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On another Thanet.

UKIP leader Farage might live to regret shaking that huntsman's hand. Surely the trick to being an outsider politician is to be all things to all men. but Nigel's Boxing Day photo-opportunity has put him in the sights of the animal rights brigade.

Nigel was due to speak to local supporters in Thanet, Kent yesterday afternoon and such is his popularity that not one but two counter-demos were organised. One by the local Socialist Workers Party and the other a rag-tag coalition of hunt sabs and animal rights activists.

SchNEWS spoke to an observer/participant “Around forty people had gathered in front of the hotel, it was just people who hate UKIP really – a pretty broad church. It was actually Farage's security who kicked it off though, trying to force their way through the crowd by punching people. We just responded, we'd been hanging around for what felt like hours and it was all over in five minutes. There were only two cops there at the start – and about fifty by the end!”

Twatted over the bonce with a placard and harried with cries of “animal abuser” and “racist scum” Nasty Nige eventually managed to barricade himself inside the hotel.

Watch it all in glorious 2D right here

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