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Time Out At Titnore
Newhaven anti-incinerator campaign

Update at Titnore Woods Protest Camp in Worthing now in it's third year where the forces of darkness want to trash ancient woodland to build a new housing development and another bloody Tescos.

click here to download - 4:29 min, mpg1 format, 34 meg, September 2008.

Campaign website -
See also Rough Music #20 - 1,000 Days And Counting -


Little Britain
BNP 'Festival' protests

The far-right British National Party held their second “festival” (yes, that's right the BNP hold festivals now) in Derbyshire in August 2008. Only one person turned up last year to protest against this fascist festival - this year, however, was a different story.

click here to download - 8:07 min, mpg1 format, 61 meg, August 2008.

See Red, Blue & Whitey in SchNEWS 643
Antifa -


Newhaven anti-incinerator campaign

With democratic resistance thwarted and the go ahead given for the Newhaven Incinerator to be built, the campaign to stop this monstrous toxic facility is stepped up.

click here to download - 8:40 min, mpg1 format, 66 meg, July 2008.

Campaign website -


Forgive Us Our Trespasses
London Rd, Brighton church squat

Christian charity is put to the test when squatters occupy a disused church on London Rd, Brighton as part of a global days of action for squats and autonomous spaces.

click here to download - 9:43 min, mpg1 format, 61 meg, May/July 2008.

See Pew Crew in SchNEWS 638
Advisory Service For Squatters -


Cult Friction - anti-Scientology protests in LondonCult Friction
Anti-Scientology demo in London, May 2008

As part of the world wide anti-scientology protests the Church of Scientology in London saw two hundred V for Vendetta-masked up demonstrators hold a noise protest outside the scientology building in the square mile.

Scientology has always had it's critics and it's only been recently that protesters under the umbrella name of "anonymous" have stepped up their activities and began to picket and publicly highlight the insidious way that this cult can ruin lives and destroy families. Just recently the Church of Scientology have began to fight back by steering a law through the courts that deems the word "Cult" arrestable if used by demonstrators. And would you believe it the City of London Police had no problems with implementing this barmy law to the latter....stupid cults!

click here to download - 7 min, mpg1 format, 70meg, May 2008.

For the full story see Sects and the City in SchNEWS 632.

For more about Scientiolgy see


Profit And Loss
Workers Memorial Day 2008

On Workers Memorial Day, the campaign fighting for justice for those killed in the workplace march through London. April 2008,

click here to download - 3:55 min, mpg1 format, 30 meg, April 2008.

See F.A.C.K. You in SchNEWS 628
Families Against Corporate Killers


Can't Complain
Right To Protest March, Brighton, 19th January 2008

The Freedom To Protest March ends up with a mini siege outside Brighton nick to protest about the misuse of council bye-laws being used at EDO-MBM, the Brighton bomb making factory. Includes probably the best police helmet tipping in the world......

click here to download - 17.23 min, mpg1 format, 71 meg, July 2008.

For report on the Freedom To March demo, see SchNEWS 617

For more about Smash EDO see


On The Verge - The trailerBASH STREET KIDS
London Class War 'Bash The Rich' Demo, November 2007.

This is what happens when London Class War try to visit David Cameron's Notting Hill pad in a Bash The Rich demo. Includes Fit Watch's first action on Londons notorious Forward Intelligence Teams (FIT).

For further demos and actions contact:

click here to download - 5 min, wmv format, 8.4meg, Nov 2007.


FIT WatchHelp piss off the Met

FIT WATCH has a rapidly growing data base of Forward Intelligence Teams profiles - help them by adding to it.


Digger diving at protests against the roadbuilding at the Hill Of Tara, IrelandSkulduggery
– Hill of Tara, Ireland Oct/Nov 07

On Halloween this year hundreds of folk got together on the ancient feasting ground of Tara to celebrate Samhain, the pagan new year. This was followed by digger diving 90's style and office actions on SIAC - the company partly responsible for the building of the M3 motorway, which is set to destroy part of Tara Hill, unless it can be stopped.

Click Here To Download (12 mins, wmv format, 19.4meg, Oct/Nov 2007)

For more see


Gatwick NoBorder Camp 2007Divide and Fall
- No Borders Camp September 2007

Coverage of the first No Borders Camp in the UK. Cheekily situated near Gatwick Airport where yet another refugee detention centre is being built, the camp became a hub for activists to exchange ideas, swap tactics and keep the issue of Britain's draconian treatment of asylum seekers in the public eye.

Click Here To Download (12 mins, wmv format, 19.9meg, September 2007)

* For more info see


History 101 - the Right To Protest March, Brighton, March 2007History 101 – Right to Protest march, Brighton, March 2007

Short and quirky take on the march for the right to protest in Brighton. After massive police overkill on previous marches, this one went off without a hitch and with a low police presence. Perhaps they've got the hint! Defend the right to protest before it becomes history.

Click Here To Download (3 mins, wmv format, 6.5meg, March 2007)


Protest to stop the deportation of refugees from the DR Congo, GlasgowUNITY – Congolese Refugee Solidarity Demo, March 07

As part of a nationwide solidarity campaign for asylum seekers being sent back to the war torn Congo, Glasgow No Borders and the info drop in centre – Unity targeted the Eagle Building the centre for all immigration decisions in the city.

Click Here To Download (7.20 mins, wmv format, 10.8meg, March 2007)

* For more info see


Protesters stopping diggers at the Hill Of Tara, IrelandTara Tara Tara
Hill Of Tara, Ireland, August 2007

Reportage from the Hill Of Tara where direct action is the only thing standing in the way of destruction at one of the most important archaeological sites in Europe.

Click Here To Download (22 mins, wmv format, 38meg, August 2007)

Camp For Climate Change, August 2007, HeathrowJEDI vs STORM TROOPERS
Camp For Climate Action, August 2007

Rough cut from the day of action on the Sunday where the group broke past police, who were very heavy handed. And one of the horses proved that pigs might fly!!

Click Here To Download (7.20 mins, wmv format, 12.5meg, August 2007)

Enid, ex-detainee at Harmondsworth Detention CentreREAL HARM
Harmondsworth Detention Centre 2007

Reportage from Harmondsworth Detention Centre, where a solidarity noise demo was held to show support for those locked up there. SchMOVIES speaks to Enid, an ex-detainee from Harmondsworth who while exposing the brutality of the detention system also describes what life can be like for those trapped in the process.

Click Here To Download (6:30 mins, mpeg1 format, Feb 2007)

For more info click on:
For another SchMOVIES on Harmondsworth click on:


Met police go mad at Harmondsworth Detention Centre protestMAKE MY DAY
Harmondsworth Detention Centre 2007

The Met displayed their usual tolerant policing policy at the end of the Harmondsworth Detention Centre demo when they finally snapped and steamed into the Samba Band as they were marching a full half mile back to their coaches.

If you were there and want to pursue any legal action against the officers on the day contact SchNEWS for unedited footage - email

Click Here To Download (6:30 mins, mpeg1 format, Feb 2007)


Omar Deghayes - UK resident in Guantanamo OMAR VIGIL

For the five year anniversary of the US terrorist internment camp - Guantanamo Bay, the Save Omar campaign held a vigil for Omar Deghayes, a Brighton lad who has been held there since 2001. Omar has never been charged and like so many "detained" by the US there has been tortured and frequently denied legal aid. His condition is critical.

Click Here To Download (5:30 mins, mpeg1 format, Jan 2007)

For more click on or

for another SchMOVIES on Omar click on:


Sack Parliament protest where police use SOCPA lawsSeriously Organised
Sack Parliament Protest - October 9th 2006

The much publiced ‘sack parliament’ anti-war demo at the heart of Westminsters ‘exclusion zone’ gave the Serious and Organised Crime and Punishment Acr (SOPCA) a thorough work out for the first time. The plan was to surround Parliament and prevent MPs, Lords and Civil Servants from continuing business after their Summer recess. 800 cops had other ideas.

Click Here To Download (16min, 166meg, mpeg1 format, October 2006)

  • If you witnessed any of the forty arrests on the day contact
  • At the beginning of the demo a journalist Mark Vallee was assaulted by the Police and was hospitalised if you witnessed or filmed this please contact:
  • For more info about SOCPA see SchNEWS 483

Video Nasties - police film demonstrators in BrightonVideo Nasties

During Israel’s attacks on Gaza and the Lebanon, Sussex Action for Peace held its second march on August 19th, protesting about the West’s lack of response to war crimes in the Middle East. Before the march began it soon became apparent that Sussex Police were having none of it. Apart from the obvious Police overkill and crappy excuses for changing the route of the march, the number of police FIT teams that were deployed was way beyond the norm – even filming kids in buggies!

Click Here To Download (9min, 91meg, mpeg1 format, September 2006)

Remember, if you are filmed by the Police at a demo you have the right to obtain a copy of the footage they took. A good place to start is because if you contact the police station directly they will invariably fob you off.


Tree protesters at Titnore Woods, June 2006 BATTLE FOR TITNORE WOODS

Titnore Woods Protest Camp, near Worthing

The SchNEWS crew took a trip down to Titnore Woods near Worthing to find an up-for-it gang of protesters buiding tree houses and plotting to save this piece of ancient woodland from the onslaught of concrete, aided by strong support from the locals.

Click Here To Download (5:40min, 58meg, mpeg1 format, June 2006)

To read about this protest see SchNEWS 547, 546, Click Here, See also


No Borders No NationOUT OF HARMS WAY
No Borders action at Harmondsworth Detention Centre, 8th April 2006.

Following a call out by the Australian Noborders nearly 300 folk converged on Harmondsworth and Colnbrook detention centres, near Heathrow to show solidarity with the detainees held there.

Whilst a large Police presense kept everyone contained outside, the guards inside forced the detainees away from the windows so they couldn't see the demo. Subsequently hunger strikes began in Colnbrook.

Click Here To Download (6:30min, 64meg, mpeg format, April 2006)

Demo at Brand St Detention Centre, Glasgow, Nov 2005The Early Bird Catches The Firm
Brand Street Immigration Centre Action, Glasgow

Brand Street Immigration Centre is where all asylum seekers in Glasgow have to sign on weekly - and where dawn raids are carried out.

This film covers an early morning action on the centre in November 2005 which disrupted at least one dawn raid that we know about. There are weekly demos at Brand St and a local info shop has been set up directly opposite the centre for advice and support for asylum seekers.

Click Here To Download (4min, 40meg, mpeg format, March 2006)

GNIB Deportation ProtestGNIB Deportation Protest
Anti-deportation protest in Ireland
(Produced by Revolt Video Collective)

On the 18th of October 2005 the Irish State deported 46 people to Nigeria. Many of these people were deported from the Garda National Immigration Bureau. Residents Against Racism carried out repeated blockades at the G.N.I.B in order to buy lawyers time to get injunctions against the deportations. This is what happened...

Click Here To Download (5 min, 51meg, mpeg format, Oct 2005)

Shepton Mallet anti-Tescos actionEvery Little Hurts
Shepton Mallet anti-Tescos action

At the end of February 2006, activists briefly set up camp to prevent TESCO from clearing woodland for a new store at Shepton Mallet, Somerset. Following their eviction people came together on March 4th for a day of action.....

Click Here To Download (approx 7 min, 75meg, mpeg format, March 2006)

For more info on the campaign see SchNEWS 534 (click here)


Brighton Critical Mass - reclaiming the streets with bicycles Knightriders
- Critical Mass in Brighton October 2005

After a long absense Critical Mass - where cyclists band together to reclaim roads from the motoring masses - is back in Brighton on the last Friday of every month. This is a short film from the October event. Next time the SchMOVIES crew will bring a bike, so we can keep up with it.

To keep up to date with Brighton Critical Mass join this chat room -

Click Here To Download (approx 2 mins, 7meg, Quicktime format, Nov. 2005)

To find out more about Critical Mass, and where there's one in your town (around the world) see


Sacked Gate Gourmet workersAIR STRIKES

In August 2005 Gate Gourmet sacked 800 workers employed at Heathrow airport. The next day fellow workers were faced with the ultimatum of signing a new contract or be fired. After the sacking GG applied for an injunction against the sacked workers claiming harassment. They want all the demonstrations banned from Heathrow. The workers only want their jobs back. SchNEWS joined the picket line for an afternoon and this is what some of the sacked workers had to say…..

Click Here To Download (9 mins, 30meg, Quicktime format)

To read more about the sacked Gate Gourmet workers see


Dungavel Immigration Detention CentreDUNGAVEL (With David Rovics)

G8 Summit: Snapshots from a No Border action at Dungavel Immigration Detention Centre near Glasgow during the G8 Summit in Scotland. Although all of the inmates had been shipped out for that day, the demo was incredibly moving and positive.

Click Here To Download (4 mins, 11meg, Quicktime format, July 2005)

For more about No Border Network and issues around asylum seekers internationally see

For more SchMOVIE coverage of protests against the G8 Summit 2005
click here



EDO/MBM is a factory in Brighton that makes trigger release mechanisms for bombs that are dropped on Iraqi civilians everyday. The Smash EDO campaign has held regular noise demos over the last few months resulting in EDO seeking injunctions on protesters to keep them away from the site using anti-stalking laws.

SchNEWS took a trip up to one of these demos in May 2005 and bumped into an old mate - Mark Thomas.

Watch it in Realmedia Format Modem Quality (3meg)
Watch it in Realmedia Format Broadband Quality (15meg)

Note: Since this film was shot Judge Gross (!) ruled against EDO saying that freedom of expression is right jealously guarded by English law!!!!
There will be a massive noise demo up there on the 31st May 3pm. Be there!

To find out more about the campaign to stop Brighton's very own bomb factory see the Smash EDO website at


Better Here Than There - Update on Titnore Woods
The battle for Titnore Wood continues in the last demo before Worthing council make their final decision on the fate of this ancient woodland.
This hugely unpopular road and housing development is set to destroy a SSSI, chop down several hundred trees, many over 150 years old, and kill species of wildlife protected by law. Whilst Meridian TV got their soundbites in early SchNEWS stayed for the whole demo which resulted in an inspired action on Teville Gate, one of Worthings eye sores. No pointless fist-waving here just a simple solution to what is fast becoming a enviromental war. (6mins, July 2004)

Watch Better Here Than There in Realmedia Format Modem Quality
Watch Better Here Than There in Realmedia Format Broadband Quality

For more info see


This cherry tree was planted by 2 survivors of hiroshima in august 1985A Rough Guide to Faslane
When the SchNEWS tour was up in Scotland in April 2004 we paid a visit to Faslane peace camp which has been running for over 20 years, and is a constant pain in the arse to the MoD. We arrived at a quiet time in this camp's long history and was treated to a conducted tour around the camp and base.

Watch Rough Guide to Faslane in Realmedia Format Modem Quality
Watch Rough Guide to Faslane in Realmedia Format Broadband Quality
MPEG version coming soon.


A Cunning Plan - Two nights in Bilston Glen
anti road protest camp at Bilston Glen, near Edinburgh, Scotland. photo of tree houses by a stream running through the camp.For two years there has been an ever growing group of activists at Bilston Glen wood. Opposed to the new A701 bypass this "fluffly" bunch put us up for a couple of nights on the tour. The new bypass is primarilly for the use of Bio-tech companies and Ikea and will destroy this Special Site of Scientific Interest (SSSI) forever. This short report back gives you an idea of what's going on up there...... (5 mins, May 2004)
Watch Cunning Plan in Realmedia Format Modem Quality
Watch Cunning Plan in Realmedia Format Broadband Quality

For more info see


9 ladies anti quarry protest camp in derbyshireDon't You Quarry Bout A Thing
This is a short film featuring interviews and images from Nine Ladies Protest Camp - which has been protecting the area around the 3000 year old triple stone circle from destruction by quarrying company Marshalls. Click here to download (5minutes) (26MB - mpeg, May 2004)

For more info about Nine Ladies


Evian it Large
Germany invades Switzerland! The Evian G8 summit in June 2003 saw all sorts of nasty characters congregate in the area - but the protesters made sure they didn't get it all their own way. With music by le Roundabout Tragic (4 minutes) (15.5Mb .mov) Click here to download


Reports From The Verge - Smash EDO/ITT Anthology 2005-2009
Reports From The Verge - The Smash EDO/ITT Anthology 2005-2009 is OUT NOW
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On The Verge
- the Smash EDO campaign film

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