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SchMOVIES - Smash EDO Campaign

Here are SchMOVIES covering the Smash EDO's four year campaign to close down EDO-MBM - a local factory in Brighton who are part of a US arms company making parts for bomb launching equipment. After many demonstrations at the factory an injunction was placed on protesters, which was later successfully contested in court, and the campaign to close down EDO-MBM goes into it's fifth year...

For more about Smash Edo see


Batons 'n' Bombs
Carnival Against The Arms Trade 4th June 2008

Coverage of 'Red Wednesday', Smash EDO's mass nationwide mobilisation against the Brighton bomb making factory, recently taken over by nazi scumbags ITT. With a large turnout and a minimal police presence no one was sure what to expect.... and it turns out nor did the police.

click here to download - 16.20 min, mpg1 format, 123 meg, July 2008.

For report on 'Red Wednesday', see SchNEWS 634


Can't Complain
Right To Protest March, Brighton, 19th January 2008

The Freedom To Protest March ends up with a mini siege outside Brighton nick to protest about the misuse of council bye-laws being used at EDO-MBM, the Brighton bomb making factory. Includes probably the best police helmet tipping in the world......

click here to download - 17.23 min, mpg1 format, 71 meg, July 2008.

For report on the Freedom To March demo, see SchNEWS 617


On The Verge - OUT NOW

Order the DVD. £6 incl. postage, with profits going to the Smash EDO Campaign. Send a cheque written to 'Justice' to the address below, and paypal will be set up shortly - promise. For more info click here

Bit Torrent - Download the whole 90 minute film in fairly good quality (900meg mpg). To start the download click here and it will open in your bit torrent program. If you haven't got one, get the free open source Azureus.


On The Verge - The trailerOn The Verge – Trailer
for the full-length Smash EDO campaign film.

On The Verge tells the story of one of the most persistent and imaginative direct action campaigns to emerge out of the UK's anti-war movement.

click here to download trailer - 1.30 min, MPEG1 format, 37.8meg, Dec 2007.

* For updates about On The Verge and release information click here


Smash EDO Tour March-June 2008

The Smash EDO campaign has begun a tour of the UK and screening On The Verge - the new full length Smash EDO SchMOVIES film - at every venue. The tour will give those involved in the campaign the chance to discuss tactics, get feedback, and organise for the future.
* Screenings are being closed by the police, including the premiere at the Duke Of Yorks Cinema in Brighton. Several venues around the country due to host the tour have already been intimidated by police. To read about it click here
* For current dates and other tour info click here


Juke Box Jury at a Smash EDO demonstrationJUKE BOX JURY
Kamikaze karaoke at Smash EDO demo, October 2007.

Just to get up the noses of EDO/MBM Brighton's premiere arms manunfactueres the Smash EDO campaign held a sing-a-long karaoke noise demo for a change. It soon became clear Sussex Police didn't want to join in....

Click Here To Download (11 mins, MPEG4 format, 318meg, Oct 2007)


Police arresting the SchNEWS marquee during the Smash EDO summer camp, August 2007No Experts
Smash EDO Summer Action Camp, Brighton, August, 2007

Rough edit of the entire Smash EDO Peace camp being seized by Sussex police and carted away... Despite all of this, actions on the Brighton war factory continued and a presence was still maintained on site. SchMOVIES will be posting more as soon as possible....

(14 min, August 2007)
Two versions to download -
click here for high quality - MPEG4 format, 209meg
click here for low quality - MPEG1 format (not available now)

  • For a written report of the Smash EDO Summer Action Camp, see SchNEWS 601.

Smash EDO SchNEWSflash - 21-09-06EDO SchNEWSFLASH

The EDO/MBM factory in Brighton was completely blockaded today (21/9/06) as three activists locked onto the main gates. This lead EDO to taking the drastic action of cutting down part of their fence with an angle grinder to let staff in.

Click Here To Download (1:40min, 16meg, mpeg1 format, September 2006)


Smash EDO Trilogy 2006SMASH EDO TRILOGY 2006

A round up of three actions on Brighton's very own bomb making factory, EDO/MBM.

AN INSPECTOR CALLS - March 2006. The Brighton Weapons Inspection team return for a second attempt to enter the EDO factory on the third anniversary of the Iraq War. However, security guru Mark Lynch and the cops have other ideas.

LOCKED ON TARGET - July 2006. With Israel attacking the Lebanon and Gaza, three activists lock on to concrete barrels, blocking both gates of the factory.

SHAME - July 2006. "The Horrors of War" demo planned weeks before the Israel attacks started is sobering reminder of the aims of the SMASH EDO campaign. Workers from the factory get a thorough verbal kicking as they head home from work.

Currently Unavailable (16min, 166meg, mpeg1 format, August 2006)


Smash EDO demoInjunctivitis
Smash EDO Double Bill

Just in case you haven't heard the exclusion zone has been lifted at EDO/MBM in Brighton. The injunction has completely collapsed.
These two actions cover The Naming of the Dead and the Victory March from this year

Click Here To Download (approx 14 min, 140meg, mpeg format, March 2006)


Smash EDO"Number One"
EDO DEMO - SAT 10th DEC 2005

Just after the SMASH EDO demo, where the sheer force of numbers meant that the Police had to let the march go ahead, a lone FIT team followed a group of people down London Road. They were obviously assigned to intimidate one particular person who they called "number one" and who they seemed to believe was one of the organisers of the SMASH EDO campaign. Cut off and surrounded they were surprisingly candid when asked what they were doing.

Click Here To Download (approx 4 min 40sec, 15meg, Quicktime format, Dec. 2005)

To see footage of the full demonstration go to



EDO /MGM Brighton's very own bomb making factory have been busy again. This time slapping a ban on filming it's building in Moulescoombe, or it's employees. Unperturbed a group of frustrated artists managed to produce these renderings of EDO and it's cast of colourful characters.

Click Here To Download (approx 3 mins, 10meg, Quicktime format, Dec. 2005)

For more info on the campaign to stop EDO see



EDO/MBM is a factory in Brighton that makes trigger release mechanisms for bombs that are dropped on Iraqi civilians everyday. The Smash EDO campaign has held regular noise demos over the last few months resulting in EDO seeking injunctions on protesters to keep them away from the site using anti-stalking laws.

SchNEWS took a trip up to one of these demos in May 2005 and bumped into an old mate - Mark Thomas.

Watch it in Realmedia Format Modem Quality (3meg)
Watch it in Realmedia Format Broadband Quality (15meg)

Note: Since this film was shot Judge Gross (!) ruled against EDO saying that freedom of expression is right jealously guarded by English law!!!!


Reports From The Verge - Smash EDO/ITT Anthology 2005-2009
Reports From The Verge - The Smash EDO/ITT Anthology 2005-2009 is OUT NOW
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Uncertified - SchMOVIES DVD Collection 2009
Uncertified - SchMOVIES DVD Collection 2008 - OUT now
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On The Verge
On The Verge
- the Smash EDO campaign film

Out Now
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click here
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Take Three - The SchMOVIES DVD Collection 2007

Take Three - The SchMOVIES DVD Collection 2007. To order a copy click here... To view trailer click here

V For Video Activist

V For Video Activist - SchMOVIES DVD Collection 2006

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SchMOVIES DVD Collection 2005

SchMOVIES DVD - 2005

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£6 (including P&P) Contact the SchNEWS Office 01273 685913 or email

SchNEWS At Ten - the movie

SchNEWS At Ten - The Movie

A rollocking 74 minute journey through ten years of party and protest.

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