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SchNEWS This Time Last Year

SchNEWS 395, 7th March, 2003
A look at how America are trying to buy votes at the UN Security Council

SchNEWS 394, 28th February, 2003
With all the hot air about deposing Saddam, we check out what the U.S. has done for Afghanistan so far.

SchNEWS 393, 21st February, 2003
Reports from anti-war demos around the world

SchNEWS 392, 14th February, 2003
War mongering and anti war actions continue

SchNEWS 391, 7th February, 2003
Star Wars

SchNEWS 390, 7th February, 2003
Holocaust hypocrisy in the British Press.

SchNEWS 389, 24th January, 2003
Terrorism gets blamed on refugees?

SchNEWS 388, 17th January, 2003
Direct Action Stations
Protest - can it make a difference?

SchNEWS 387, 10th January, 2003
Oily Drums of War
George and Tony's oily war plan rumbles on

SchNEWS 386, Winter Solstice, 2002
Chompin' at the Bit
Noam Chomsky gives his views on the 'war on terror' and North America

SchNEWS 385, 13th December, 2002
UK government struck by road-building frenzy

SchNEWS 384, 6th December, 2002
Kissinger of Death
- America assigns known terrorist to investigate 9/11

SchNEWS 383, 29th November, 2002
Gone to the Dogs
- Police still suppressing sabs while hunt thugs get away with gbh...

SchNEWS 382, 22nd November, 2002
Firebranded - the Fire Brigade Union were planning an eight day strike over Neo Labour’s refusal to pay them a decent wage...

SchNEWS 381, 15th November, 2002
Florence of Arabia
- European Social Forum meeting in Florence - another example of the growing movement against Bush and Blair’s war plans that is sweeping the US and Europe.

SchNEWS 380, 8th November, 2002
Assault and Pepper
- Police brutality in Brighton

SchNEWS 379, 1st November, 2002
Putin the Boot In
- Chechen rebels attack in Moscow...

SchNEWS 378, 25th October, 2002
Tricky Treaty
- the EU Nice Treaty is here bringing enlargement and GATS - the green light to a neo-liberal Europe. Plus - Romanys under eviction, McDonalds day, Sangatte and more...

SchNEWS 377, 18th October, 2002
Sari Sight
- why Australia isn't such an innocent bystander in the Bali bombing. Also - Bougainville, Ukrainian nuclear protester murdered, Sizewell and more…

SchNEWS 376, 11th October, 2002
- Bush's self interested, pre-emptive National Security Strategy comes out as anti-war activity steps up. Also - Brazilian elections; US dock strike and more...

SchNEWS 375, 4th October, 2002
Acres And Pain
- comparing the two marches in London last week - Stop The War and Countryside Alliance. Also - cannabis cafes, polish road protests, Stop The War actions and more...

SchNEWS 373/4, 27th September, 2002
Weapons Of Mass Deception
- what is this war all about? Oil. Plus special report from Palestine, Stop The War listings, Unocal in Burma, Porton Down and more...

SchNEWS 372, 13th September, 2002
Silent But Deadly - a critical look at the US on the anniversary of September 11. Also - Xenotransplantation, Brighton Peace Centre, Lappersfort, Reclaim The Future and more...

SchNEWS 371, 6th September, 2002
Summit Rotten - report from Johannesburg Earth Summit. Plus - the new Criminal Records Bureau, latest from Chiapas, Meanwhile Gardens and more...

SchNEWS 370, 30th August, 2002
Apocalypse Soon - the suits are going to Johannesburg, as the global environment goes south. Plus - GM in Africa and Dorset, Bhopal and Union Carbide, Countryside Alliance...

SchNEWS 369, 23rd August, 2002
Return To Sender - Bush boycotts Earth Summit in Johannesburg, plus Indonesian villagers sue Exxon Mobil, Strasbourg No Borders camp arrestee Ahmed Meguini and more...

SchNEWS 368, 16th August, 2002
Gravy Plane - Snapshot of South Africa leading up to the Earth Summit - privatisation and structural adjustments. Plus Uruguay in trouble, UNICEF get together with McD's and more...

SchNEWS 367, 9th August, 2002
It's A Nuke Out - the h-bomb in Hiroshima shares its anniversary with another disaster - 12 years of sanctions in Iraq. Plus - airport stopped in Mexico, Commonwealth Games...

SchNEWS 366, 2nd August, 2002
Borderline Case - report of the No Border camp held in Strasbourg 19-28 July. Plus - anniversary of Genoa, free party bust-up near Bristol, Brighton's Earthship and more...

SchNEWS 365, 19th July, 2002
Beach Bummer Boozy Bottleneck - Fat Boy Slim has an abomination on Brighton Beach, while local free parties get oppressed. Plus - oil in Nigeria, AFC Wimbledon, Paraguay and more...

SchNEWS 364, 12th July, 2002
Last Supper - Lip service to the starving at the World Food Summit, Rome. Also - protests against Commonwealth Games in Manchester, oil pipeline to Caspian Sea, and more…

SchNEWS 363, 5th July, 2002
Identity Crisis - Blair wants to introduce ID cards - called Entitlement Cards. Plus - free parties this summer, death in Argentina, Costa Rica resists neo-liberalism, and more…

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Last Saturday the whole of Gloucestershire and Wiltshire were put on high alert and the police were given powers for 28 days under Section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000 to stop and search anyone – without even needing to make up an excuse to do so.

SchNEWS has learnt that in Fairford, Gloucestershire, planes carrying weapons of mass destruction are being prepared for use on civilians. People from all over the country have been heading there to try and stop this happening – these very same people who are trying to stop people being killed are being treated like terrorists!

According to Liberty, this is the first time Section 44 has been used and the first lucky recipients were… people at a Picnic for Peace at Fairford! Brandishing his big Section 60 Criminal Justice Act (1994) to look for weapons, one copper demanded to search someone’s lunchbox. The bemused protestor told SchNEWS, “They opened up the sandwiches to see what was in them - no razor blades, but some rather tasty houmous and vegan pate.” Funny that! No weapons of mass destruction in his sandwich, but quite a few B-52’s across the razor wire in the airbase, weapons which will take part in the “Shock and Awe” tactic bombing of Bagdhad, causing massive and wide-spread destruction “like the nuclear weapons at Hiroshima, not taking days or weeks, but minutes.”


While the police are keen to know what peaceniks at Fairford are eating this time of year, they seem less keen to act when US military personnel forcibly evict and intimidate residents of the peace camp.

On Monday afternoon US soldiers ripped down banners on the fence and started constructing an extension to the Gate 10 perimeter fence on Gloucestershire County Council Land without planning permission, forcing the peace camp to move a few feet around the corner. The police just looked on and did nothing. However the camp is getting lots of support from locals, with one camp resident, Jill Chadwick, commenting, “In a way I’m surprised at the amount of support, given my experience at Greenham Common and the vigilante attacks we experienced there.”

* The Peace camp and bomber watch need more support, people, tarps,water and a chemical toilet if anyone has one. 07754064146 or 07736964653.

* An Oxford student told SchNEWS about getting into Fairford “If lazy students like me and my mates who spend most of our time getting drunk can get in, anyone can. And if lots do we can stop the planes.” Last Saturday about 20 people got onto the runway.

* Disobedience are holding a series of workshops in Hackney, London this Saturday (15) in preparation for the big day of action at Fairford. Workshops will include legal advice and group self-defence. For details email: ** Gathering of Grannies at Fairford on Monday (17) 11am main gate. For info on women’s actions: ** Next Saturday (22nd) is the Fairford Free Festival with Rinky-Dink and Lardy-Dar Cycle Powered Sound Systems for The Party At The End Of The Runway. SchNEWS hopes that The Collateral Damage Orchestra and Friendly Fire Quartet will also be there. This is followed by a party at the Axe & Compass Pub, Kempsford 8pm - late. Free camping in the pub garden/peace camp.
** If you’ve been searched on spurious grounds, unlawfully arrested, detained without reason, or even assaulted at Fairford, get in touch with Berkshire Citizens Inspection Agency. They can’t offer legal advice, but are collating all incidents of harassment. ** If you are going to demos it may be worth getting clued up about your rights if you get arrested, check out

* Help is needed to keep an eye on RAF Welford, near Newbury in Berkshire, one of the USAF’s biggest munitions dumps in Europe. The base stores bombs for use at RAF Fairford. Contact Berkshire CIA, 0118 966 8328, or

* An anti-war protestor in Canterbury was arrested under the Terrorism Act - for throwing an egg at Tony Blair. He was charged under Section 5 of the Public Order Act, which means the crown has to prove via witness statements that he caused distress. He’s hoping to get a statement from Tony Blair.

War Briefs

  • Nine people cut their way into American airbase “RAF” Lakenheath last week, then cycled around the base to disrupt preparations for war against Iraq.
  • Celebration of Iraqi culture, Sat 15th - music and speakers, St Columba’s Church Hall, Chantry Road, Moseley, B’ham. 7.30-10pm Bring food or £2.50.
  • Remembering Anfal & Halabja public meeting, Mon 17th Grand Committee Room, Houses of Parliament, Westminster 7pm. Kurdistan National Congress 020 7250 1315
  • 800,000 people gathered to pray for peace in Indonesia’s second-largest city, Surabaya, last weekend.
  • The SQUALL website has new anti-war related stuff that’s worth a look. Check out human shield Jo Wilding’s excellent dispatches from Bagdhad and the whole 1997 statement from New American Century, (right wing US think tank, many of whom have since become key members of the Bush administration) advocating a war on Iraq as a step towards US world domination.
  • Mon 17th starts a week of non-violent actions against the war. Die-ins in Southampton (02380 550159), Oxford 01865 794504, London 0845 458 2564, Birmingham and Hastings
  • Tues 18th Hastings Against War meeting 7.30, Electric Cinema, Old Town
  • Use the media to get your anti-war message across: ‘Activists’ guide to exploiting the media’ from ARROW, 5 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DX £1.50 or online at
  • On 26 Feb, protestors against war on Iraq barraged the White House and Senate offices with tens of thousands of phone, fax and e-mail messages as part of a “virtual protest march.” New EU hacker laws could make protests like this a crime, removing all distinction between online protestors, hackers, spreaders of computer viruses and terrorists.
  • Brighton Demo against the war, meet 5.30pm, 21st Mar, Churchill Square.

Crap Arrest of the Week

For Wearing a T-shirt!
A shopper at Crossgates Mall in New York was confronted by security guards demanding he remove his T-shirt as the slogan was ‘unacceptable’. He declined, so they returned with a cop who arrested him. Later in the week, 100 people marched through the store protesting his arrest all wearing the same T-shirt. And what was the illegal slogan? ‘Peace on Earth’ on the front of the shirt and ‘Give Peace a Chance’ on the back.

Section 44

Section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000 extends the usual stop and search powers. The search is supposed to be “only for the purpose of searching for articles of a kind which could be used in connection with terrorism”, but they don’t need to actually think you have any! If stopped and searched, ask for a written record of the search. You do not have to give your name, address or any other details.

WWC Out of the Closet

Sinking to new depths of greed and corruption, the Transnational Corporations (TNCs) are now getting all wet about water. Water’s running out all over the planet (last week a UN report estimated that some areas may be bone dry as early as 2025) and could soon be a more valuable commodity than oil.

Under the guise of trying to sort out the global water crisis, the 3rd triennial World Water Forum (WWF) will take place in Kyoto, Japan, March 16th-23rd. Only problem is that this international debate on the subject will be run by the World Water Council (WWC), a think-tank created in 1996 by the World Bank and some of the world’s largest Transnational Water Corporations. You get the picture?

Top of the agenda, naturally, is privatising the world’s water supplies - especially in the developing world. When they last met in 2000, the WWF came up with a pro-privatisation manifesto entitled “World Water Vision” which, the WWF claimed, reflected the global consensus on solutions to the water crisis. Of course it did nothing of the sort—there was of course no grassroots representation at the 2000 meeting (especially from the developing world) and the whole conference was stridently opposed by activist groups (who set up their own alternative conference). Despite its own legitimacy being deeply questioned, the WWF say the time for debate is over. This 3rd conference in Kyoto will not be about “if” but about “how” to force privatisation on unwitting or unwilling populations whose governments have been bought or coerced by the World Bank.

* To find out more about the WWF and protest plans: ASEED Japan -

So just what are the alternatives to letting the TNCs privatise the world’s water supplies? It’s true that many public water utilities are bureaucratic dinosaurs out of touch with the people they are supposed to serve, but there are many publicly owned supplies that are accountable to the needs of the population.

One example can be found in Porto Allegre, Brazil. The local water company DMAE is publicly owned, but it is financially independent from state control and is fully financed through water bills paid by the 1.4 million inhabitants of Porto Allegre. All profits are re-invested in the water supply. The daily work of DMAE is controlled by civil society representatives, while operations and investment decisions are subject to a participatory budget process and community members directly decide the budget priorities of the water company. Through a process of public meetings, every citizen can have a say in which investments should be made first.

This participatory model has massive success – awareness about water and sewage is raised and the people’s needs are prioritised. As a result, 99.5% of Porto Allegre’s population now have access to clean water (the highest rate in Brazil) and DMAE’s water price is one of the lowest in Brazil, while overall consumption has gone down.

In the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka, a proposed privatisation was strongly opposed by the water workers’union. So the Dhaka Water Authority contracted out one zone to the union, while another zone was given to a private water company for a one-year trial. The union co-operative’s results were so much better than the private sector’s that the contract was given to the union. The union co-operative’s achievements included a considerable expansion of the number of people with access to running water as well as a sizable reduction in water losses.

* Corporate Europe Observatory has prepared briefs around key issues of the global water debate:

SchNEWS in brief

  • RADIO 4A Brighton’s Shambolic Pirate Radio is back this weekend with diverse sounds, political commentary, comedy and news. 101.4 FM and webcast
  • Sunday 16th picket the Ideal Homes Exhibition, sponsored by the Daily Mail, who have recently been stepping up their campaign of hate against refugees and asylum seekers. 12-2 pm, Earls Court, London. 01273-540717
  • SEASoN alternative National Science Week. 12-5pm, Sunday 22nd on the Commons, Church Road, Tunbridge Wells. It’s not too late to register for a stall at the event. 01892 863941
  • No money for new oil – stop UK government support for the Baku oil pipeline. Demo Tues 25th. Meet 11.45am, Crown Place, London EC2. 020 7566 1673
  • Blatant Incitement Project - day of sharing facilitation and groupwork skills and experiences. 24th March, 10am-5pm, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. Free. Vegan food £3 01524 383012
  • The A-Infos website contains a massive directory of anarchist organizations around the world.
  • ‘Drowned Out’ film about an Indian family resolving to stay at home and drown rather than make way for the Narmada dam. March 27th, 9.30pm, The Other Cinema, 11 Rupert Street, London W1. 020 7437 0757 £5/4
  • SchWoops. The screening of ‘Women in Black’ on Saturday is at the Pheonix Theatre, East Finchley, NOT the Ritzy, Brixton. 6.30pm


Marcos Veron, Brazilian Indian shaman and leader of the Guarani-Kaiowá tribe, was brutally killed in January. The 70-year-old was beaten to death by thugs in the pay of ranchers who had taken over his homeland, Takuára, in 1953. The Guarani-Kaiowá have been exiled from their land for the last fifty years. Many live by roadsides. Without land they can’t grow their own food or hunt. In their own words, without their land they have ‘nothing to live for’. The Guarani-Kaiowa tribe have been trying to get their land back recently, but to no avail. For the last few months, many have lived camped on the side of a highway, and this January, they tried to move peacefully back onto their land. The attempt sadly failed - the tribe was attacked and Marcos murdered. This month, the last of those who had accompanied Marcos were again ordered off their land by the courts.


The Australian Department of Defence has decided to withdraw advertising from all student media in Australia because of an “adbust” by a student newspaper. The Defence Department had been repeatedly requesting advertising space in the magazine, who kept on saying no and got a bit tired of repeating themselves and decided to run the following ad instead:

“Why settle for an ordinary office job when you could have an extraordinary and challenging career as a pawn in the power games of politicians? Not only will you get to take orders from arrogant pricks with buzz-cuts and ego-complexes, but on special occasions you’ll get the chance to repress your moral integrity and accept orders to bomb the shit out of dark-skinned, tea-towel-wearing foreigners. Officer positions are open in many specialised fields from engineering and logistics through to carpet-bombing and cannon fodder. You will receive over $44,700 per annum upon completion of initial training, which should just about cover treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Gulf War Syndrome…”

Inside SchNEWS

On Tuesday, Trident Ploughshare activist Ulla Roder managed to get into a hangar at RAF Leuchars in Fife and do some serious damage to a Tornado plane that had been left unguarded. Ulla later said, “I took my hammer to the nose-cone, the cockpit, the fuselage, the wings, the tailplane and other parts of the plane which it was safe to damage. I don’t see it flying again”. She’s currently on remand until her next court appearance on the 20th March. Write to: Ulla Roder, HMP Corton Vale, Stirling, FK9 5NY.


5 kids from Blatchington Mill School, Hove, were baffled when they got suspended for joining nationwide student demos against the war on Iraq last Friday. The head said they were very naughty children for disobeying teachers and leaving school without permission. But the kids (15 - 16) were under the misapprehension that recent government initiatives promoting citizenship meant taking an active interest in our so-called democracy. Other kids have been telling SchNEWS about their walkouts, with one 14 year-old girl in Birmingham saying, “We were accused of truanting but we were standing up for our political views about the world we’re growing up in.” More than 1000 in Leicester took part in what one local councillor described as the “most effective anti-war demo to date”. As one 16 year-old demonstrator put it, “Tony Blair has only succeeded in one thing as far as we’re concerned – politicising a whole generation.” Nice one!


Last Friday, an English judge found that activists in Littlemoor who built a big pink castle on a field about to be sown with GM seeds were acting reasonably in order to try and prevent damage to neighbouring crops. They were acquitted of all charges against them. The magistrate noted that the activists, “acted reasonably by locking themselves onto tractors because simply standing in front of them would not have prevented the crop being sown”.

** Crop Pullers from GM-Free Wales facing similar charges are in Chester Crown court 31 March – 3 April. Supporters welcome. 0845 456 9327

** Public meeting: The Future of Food and Farming in Wales, at the Daniel Owen Centre in Mold, nr Chester. 3 April, 7.30 pm

...and finally...

So what do you do if you’re a ‘concerned member of the public’, or more to the point, a paranoid reader of the Daily Hate Mail, calmly minding your own business in the public library when suddenly you see a foreign-looking student viewing pictures of ‘tall buildings’ on the internet? You call the police of course!!

Which is exactly what happened recently at a library in Plymouth. Embarrassingly for the concerned member of the public, the ‘tall buildings’ turned out to be the logo of an internet radio website. The police involved, however, still had the cheek to ask if the library service could start keeping a log of any and all internet activity by asylum seekers. The head of Plymouth Libraries, Chris Goddard, “gently but firmly” refused, citing data protection and human rights issues. Way to go Chris! But is there any way we could start keeping a log of the internet activity of bored, brain-washed Daily Mail readers with way too much time on their hands….. pretty please?

SchNEWS warns all readers walking around Gloucestershire or Wiltshire not to fill their lunch-boxes with something substantial and finger licking good that the police can get their teeth into! Honest.

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