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As if the crap weather, lack of hospitality and hassle from the cops wasn't enough, now migrants trying to cross the channel from Calais find themselves under fire from the French far-right.

Organised mainly on Facebook, along with adverts on far-right websites, the new bunch of Frenchie fash calling themselves 'Sauvons Calais' (Saving Calais) are trying to demonstrate against migrants and No Borders activists in the city of Calais. A call-out has been made for a counter-protest against the idiots at their inaugural hate-fest on Saturday (11th).

Whether Calais' self-appointed 'saviours' are anything to worry about is yet to be seen: for all their social media harping, their previous attempts to protest outside migrant-related cases in court didn't materialise after they were warned off by police. They've made it out once, though. About forty held placards in the rain outside the townhall stating 'Stop mass immigration in Calais', with which they managed to miss the crucial point that no-one actually wants to be in the channel-side hellhole.

They do however appear to be the most organised anti-migrant effort in Calais since the undocumented migrants in the city became such a contentious issue. Among their demands: a complete removal of sans papiers from the town, a complete removal of the No Borders movement, and stopping all state funding of migrant assistance charities such as food distributors SALAM. Hey, no-one said they thought things through.

'Sauvons Calais' have emerged during a time of hyped anti-migrant sentiment in Calais, emanating from the office of mayor Natasha Bouchart, the far-right neo-prick who's been flogging the anti-migrant horse for months in her attempts to get re-elected in the upcoming mayoral elections. There has also been an arson attack on migrants' showering facilities and mysterious smashing up of foreigners' cars.

Stay tuned for updates.

See the full report from Calais Migrant Solidarity activists and the call out: http://calaismigrantsolidarity.wordpress.com/2014/01/05/call-out-for-antimigrant-counter-demo-january-11th/

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