on another site... Sheffield occupations going strong....

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Added By: REMOVE - 19th December 2011 @ 12:13 PM
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During last November's Brighton student protests, aka "Day X", a 15-year-old protester was assaulted and nicked by police. More than a year later, on Thursday (1st) he's been acquitted of all charges at Brighton Magistrates Court.

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Forty hunt sabs from around the south-east headed up to get on the case of the notorious Old Surrey and Burstow hunt near Tandridge in Surrey this Saturday (3rd). They were met with a heavy-handed police response - two arrests and the seizure of the South Down's groups vehicle.

Wednesday's N30 strikes saw 2 million public sector workers striking and hundreds of thousands marching in Britain's streets all over the country, marking the biggest strike in a generation.

The Forest Cafe (a volunteer run venue/cafe/arts space in Edinburgh) was forced to close back in August when the building's owners went bankrupt. It has now risen phoenix-like and been re-christened 'The Peoples' Cafe' as a over 100 people are now occupying the building.

The Department for Transport was blockaded by fifty Greenpeace activists and two immobilised cars on Monday (28th) to protest the UK government's determination to stick a spanner in the upcoming EU vote on tar sands

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