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The Forest Café (a volunteer run venue/cafe/arts space in Edinburgh) was forced to close back in August when the building's owners went bankrupt. It has now risen phoenix-like and been re-christened 'The Peoples' Café' as a over 100 people are now occupying the building.

The occupiers are planning to reopen the space to the public and are calling for others to come pitch in. Unlike in England & Wales where squatting is not a criminal offence (yet – see SchNEWS 795) in Scotland it is punishable by up to 21 days in prison. So if your currently squatting south of the border why not head up to Edinburgh for a taste of what life might be like post-criminlisation?

A 'spokesman' for the former Forest Cafe has already distanced themselves from the current occupation. Harry Giles said: "It's not a Forest led occupation. It's not been organised by us and it's an entirely different group of people who have taken this action." The Forest's reputation is not entirely spotless with talk of missing money and paid management lording it over volunteers doing the rounds, hopefully the new collective will be a little more um... collective.

To get involved head to 3 Bristo Place, Edinburgh or call 07799737995.

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Added By: Oatcake - 8th December 2011 @ 6:16 PM
Added By: Philip - 26th March 2012 @ 12:15 PM
"talk of missing money and paid management lording it over volunteers"
... it's not responsible to print rumours without any kind of references or backup at all.

I can tell you that the Forest trustees, ably assisted by volunteers, have been putting in some good hard work looking for new premises and I for one have confidence in them.
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On Wednesday (26th) the government published its response to the squatting consultation. While none of us were expecting anything sensible to come from a Tory government foaming at the mouth at the prospect of kicking an unpopular minority, the speed of the knee-jerk reaction and its implementation is beyond even our cynical predictions.

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