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The Bigger Society Social Club opened its doors to the public of Lenton, Nottingham on Monday (28th) morning only to have them kicked in and closed a few hours later.

Autonomous Nottingham had squatted the former Conservative Club on Castle St and had big plans for the formally unused space. Having spent the best part of a week preparing the building to host a series of workshops, discussions and film screenings with a focus on supporting Wednesday's strikes, the group were illegally evicted after just one event. As the occupiers were meant to be enjoying a 'Self Defence Foundation Course' things got a little too advanced for their liking as the owner appeared at the window. He preceded to kick in the door and give them a few violent lessons of his own.

Fortunately, although the building was lost, no one was seriously hurt and most of the equipment was recovered and relocated to the Sumac Centre across town for the continuation of the week's events. To paraphrase Obi Wan “If you strike us down, we shall go do it somewhere else”.

See https://network23.org/autonomousnottingham/

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We started writing about three interesting but unrelated things happening in June. Here is an amalgamated version, which is worth a read.

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