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SchNEWS 545, 26th May, 2006
SNATCH-22 - In the face of racist lies by the Home Office and media about asylum seekers we look at life for refugees in the UK. Plus Brian Haw's camp at Parliament Square is raided by police, protests against Shell pipeline in Ireland and more...

SchNEWS 544, 19th May, 2006
WALL OF SHAME - Palestinians defend land from Israeli occupation, and suffer the effects of the removal of US and EU aid. Plus - Glaxo-SmithKline get injunction to silence animal rights protesters, Bono has us seeing red and more...

SchNEWS 543, 12th May, 2006
FLOWER POWER - In Texcoco, (near Mexico city) a flower market was the flashpoint for a bloody showdown between the state and a local community hell-bent on self-rule and autonomy.

SchNEWS 542, 5th May, 2006
DOVER AND OUT - The exporting of live animals starts again as the EU ban ends. Plus - Bolivia renationalises gas supplies, Guantanamo prisoners do guerilla gardening, UK MayDay 2006 Roundup and more...

SchNEWS 541, 28th April, 2006
ONE GOOSE-STEP BEYOND - The far-right in Britain were defeated on the streets - so now they are trying to move into ''politics'. Plus - update from Nepal, Brighton activist reports from Palestine and more...

SchNEWS 540, 21st April, 2006
NEPAL OR NOTHING - SchNEWS writer in Nepal give account of civil unrest as the Nepalese population strike and protest to remove a parasitic, psychopath who calls himself the king.

SchNEWS 539,
7th April, 2006

CO-OP bank are revealed to be not the safe ethical invester they are supposed to be - a follow up report on the Co-Op

SchNEWS 538,
31st March, 2006

SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO? A look at the causes and effects of UK and EU asylum policy. Also ID cards update, America calling the kettle black, protests continue in France and more.

SchNEWS 537, 24th March, 2006 GAUL TO ARMS New neo-liberal employment laws in France bring millions into the streets and riots break out. Also Anti-Shell protests step up in Ireland, another EDO victory, Schengen's birthday and more.

SchNEWS 536, 17th March, 2006 WATER TORTURE Water companies continue to cream off profits while claiming they're doing all the can to plug leaks, and it's the same the world over. Also, animal testing, deforestation in Tasmania, Shepton Mallet evicted and more.

SchNEWS 535, 10th March, 2006 PIGS MIGHT LIE Charges against 8 more Anti EDO activists are dropped. Woo Hoo! Also an update on the situation in Barcelona and lots more.

SchNEWS 534, 4th March, 2006
YOU'RE HAVING A L.A.R.R-F - Last rites for Parliament under new Bill? The proposed Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill aims to do away with Parliament! Also, more British troops in Afghanistan, Pro Test dummies, EDO victory demo report, and to name but a few.

SchNEWS 533, 24th Feb, 2006
MoD PLC Neo Labour have quit hiding behind PFI and PPP and started with all out privatisation, starting with the MoD!!! Also anti Tesco protest camp, anti shell protest, peat extraction company targeted and more.

SchNEWS 532, 17th Feb, 2006
LATIN SWINGERS A round up of the political situation in Latin America. Also local market under threatr in London, NCADC funding crisis, Faslane update, Congo's forgotten war and more.

SchNEWS 531, 10th Feb, 2006
MISSILE DEFIANCE EDO MBM's attempt to get an injunction that would have made any meaningful protest against them illegal has fallen apart. Also, censorship in USA, squatters attacked by police in Barcelona and more.

SchNEWS 530, 3rd February, 2006
CHARITY BALLS The Government are pushing for yet more privatisation, but this time they're flogging them to charities, how could anyone complain about that? Also Hamas' victory in Palestine, GM cotton in Mali, Argentinian workers fight back and more.

SchNEWS 529, 27th January, 2006
A swimming pool is squatted in Bristol as part of a fight to protect public spaces. Also road protest camps continue, anti-ASBO protest news, ID Cards, winter Olympics and more.

SchNEWS 528, 20th January, 2006 JAILHOUSE SHOCK An article sent to SchNEWS by long term prisoner John Bowden about racist abuse by prison guards. And more...

SchNEWS 527, 13th January, 2006 HACKED OFF Locals in Hackney fight gentrification by squatting a cafe that's being threatened with demolition. Also a look at Tory Bliar's "Respect Agenda" and more.

SchNEWS 526, 6th January, 2006
CARRY ON CAMPING At the ten year anniversary of the Newbury Bypass protest we look at some of the current anti-roads battles. Plus stopping Japanese whalers, third runway at Heathrow, BAE in sales to Saudi Arabia shocker and more.

SchNEWS 525, 16th Dec, 2005
INSIDE JOB Profiteering from cheap labour in UK prisons - as Neo Labour's privatised prisons become another 'outsourcing' option for big business including Tesco's, Sainsburys, Dysons and more. Plus - Bedfordshire council evict travellers during funeral, Irish ship workers strike, and protests against Coca-Cola in India.

At last - a zero emissions suv
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Break The Ice

London Rising Tide writes...

Melting icecaps, flooded communities, heat-waves, hurricanes and general freak weather: yes, climate change is here, and it's only going to get worse. We are currently on course for a 3C degree rise in temperature, which could mean the deaths of 400 million of the world's poorest people, and the extinction of 50 million species with which we share the planet.

At the moment the richer western countries can use their wealth to compensate for the effects of climate
change, by storing food or building sea and flood defences. But our whole civilisation rests on a increasingly fragile web of ecosystems and climate change threatens this life-support system in ways that we as yet cannot understand let alone foresee. European crop failures, the disappearance of the Gulf Stream which warms Western Europe - either of these would have massive consequences for us in the UK alone.

After years of corporate-sponsored scientists creating the illusion that climate change was merely a theory, it is now a fact acknowledged across the board. Government public information is now putting across messages that would have been considered fringe scaremongering a decade ago. Despite this, the
government is promising that they do have the solutions: "Action now can help avert the worst effects of climate change - with foresight such action can be taken without disturbing our way of life," claims Tony Bliar - i.e. keep driving, flying and working for yer pension because we can have 'sustainable' economic growth. A capitalism without limits on a planet with finite resources.

Over The Edge
Click here for a larger image

Solutions proposed such as nuclear power, a farcical European carbon-trading scheme or a pitiful tax on the heavy polluters will in reality do little to offset the impending disaster.

These market-driven techno-fixes peddled by the corporations and the governments they sponsor are all designed to keep the economy growing, growing, growing. This is to avoid the one thing they can't face, the one thing that can actually start to deal with climate change - a massive reduction in energy consumption.
Ironically the certainty of climate change comes at the same time as the concept of 'Peak Oil' becomes mainstream (See SchNEWS 499). The current system simply has no answers. Regardless of whether we put things off for a few years by using nuclear power (See SchNEWS 522), cuts are going to have to come across the board - and that will require a massive restructuring of the way we live our lives and how we organise our society. Our economic systems will have to be transformed beyond recognition. The question is in whose interests will they be remade?

That's why this desperately needed energy 'descent' is going to need a hell of a lot of energy 'dissent'. It's time for us to open our eyes to our collective denial, pull our heads out of the sand, stick out our necks, get over our divisions and start working together to build grassroots solutions to climate change. We all bear responsibility for climate change and need to make changes in our own lives. But we also need to act collectively. To undertake the urgent work of energy descent/dissent, we need to work out what needs to be done, what others are already doing, what we should be stopping - and what we should be starting. Reading about how bad things could be is obviously not motivating many of us to change, we need to get together and do it!

Camp for Climate Action

August 26 - September 4: A mix of workshops, meetings, socialising, informationsharing and action.

It will be held in a location in the north of England at a site to be announced nearer the time. If you can help publicise the camp, distribute flyers and posters or host a talk or meeting, please email .

If you can give a workshop, contact To offer financial or physical resources, find out how you can get involved at Mailing address: Box 10, c/o Oxford Action Resource Centre, E.O.C.C., 44b Princes Street, Oxford OX4 1HU


The Camp for Climate Action will bring thousands of people together for 10 days of action, education, and living the alternative world we hope to build. It will be a hub for everything from solar energy workshops and campaign updates to direct action against some of the worst offenders of the fossil fuel economy. It will be a climate-friendly gathering, powered by alternative energy,and will demonstrate practical solutions in action.

It will be a chance for the diverse people and projects working on all aspects of climate change to get together and make change happen. Although it's crucial that existing campaigners and activists take part, we want the camp to be an event that reaches out to the huge web of people who are deeply concerned but have no idea how or where to
begin making changes.

There will be debates and info on various parts of the science and politics of climate - we recognise that we are entering new territory and no-one has all the answers. What level of carbon emissions is too high, what future for the hydrogen economy, how are we going to deal with peak oil? There'll be practical skills to learn and ideas and practice for campaigning - from setting up an allotment to setting up tripods, from how to deal with the press to how to mount a legal challenge against your favourite climate criminal. And we want to do
more than disaster-mongering; we'll have plenty of entertainment and lots of activities for younger people - with an energy-use focus.

The camp will also be a base for direct action against the fossil fuel economy. Dealing with climate change is about more than personal action. Changing light bulbs and stopping flying to Spain for the weekend is one small part of the solution, but so is getting in the way of the juggernaut with our bodies, our minds and our hearts. Some might call this idealism or madness. We say madness lies in the passive grey expansion of the suburbs, the packed motorways rumbling towards oil depletion, the climate horror headlines next to an offer for Christmas-shopping flights to New York. Madness is factories that produce rubbish that people have to be brainwashed into buying - sanity is pulling them down. In these times taking direct action against the climate criminals is as real, as reasonable, as necessary as it gets. Direct action, of all the forms of action to take, gets closest to the heart of the problem as well as closest to the beating heart of a trulysustainable, socially just, fossil fuel-free future.

Relevant events before the camp

  • June 10th Road Block national conference– Fighting one of the big causes of climate change - cars.Workshops and guest speakers, central Birmingham. For details see
  • June 11 - July 1 - Art Not Oil, London Exhibition and campaign of
    political/ecological art, and ending oil sponsorship of the arts - a project
    of London Rising Tide. For info call 07708 794665 For full list of events

We only have a short time to act and we're going to need radical ideas and massive action if we're to make something good come out of this mess. Climate
change will not go away, and we need to understand that the longer we leave the process of starting our 'energy descent', the more difficult and painful it
will be. Ultimately, our whole "first world" way of life is in question here.

The way we travel, the way we eat, the way we farm, the way we work. It all needs to be re-examined and adjusted (or done away with) as required. The notion of infinite industrial growth on a finite planet must be discarded for the greedy fantasy it is and always has been.

Climate change and fossil fuel depletion has and will create savage conflicts over vital resources. If we don't act now, the dark history of the twentieth century will pale by comparison with the Mad Max horrors of the 21st.


For not knowing the law...

Some squatters in Barnes, South West London, were just settling in to their new abode and making it cosy last week when they were paid their first house visit -by the owner and two henchmen, one carrying a large sledgehammer.

After a bit of threatening small talk on the front doorstep, they ran round the back of the house and proceeded to bash down the door, only stopping when the residents told them they were calling the police - well it's not nice to have your door illegally smashed in, accompanied with violent threats.

The Old Bill duly turned up, had a chat with the owner and warned the residents he'd be soon be taking them to court. But when asked why the police weren't arresting the owner for threatening behaviour with a hammer, the squatters were told the plod were taking no action 'because he didn't know the law'!

Funny how that excuse never seems to wash when we try it...

No Over-reaction?

As talks between the 'major powers' continue, building up to a eventual situation where Iran is made an offer they can't refuse (or else) over their nuclear aspirations, readers of SchNEWS will not be surprised to hear how the 'negotiations' with Iran and the West's own stance in relation to nuclear weapons contains not only a whiff of the usual hypocrisy, but that (once again) it's the UK and US who are actually breaking international law.

While few tears were shed over Jack 'Boot' Straw's demotion from the foreign office, the speculation is that half the reason he was sacked was over the growing rift between himself and Bliar over Iran. Straw, who had previously commented that an attack against Iran was "inconceivable", recently modified his stance saying that it was "inconceivable in relation to the nuclear issue". But this wasn't enough. It appears that Neo Labour, like the Bush Junta, has not taken the nuclear option "off the table" when it comes to taking a corporate-backed swipe at Iran. The Non Proliferation Treaty (See SchNEWS 507) is supposed to give us all a more secure world in which to live. Signed in 1968, it commits the five declared nuclear states (US, UK, France, Russia and China) to disarmament and promotes the transfer of peaceful nuclear technology to developing countries.

The US, with its 10,000 nuclear warheads, together with the UK (19 million tonnes worth of bang) are both currently engaged in developing 'new generation' nukes. Former Defence Secretary, John Reid, confirmed UK plc's commitment to a replacement for Trident, because "as long as a potential enemy has a nuclear weapon we should retain one". A classic approach to making the world safer by making sure we've got the best weapons to win any war! Nice one John, with brains like that no wonder you've been promoted to run the Home Office!

This right, of course, is not extended to other countries like Iran, which sits there wondering why the US hasn't picked a physical fight with nuclear-armed North Korea. Over in the US of A, White House Inc. is planning to upgrade their stockpile by building some 'low-yield' earth-penetrating 'bunker buster bombs'. Whether Donald Rumsfield and friends are planning to test the new system against the 'sophisticated cave network' which has hidden Bin Laden for so long, is anyone's guess, but these 'useable' bombs have been designed to soften resistance to the use of nukes in 'battle field situations' i.e. against rows of soldiers, wiping out the need for a costly large scale ground war, like the one that has the US bogged down in Iraq.

The Natural Resources Defence Council reports that just one usable bunker buster bomb attack on an underground facility west of Pyonyang, North Korea, would result in more than half a million civilian casualties. Meanwhile, the Israeli military top brass have been playing war games with battlefield nuclear weapons for some time, designing their new 'Lance' nuke just for that purpose. Commenting on the negotiations which are underway between Europe and Iran, Silvan Shalom, the Israeli Foreign Minister, said that if the UK, France and Germany failed to persuade Iran to ditch its nuclear ambitions, "Israel could not live with Iran having a nuclear bomb", leaving the country in a 'lose-lose' situation where if the US doesn't attack, Israel will.

With the right people in power following a US led coup in 1953 (See SchNEWS 519), the US found itself helping to lay the foundations for Iran's nuclear program, equipping the Tehran Nuclear Research Centre with a reactor in 1967. Following Iran's signing of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, plans were drawn up for the US to help construct more than 20 nuclear power stations a cross the country. The deal, negotiated by all-round-good-bloke Henry Kissinger, was set to net US companies more than $6 billion. But since 1979 Iran's political system has been dominated by religious fanatics and relations with the US soured. Over the past 20 years the population has doubled and now the c ountry's burning imported fossil fuels like there's no tomorrow (a particularly apt expression!), devastating the environment in the process.

While the rest of the world adopts nuclear power to keep our unsustainable consumer culture ticking over, Iran can go without. Plotting military control of the world's dwindling energy supplies takes some serious planning and without nuclear power stations they'd be no uranium and without uranium they'd be no new nuclear bombs. The commitment to replace trident can not be realised without a commitment to build new nuclear power stations to supply the required radioactive materials. Never mind Iraq's so-called 'dual use' facilities, this is Neo Labour killing two birds with one stone.

Arms Trade/War Listings

JUNE: 3-11 Stop the Arms Trade Week An opportunity for co-ordinated local campaigning. This year's focus is the Shut DESO campaign which calls for the government's arms sales unit to be closed. Campaign Against Arms Trade 020 7281 0297

JUNE: 4 'On the agenda? Military action against Iran'. A discussion and debate organised by Reading Peace Group. 2.30-5pm, Friends Meeting House, Church Street, Reading. 0118 958 8281

JUNE: 5 Phone Blockade of EDO MBM. Call bomb component makers EDO MBM to ask them any questions you might have on the arms trade - 01273 810500 dial 141 first to withhold your number (or call from a payphone).

JUNE: 7 Reclaim the Bases - Global Call for Anti-militarist action against war. Anti-militarist alternative - MOC, coordination of antimilitarist groups from Spain, is calling for protests, nonviolent direct actionsand civil disobedience at all military bases throughout the world. More info (in Spanish)

JUNE: 7 No Bases for Aggression. Meeting to organise a march with a giant B2 stealth bomber to/from the MI6 building on 19 Aug - the 53rd anniversary of the CIA/MI6 coup in Iran - to protest against the possible use of UK-controlled bases in Fairford and Diego Garica in a US attack on Iran. 7pm, central London venue tbc. Contact 0845 458 2564 or

JUNE: 10-11 Faslane Peace Camp Birthday Party. Celebrating 24 years in defiance of the Naval base. Music, bands, dj's, food, bar, poi etc. Some accommodation available, but bring own just in case. Entry free/donation Call 01436820901 for more info see also

JUNE: 10 Fifth annual Stop The War Coalition Conference, Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, London WC1

JUNE: 19 The Horror of War Demo with creative ways of showing bomb component manufacturers EDO MBM the true horror of war. 4-6pm, Outside EDO, Home Farm Road, Brighton.

SchNEWS In Brief

  • The Castle Mill boatyard near Oxford (See SchNEWS 543) was evicted early this Weds morning when a large number of cops and bailiffs descended on the site. A crane was used to put the long boats - people's homes - back in the water, which had been hoisted onto land for hull repairs. People managed get in the way of the cranes, leading to at least two arrests. For more see
  • Protesters from DSEI Arms Fair last year (See SchNEWS 511) have been sentenced to 'Indefinite ASBO's', as well as community service and one a six-month suspended sentence, on May 24th at Snaresbrook Crown Court. More info will be published after the protesters consult their legal council.
  • The Earthship in Stamner Park, Brighton, is now finished. An Open Day on Sunday (4th) will see displays of woodwork, stonemasonary and permaculture. Jim Tindle, author of a recently published book on the anti-roads movement of the 90's - "Nine Miles"- will be doing a reading.
  • The Hill Of Tara, Ireland's ancient capital and home to ancient megalithic tombs, is threatened by a four lane motorway screaming by under plans to ease urban congestion around Dublin. This area of serene beauty will be ruined. Proposals to use a train system have been ignored. The notion that we could just make less cars hasn't even been entertained. See


As the campaign to save Titnore Woods near Worthing, Sussex reaches it's endgame, protestors have seized an area of woodland and built a tree camp. Landowner Clem Somerset was surprised and perplexed by the sudden appearance of tree houses in the woods at 6.30 on Sunday morning.

Since then the camp has grown and attracted a lot of local support, building on the widespread campaign to save the woodland from development. This is a struggle with wide local support.

Police reaction, after circling in a helicopter during the afternoon, was to try and evict the camp on Sunday evening under Section 61 of our old friend the CJA 1994 (See SchNEWS 1 - 187). However faced with a rapid retreat on to the increasingly sturdy platforms and a lot of local media interest they backed
down and claimed that the incident had been merely 'a health and safety visit'.

Worthing District Commander Jason Taylor said, "As far as the police are concerned we have a situation which is, at the moment, legitimate. People are protesting lawfully and are not causing particular problems. They're causing problems for the landowner and he can go to court - but at this stage I'm not going to endanger the protesters or people in the area by enforcing the removal of people."

The camp is nearly a week old and despite attempts by the landowner Lord Somerset, including digging ditches and putting up fences to prevent access onto the disputed land, and sending his farmhands to spray muck on the fields next to the camp, the site is getting stronger. Ill-advisedly Lord Somerset has
employed Mark Lynch, toothbrush moustache sporting head of Guardian Security of EDO/MBM fame.(See SchNEWS 508)

One local protestor told SchNEWS "It is quite clear to most Worthing people that something had to be done to stop Worthing council and the developers getting away with this horrific 875-home scheme, with its associated damaging road widening. Having seen all the campaigners' efforts ignored by the council and
the government, which refused to hold a public inquiry, some people got together and decided it was time to take action. This is our last big chance to really get across the power and size of our opposition to the development. Let's make it quite clear to the bullies in the town hall and the corporate boardrooms
that it's not just a few dozen protesters they're up against - it's thousands of Worthing people determined to play our part in stopping the Titnore devastation."

Here's how you can help

  • Join the camp! No reservations are necessary. Just turn up with a sleeping bag and stay as long as you like!
  • Practical help - Are you a dab hand with a hammer or a spade? Want to help improving, decorating or securing the camp?
  • Materials - Stuff like wood, rope of any kind, nails, food (preferably not meat or dairy), tools fresh water and so on.
  • Physical presence - It is still very possible that an illegal and violent eviction of the camp may be attempted. Can you spare a few hours on-site? Even just popping in to say 'hello' is important.
  • Spread the word - Tell your friends, family and neighbours. Get texting or phoning. Write to the papers to say you support the camp! Call the local radio stations!
  • Office space - a dry indoor space in the area is needed to use as an office - preferably with a phone line.
  • Financial help - Many thanks to those who have made essentials contributions, but there will continuing costs. How about organising a fundraising event.


The camp is in woods just north of "Somerset Lake", a fishing lake east of Titnore Lane.

BY TRAIN/ FOOT - Nearest station is Goring by Sea with direct trains from Brighton, Portsmouth and London. Walk north from the station and cross north across the roundabout with the A259. You are in Titnore Lane, then turn right after approx ½ mile onto Titnore Way. Go down to the roundabout and turn left past the pub. At the end of the road go down the footpath and left through a gap in the hedge (with new ditch) Walk past the big clump of trees and the camp should be visible.

BY ROAD - A23 westwards from Brighton. Come off at the junction (after Durrington) signposted A280 Littlehampton. Turn immediately left onto the road marked Goring/Ferring. This is Titnore Lane. After approx ¾ mile turn left into Titnore Way and follow directions above. Camp phone - 07804 245324.


It's a dirty job , but someones got to do least that's what a certain handyman from Suffolk is probably thinking. David Lucas, who lives in Eldon Farm just outside the town of Mildenhall, was recently exposed as a supplier of mobile lynching machines to Zimbabwae and Libya. Single gallows poles go for about £12,000 each. Multi-use hanging machines go for as much as £100,000. Lucas denies his trade is sick, saying "some people deserve to be hanged". The trade is due to be banned at the end of July. SchNEWS suggest in the interest of quality control and safety that Lucas tries one out himself.

* For more see

Beckham and sweatshop football kit
Click here for a larger image


So the bi-annual orgy of football-related marketing is with us once again. Becks, Lamps, Rooney et al will all be starring in a feast of slick new jingoistic advertising and merchandising (which happily can be completed without regard to injuries). Taking place at the same time is the FIFA World Cup, this
time to be held at adidas and Puma HQ - otherwise known as Germany.

A few billion will be glued to their television sets for a month - including many England fans in £40 replica kits made by Chinese workers on 40p a day - thrilling at the cheating, overpaid primadonna-wannabe-Maradonas. Their 'heroics' will provide the hook for heroic marketing campaigns from sponsors
like Coke, Gillette, McDonald's and a full rogues gallery of the biggest corporate baddies.

The ball in question will be made by some exploited child labourer in Pakistan more than likely, where 90% of the world's balls are made. Brief outrage during France 1998 at media exposure of sweatshop practices in Pakistan led to 'code of practice' being adopted by FIFA and the major sportswear multinationals,
promising no forced labour, equality of opportunity, work hour restrictions, minimum wages and all the rest. Backed up by independent monitoring of course!

Eight years later and... guess what, little's changed. Child labour and substandard working conditions are prevalent as ever, with subcontractors farming work out to villages away from the monitoring zones, while some companies are switching production to China where they get even less scrutiny.

At the end of the day, an event like the world cup is a business gravy train for corporate juggernauts - which has got nothing to do with helping the sport on a grassroots level. Corporate shareholders and corrupt officials in football associations around the world will make sure that precious little of the bonanza
reaches the bare-foot kids in the majority world, all huddled round one battered portable TV, dreaming of glory in the 'beautiful game'.

Nevermind, none of that's nearly so dramatic as a penalty shootout....c'mon Eng-er-land!


SchNEWS warns all readers... talking hot air about climate change will not save the planet - but action now just might. Honest!


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