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Can there be any worse nightmare than being hunted down by the capitalist incarnation of cartoon characters from your childhood? (Well, yes, but) Imagine being pounced on by Postman Pat or gnawed on by Noddy. How about being issued with threatening legal letters by the Mr Men?

Yes, it seems the previously little-known Mr Litigious has SchNEWS in his sights. This week we received a letter from the owners of the Mr Men brand, Chorion Ltd demanding we withdraw an old graphic for breach of the brand’s intellectual property rights. The graphic in question? A rather slipshod couple of imaginary misters mocking the BNP for, wait for it, receiving a ‘cease and desist’ letter for their portrayal of “Mr Jihad” on their website.

Having rather ‘painted’ ourselves into a corner with last week’s ‘and finally’, Little Miss Copyleft felt she had no alternative than to stand up for fair satirical use and say ‘Bring it on, Mr Strong’...


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