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Sack Parliament protest where police use SOCPA lawsSeriously Organised
Sack Parliament Protest - October 9th 2006

The much publiced ‘sack parliament’ anti-war demo at the heart of Westminsters ‘exclusion zone’ gave the Serious and Organised Crime and Punishment Acr (SOPCA) a thorough work out for the first time. The plan was to surround Parliament and prevent MPs, Lords and Civil Servants from continuing business after their Summer recess. 800 cops had other ideas.

Click Here To Download (16min, 166meg, mpeg1 format, October 2006)

  • If you witnessed any of the forty arrests on the day contact
  • At the beginning of the demo a journalist Mark Vallee was assaulted by the Police and was hospitalised if you witnessed or filmed this please contact:
  • For more info about SOCPA see SchNEWS 483

Video Nasties - police film demonstrators in BrightonVideo Nasties

During Israel’s attacks on Gaza and the Lebanon, Sussex Action for Peace held its second march on August 19th, protesting about the West’s lack of response to war crimes in the Middle East. Before the march began it soon became apparent that Sussex Police were having none of it. Apart from the obvious Police overkill and crappy excuses for changing the route of the march, the number of police FIT teams that were deployed was way beyond the norm – even filming kids in buggies!

Click Here To Download (9min, 91meg, mpeg1 format, September 2006)

Remember, if you are filmed by the Police at a demo you have the right to obtain a copy of the footage they took. A good place to start is because if you contact the police station directly they will invariably fob you off.


Omar Deghaye's Mother, holding a photo of her son, with his sister & brother in their home in Saltdean.
Omar's Mother, holding a photo of her son, with his sister & brother in their home in Saltdean.

Omar Deghayes - 727

Omar Deghayes is a 35 year old resident of Saltdean near Brighton, married with a young son, and has been held in Guantanamo Bay for three years. In suffering continual torture at Camp V, he has lost sight in one eye - not to mention other physical and psychological damage - and is currently in a criticial condition on hunger strike. His family and friends call him Omar. In Guantanamo Bay he is simply know as….727.

This is coverage of the Save Omar Deghayes demonstration outside the Labour Party Conference in Brighton on the 24th September 2005.

Click Here To Download (approx 5 mins, 22meg, Quicktime format)

For more information on Omar Deghayes see


Soccer Mums In Landmine Shocker
A new United Nations campaign designed to raise awareness about landmines is apparently too explosive for American television, as it depicts children being blown apart on a soccer field. According to the U.N. website promoting the ad, the idea for the campaign is that "landmines may not be in your backyard, but they're in the backyards of people all over the world."

All US media outlets are refusing to broadcast this public service announcement… so we thought we would.
See also


Boy and 2 women crying at a graveside in Fallujah after the US lead attack in november 2004.FALL AND FALL OUT - REPORT FROM FALLUJAH
Two months after the US launched its biggest ever assault on Fallujah, soldiers are still dying there. In this exclusive report, Guardian Films uncover what really happened.

It was billed as a resounding military success. Over 1,200 insurgents were meant to have been killed and another 2,000 trapped inside Fallujah. But now this version of events is being challenged. Far from being crushed, rebels claim they left the city in an organised withdrawal. “It was a tactical move,” explains insurgent leader Alazaim Abuthe. “The fighters decided to redeploy to Amiriya.” Before they left, fighters booby-trapped many bodies.

People are too scared to move them so the corpses lie rotting all over the city. Rabid dogs feed off them and then attack returning residents. Far from stabilising Iraq in preparation for this month’s election, the assault on Falluja has fanned the flames of civil war. Today Fallujans are too busy trying to stay alive in freezing refugee camps to worry about ballot papers that haven’t arrived for an election they have no intention of voting in. As one resident comments, “We’re not interested in this sort of democracy.” Guardian Films

Taken from

View the film - click here


Iraqi woman looking distressed - still from film about the state of Iraq at time of aledged handover by occupying US troops.Little Terrors
As millions watch England lose at the footy Iraq is handed back to Iraqis (sorry mate, it's a bit rough round the edges and the infrastructure is shot to buggery, but hey, you can live like us now!) Why make a film like this? Yes, we agree it's not very nice. But, if you do happen to meet someone who seems to be able to cleverly justify the Iraq war. Show them this. It might just shut them up.
(Warning - contains some distressing images) (3mins, June 2004)
Watch Little Terrors in RealMedia Format Modem Quality
Watch Little Terrors in RealMedia Format Broadband Quality
Watch Little Terrors in MPEG format


Wud'Ja Fallujah It!
Straight after the SchNEWS gig in Oxford during the tour in April 2004 we went back to the recently opened OCSET squat (TESCO spelled backwards) They had obtained Jo Wilding's harrowing eye witness account of her experiences in Fullujah, Irac. Accounts such as hers were being totally ignored by the corporate media. OCSET had a meeting that night and put their plans into action the next morning....This is direct-action at it's simplest and best. (5mins) (27MB - mpeg)


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Fairford Frolics
Anti-war activists at it again - this time trying to stop US bombers taking off from the cotswolds to murder Iraqi families (5 minutes, March 2003) (10Mb .mov) Click here to download


NATO Naughtiness
A protest at NATO's north London headquarters in January 2003 during the run up to war (4 minutes) (14Mb .mov) Click here to download


Carry on Shopping
The last shopping day before Xmas 2002 and anti-war activists decide to do an action against the upcoming war inside Brighton's main indoor shopping centre (4 minutes) (9.5Mb .mov) Click here to download


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