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The free weekly direct action newsheet published weekly in Brighton since 1994 - Copyleft - Information for direct action

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Here are links to the major underground video media groups in the UK...

Clearerchannel - the online video project which encourages viewers to download and transmit video for social change. It has a range of videos available, including SchMOVIES, which it kindly provides hosting for.

Beyond TV - Underground media with downloadable video including their Copyleft Video Archive.

Camcorder Guerillas - Glasgow-based collective of independent, radical filmakers.

Undercurrents - Stalwards of underground direct action video - been going over ten years.

Indymedia UK Video Project - with downloadable videos and help on making Do-It-Yourself video.

Tash - Great archive of photos and films about Traveller/Festival/Party&Protest in Britain

Kinokast - An mixture of archive and current short films. 'Embedded media'.

Other free-to-download favourites...

Guerrilla News Network - Slick infotainment from US propagandists.

Ring of Free Trade - this one goes down really well every time we show it, a brilliant remake of the first Lord of the Rings film trailer. Contact for details.

The Meatrix - excellent take on the Matrix theme, spun to make you think about where your food comes from...

Reports From The Verge - Smash EDO/ITT Anthology 2005-2009
Reports From The Verge - The Smash EDO/ITT Anthology 2005-2009 is OUT NOW
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