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SchNEWS 382, 22nd November, 2002
Firebranded - the Fire Brigade Union were planning an eight day strike over Neo Labour’s refusal to pay them a decent wage...

SchNEWS 381, 15th November, 2002
Florence of Arabia
- European Social Forum meeting in Florence - another example of the growing movement against Bush and Blair’s war plans that is sweeping the US and Europe.

SchNEWS 380, 8th November, 2002
Assault and Pepper
- Police brutality in Brighton

SchNEWS 379, 1st November, 2002
Putin the Boot In
- Chechen rebels attack in Moscow...

SchNEWS 378, 25th October, 2002
Tricky Treaty
- the EU Nice Treaty is here bringing enlargement and GATS - the green light to a neo-liberal Europe. Plus - Romanys under eviction, McDonalds day, Sangatte and more...

SchNEWS 377, 18th October, 2002
Sari Sight
- why Australia isn't such an innocent bystander in the Bali bombing. Also - Bougainville, Ukrainian nuclear protester murdered, Sizewell and more…

SchNEWS 376, 11th October, 2002
- Bush's self interested, pre-emptive National Security Strategy comes out as anti-war activity steps up. Also - Brazilian elections; US dock strike and more...

SchNEWS 375, 4th October, 2002
Acres And Pain
- comparing the two marches in London last week - Stop The War and Countryside Alliance. Also - cannabis cafes, polish road protests, Stop The War actions and more...

SchNEWS 373/4, 27th September, 2002
Weapons Of Mass Deception
- what is this war all about? Oil. Plus special report from Palestine, Stop The War listings, Unocal in Burma, Porton Down and more...

SchNEWS 372, 13th September, 2002
Silent But Deadly - a critical look at the US on the anniversary of September 11. Also - Xenotransplantation, Brighton Peace Centre, Lappersfort, Reclaim The Future and more...

SchNEWS 371, 6th September, 2002
Summit Rotten - report from Johannesburg Earth Summit. Plus - the new Criminal Records Bureau, latest from Chiapas, Meanwhile Gardens and more...

SchNEWS 370, 30th August, 2002
Apocalypse Soon - the suits are going to Johannesburg, as the global environment goes south. Plus - GM in Africa and Dorset, Bhopal and Union Carbide, Countryside Alliance...

SchNEWS 369, 23rd August, 2002
Return To Sender - Bush boycotts Earth Summit in Johannesburg, plus Indonesian villagers sue Exxon Mobil, Strasbourg No Borders camp arrestee Ahmed Meguini and more...

SchNEWS 368, 16th August, 2002
Gravy Plane - Snapshot of South Africa leading up to the Earth Summit - privatisation and structural adjustments. Plus Uruguay in trouble, UNICEF get together with McD's and more...

SchNEWS 367, 9th August, 2002
It's A Nuke Out - the h-bomb in Hiroshima shares its anniversary with another disaster - 12 years of sanctions in Iraq. Plus - airport stopped in Mexico, Commonwealth Games...

SchNEWS 366, 2nd August, 2002
Borderline Case - report of the No Border camp held in Strasbourg 19-28 July. Plus - anniversary of Genoa, free party bust-up near Bristol, Brighton's Earthship and more...

SchNEWS 365, 19th July, 2002
Beach Bummer Boozy Bottleneck - Fat Boy Slim has an abomination on Brighton Beach, while local free parties get oppressed. Plus - oil in Nigeria, AFC Wimbledon, Paraguay and more...

SchNEWS 364, 12th July, 2002
Last Supper - Lip service to the starving at the World Food Summit, Rome. Also - protests against Commonwealth Games in Manchester, oil pipeline to Caspian Sea, and more…

SchNEWS 363, 5th July, 2002
Identity Crisis - Blair wants to introduce ID cards - called Entitlement Cards. Plus - free parties this summer, death in Argentina, Costa Rica resists neo-liberalism, and more…

SchNEWS 361/2, 27th June, 2002
Summit Outta Nuffin - preview of the Rio+10 Earth Summit in Johannesburg. The multinationals have taken control. Plus - EU Summit in Seville, Esso to sue Greenpeace and more...

SchNEWS 360, 21st June, 2002
Choker Cola - privatisation of water in indigenous lands. Plus - G8 summit in Canada, Satpal Ram is released and Mark Barnsley will be out soon, Gypsy community evicted and more...

SchNEWS 359, 14th June, 2002
FB Lied/Bug Eyed - double front page about spooks. Plus - nuclear fuels in get Mox-ed up, GM crop sabotage, pink castle, West Papua, Golden Jubilee and more...


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“This case is an attempt by the state to stop any demos other than those organised with the co-operation of the police - with routes, times etc. all on their terms. Anyone demonstrating now risks arrest and a charge of conspiracy.” - Sue, Shoreham Protester.

In September 2000, hunt saboteur Steve Christmas was deliberately run-down by a Land Rover driven by Old Surrey and Burstow hunt supporter Martin Maynard. Steve had to be airlifted to hospital with four broken ribs, a crushed pelvis, a damaged lung and severe internal bleeding (See SchNEWS 274). The following day whilst he was fighting for his life, a group of nearly 60 protesters went to pay their respects at the local hunt kennels. Upon arriving at the kennel, the group was met by two friendly hunt supporters wielding pickaxe handles. The two men taunted the group about Steve and a scuffle broke out in which some windows were broken. Police, who had been observing the whole thing, did little to prevent a confrontation and made no arrests at the time. Instead, the powers-that-be decided to use the corruption of our legal system to bring us their very own version of justice.

Here’s how it works - see if you can spot the bias. Martin Maynard, the guy who ran over and nearly killed Steve Christmas, had his charge of ‘grievous bodily harm with intent’ dropped, and instead paid a piddling £75 fine for not having any insurance or licence when he ran Steve down. Maynard also failed to turn up in court four times but of course was never punished for this. And to top it all off, the violent thugs who provoked the protesters at the kennels were never arrested.

Contrast this to the treatment received by anti-hunt protesters. A few weeks after the incident at the kennels, 26 of them (who had been identified from CCTV footage) had their homes raided. They were arrested for ‘violent disorder’, but then the story suddenly changed and 18 were charged with ‘conspiracy to commit violent disorder’ as there was no proof who did the damage. After three trials lasting months, with costs running at £8,000 per day, five of those arrested have been found guilty and are due to be sentenced today at Guildford Crown Court. It is expected that they will be sent to prison for the hideous crime of breaking a few windows, even though there is no suggestion that these five are actually the ones that caused any of the damage! The Crown Prosecution Service alleges that those convicted were part of a wider conspiracy. But according to the prosecution, this so-called conspiracy happened in the few short seconds in which the group walked up the lane to the kennels. And the damning evidence the prosecution produced to prove this conspiracy? The fact that most people were wearing black hooded tops (which is what most sabs wear all the time, even down the pub!) and that the protesters weren’t carrying placards (cos’ that’s the only way you’re allowed to protest nowadays). While the CPS were scraping the bottom of the barrel to prove their pet conspiracy theory, they presented as evidence a leaflet produced AFTER the incident happened and a t-shirt found at the home of one of the protesters which had a caricature of a fox with a shotgun saying “I’ll give you bloodsports pal”.


This sort of pro-hunt bias is of course nothing new, hunt supporters magically seem to have a whole set of laws to themselves. In 1991, Mark Bycroft, who is one of the main men at the Old Surrey and Burstow Hunt, was ordered to do community service after being found guilty of assaulting a hunt sab. Old Surrey and Burstow later promoted him to Huntsman. Last year, rider Joseph Wilkinson was convicted of Criminal Damage & Causing Actual Bodily Harm to a 58 year-old woman who he’d punched to the ground, busting her lip and trashing her camera in the process. His sentence? A slap on the wrist Conditional Discharge!
Justice like this had nothing at all to do with having friends in high places. In the Steve Christmas case, the MP for Mid-Sussex, Nicholas lardarse Soames, who rides with another hunt, arranged a meeting with himself and the Huntsman of the Old Surrey and Burstow hunt to discuss matters with the then Home Secretary Jack Straw. Shame no one ever rang up Steve to see if HE wanted to have a chat with Straw. One of the protesters arrested over the kennel incident told SchNEWS, “It’s obvious that the order to proceed with this trial came from very high up”.


The animal rights movement in this country has definitely proved that it is a force to be reckoned with. The movement is unlike any other with the wide range of people and tactics involved. There is also a unity not seen in many other movements, those writing letters are not dismissed as wet-liberals and people who take direct action are not condemned as mindless yobs. This combination has enabled activists to set their sights on specific targets and in many cases win. Recent years have seen vivisection breeders such as Hillgrove and Shamrock Farms bite the dust, a ban on the testing of cosmetics on animals, as well as the start of serious debate about fox hunting. This success, however, has come at the high cost of serious harassment, grief, and bullying from the media and the state. As surveillance expert Alan Lodge, says “Large scale news manufacturers have helped engineer an image of prevalent animal rights terrorism, whilst constructed charges worse than the actual crime have also ensured long prison sentences. The whole animal rights movement has been manoeuvred into the category of potential terrorism.” This terrorism label means that animal rights activism has it’s own Special Branch unit accumulating information for the Animal Rights National Index (ARNI).
The real motivation behind the prosecutions in the kennel incident is likely to have been the further intimidation of those involved in the animal rights movement. Seems the State wants to send a message out that if you support animal rights activism in any way, you are not safe. The verdict could have serious implications for anyone involved in any sort of protest that extends beyond banner waving behind a police barrier. Full updates on the outcome of the trial at or



On Saturday 14th December at 12 noon, Gloucestershire Weapons Inspectors and Bristol Stop-the-War coalition will hold a “citizens inspection” of US airforce base RAF Fairford. This sleepy home of good old unsinkable aircraft carrier HMS Britain hosts the largest US bomber base in Europe, refurbished earlier this year at a cost of one hundred million pounds—the largest single NATO expenditure since the end of the cold war. The B-2 bombers at Fairford are thought to already be carrying the new generation of “more useable” nuclear weapons designed to attack deep bunkers and other super secret evil guy hideouts. These weapons will be fully involved in any attack on Iraq. “We want all weapons of mass destruction to be open to inspection,” says Grace Trevett, one of the citizen inspectors. “The US is tearing up treaty after treaty and they act as if they have the right to do whatever they like. But rights are universal and apply equally everywhere. Iraq is prepared to allow weapons inspections, let us see if USAF Fairford can do the same.”
Fairford is on the A417, 10 miles north of Swindon & 20 miles west of Oxford. Coaches are going from Brighton (details - brightonagainstwar@hotmail or 01273 298 192) and Bristol (0117 9211369: and
* Next Wed (4), the Easton Community Centre, Bristol & i-Contact Video Network are showing the films ‘Not In My Name’ and ‘Proud Arabs and Texas Oilmen’ followed by a debate /plan of action to stop the city on the outbreak of war with Iraq. The Centre is at Kilburn Street, Easton, Bristol. Kick off is at 7.30pm and its all for free.

Crap Arrest of the Week

For Doing A Stall!

Two people from Dorset Animal Action were doing a stall in Bournemouth when police asked for their details. The activists had the cheek to ask if they were being nicked or issued with a summons, which led to their arrest for deception. After being strip-searched and kept at the station for 8 hours, the activists were released without charge, but not before the greedy coppers stole all the money that had been collected by the stall.


In the seemingly gloomy soil of Argentina, something positive is taking root. In this country, where over 6 million people now live below the poverty line and 20 percent of children suffer from malnutrition, people are re-taking control of their lives. Since the financial crisis last December, when Argentineans saw most of their savings wiped out, disillusionment with the corrupt state and greedy capitalism has led to the creation of neighbourhood assemblies and worker-controlled factories. Communities meet weekly in ‘asambleas’ to decide on what is vitally necessary for the community and then communicate their needs to one of the 100 worker-controlled factories.

Grissinopoli, a bread stick factory, is one example. When it was still under capitalist control, workers saw their weekly salary decline from 150 to 40 pesos in under a year. Finally in June their generous boss offered the workers 10 pesos (2 quid) and encouraged them to get lost. Fed up, they began a battle for their jobs. They took turns guarding the closed factory, making sure no equipment was removed, until the city council expropriated the factory and handed it over to the workers in October. Now the bread sticks are rolling out again.

Grissinopoli is just one factory amongst dozens of others that have seen workers taking control. Such factories are self-managed by workers’ councils which means each worker has an equal say in how the factory should be run. Of course it’s not easy work, as many workers in such factories are working longer hours as they balance labouring with admin tasks. But they’re in control and because of this wages and productivity have risen in many factories.

With 17 factory expropriations in the Buenos Aires province in the past two years, capitalist forces have put pressure on the local government. Because of this, state repression is increasing, and just last March riot police attempted to ‘reclaim’ the worker-run Brukman factory but were chased off by hundreds of irate community members.

*Days of civil disobedience are planned for the 20th and 21st of December in solidarity with the Argentinian people’s social rebellion.

Leed Story

Late last Saturday night, 100 tooled up riot cops used a battering ram to gain access to a building and randomly sprayed people with CS gas. So what provoked such a heavy police response? Er, a party in Leeds at the A-Spire squatted social centre. Once again the dance-police have been out in force, executing a pre-planned operation against unlicensed fun. Fortunately no one was injured in the panic, thanks to safety procedures put in place by the organisers, but 20 people were arrested and 4 have been charged with affray.

The A-Spire squat had been used for housing homeless people, hosting workshops, talks, film shows, a vegan café and children’s area. SchNEWS reckons that Leeds Council and local police didn’t like that the A-Spire crew had been providing free space, outside the confines of consumer culture.

As SchNEWS went to press on Thursday, it became apparent just how far Leeds Council and police will go to protect their new yuppy-friendly image. On Thursday afternoon, police apparently stormed two squatted buildings connected to the long-running Leeds housing co-op, Cornerstone. When alarmed activists arrived on the scene, they found both buildings boarded up and many of the squatters missing. It still remains unclear exactly what happened and or how many people have been nicked, but there’s one thing for sure—Leeds police are on an arsehole roll!

SchNEWS in brief

  • It is ten years since the battle of Twyford Down, the beginning of the UK anti-roads movement, and there’s a camp to ‘Remember, Rejoice, and Resist!’ 8-9 Dec, St. Catherine’s Hill, Winchester.
  • Manchester has another Radical Bookfair next Saturday (7 Dec) Find out about radical activity in Manchester - stalls, workshops, and veggie food, 1-5pm, Bridge 5 Mill, 22A Beswick Street, Ancoats.
  • Privacy International host a public meeting on the government’s proposal for an Entitlement (identity) Card. 11 Dec, 2-4.30pm, Old Theatre, London School of Economics. 07960 523679
  • Defy-ID is “an adhoc network of groups and individuals prepared for active resistance to increasing surveillance and the introduction of identity or ‘entitlement’ cards in the UK”
  • A book about the proposed Baku-Ceyhan pipeline is now available entitled ‘Some Common Concerns - Imagining BP’s Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey Pipelines System’. BP intends to begin construction on its proposed pipelines system in spring 2003, a system that would run from Azerbaijan in the Caspian Sea to the southern shores of Turkey via Georgia. Copies of the book for £11.50 made out to ‘The Ilisu Dam Campaign’, to: Baku-Ceyhan Campaign, c/o Ilisu Dam Campaign, Box 210, 266 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 7DL. 01865 200 550
  • Public meeting about the Baku-Ceyhan Pipeline. 5 Dec. 7.30-8.30pm, London School of Economics, St Clements building, Room S75, Claremarket St., London. 01865-241097/200550.
  • A group of party goers who were attacked by riot police at a rave in the Cumberland Basin, Bristol, back in July are looking to sue the police. They want witnesses of the night’s events to come forward and write a statement of what they saw. If you can help email The attack seems prompted by the massive rave that took place on Steart beach over the Jubilee Weekend (SchNEWS 363). The cops came under a lot of flack for not stopping the Steart beach party and afterwards promised to do better next time. To see the letter from the cops

War Briefs

  • CND are taking the Labour Government to the International Criminal Court over their plans to attack Iraq. The CND are being represented by the law firm Matrix Chambers, who just happen to be the firm that Cherie Blair, the Prime Minister’s wife, works for! 020 7700 2393
  • Benefit gig, Tuesday 3rd to raise funds to pay for the CND court case. With Mark Thomas, Jeremy Hardy, Ahmid Dhjihi and Michael Moore. Bloomsbury Theatre, London W1. Call 020 7388 8822 for tickets.
  • Warzone Whitehall, a nonviolent die-in against war and sanctions on Iraq next Monday (2), 10.30am, Whitehall Place, London SW1. Prop-making, nonviolent direct action workshop & teach-in, the day before (1 Dec) 11am-5pm, Kingsley Hall, Powis Road, London E3. Accommodation available Sunday night. 0845 4582564.
  • Witnesses are needed for arrests in London during the Halloween anti-war demo. People are facing ridiculous charges of Violent Disorder for the privilege of getting shoved around by the police! Any information contact Moss and Co. Solicitors on 020-8986-8336
  • Norwich Critical Mass this Saturday (30), meet midday outside the Forum (the new library). All non-motor wheels, pedestrians, and saucepans needed. “Stop the City, Stop the War” is the theme.

...and finally...

Two people on a demo in Germany got whacked on the head by police recently. Er, not exactly major news, except the two injured people were actually undercover cops! The two had been monitoring a rally of 3000 people protesting against the demolition of a trailer site in Hamburg called ‘Bambule’ (an old fashioned German word for riot!) when violence broke out. Apparently, the undercover coppers tend to communicate their real identity to the riot police by using a secret code word - but in the chaos, no one took notice of this and the plainclothes ended up experiencing the blunt end of the justice system just like everyone else! The local police say that the incident is in no way “evidence of more widespread aggression within the police force”, but the undercover police officers are still taking legal action over their injuries. But SchNEWS reckons that since riot police NEVER harm peaceful protesters, it only follows that the undercover cops must have been violent anarchist thugs who were really asking for it!


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