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On May 8th, after four and a half years and at least 40,000 dead, Mexico witnessed its largest march yet against the government’s ‘war on drug-trafficking’. Between 80,000 and 200,000 marched on Mexico City’s central plaza, demanding “Peace with Justice and Dignity”.  

Demonstrations also took place in cities throughout the country, most notably in San Cristobal, Chiapas, where the Zapatista Army turned out in (unarmed) force. Up to 25,000 gathered to show their support for Mexico’s civil society with a silent march. Subcomandante Marcos issued a rare communiqué - one of the very few times that the Zapatista leadership has addressed the violence of the drug war directly.

The march was inspired by the poet Javier Sicilia, whose son was killed by narcos in the city of Cuernavaca. However, the movement is about much more than individual killings - the entire strategy of ‘President’ Calderon has caused nothing but suffering to Mexico (and neighbouring countries).

Killings, kidnappings and extortion have become so common that in some states every family has a story to tell. Recently (and related to the San Fernando Massacres, see SchNEWS 767) six immigration officials in Tamaulipas were arrested on charges of assisting the kidnapping of migrants. Allegedly they received around £350 for each victim turned over to the Zetas Cartel. It is these same victims whose bodies are are still being identified from the mass graves.

*For more information see: www.upsidedownworld.org www.laotradivisiondelnorte.wordpress.com/ (Spanish) and www.globalganjareport.com/content/mexico-rebels-and-immigrants-join-march-against-drug-war


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