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On Monday(6th), a year after Putin's inauguration, 20,000 protesters again took to the streets of central Moscow and gathered in Bolotnaya Square, across from the Kremlin. They demanded the release of all political prisoners after last year's crackdown following Putin's inaugauration as President.

One of those prisoners is Alexey Gaskarov, a long-standing anti-fascist and member of the Russian opposition coordination council, was arrested on Sunday(28th) in Moscow. The investigation committee of the Russian Federation (a kind of Russian FBI) is trying to link him to the riots of 6th May 2012.

The 6th was the day prior to Putin's third inauguration as President and a mass demonstration had been called by those opposing the authorities. 2011 and 2012 had seen the biggest public demonstartions in Russia for twenty years. The streets echoed with the chants of "Russia without Putin!" and "We are the power here!". These protests or the Snow Revolution as it was dubbed by some, began as a response to Putin's unorthodox electoral practices and continued because of his relentless assault on journalists, government whistleblowers, opposition leaders, activists, punks and in general anyone that questions his authority.

Let's not forget the notorious Pussy Riot collective, who still have three members imprisoned. See SchNEWS 809 and 819. More than 20,000 demonstrators attended the mass actions in Moscow in 2012 and called for the inauguration to be annulled. Violence between protesters and police resulted in 80 people being injured. The police made 400 arrests, with another 140 protesters arrested the next day. From those arrests 28 people have now been charged, with some of them facing up to 10 years in Russia's harsh penal system. They have either been remanded, put under house arrest or been forced into exile.

It was during this pre-inauguration demonstration Alexey Gaskarov was beaten by OMON police officers (a special branch of the police). Alexey filled a complaint against the attack, unsurprisingly nothing happened, however the police had not forgotten him. A year later, a few days before the anniversary of the riots and in the run up to the May Day demonstrations the police came calling. They descended on him as he was on his way to the pet store to purchase some cat food. He has been accused of violence and riots against officials. There was a court hearing on Monday(29th) at the Basmanny district courthouse. Following the hearing Alexey Gaskarov remains in custody. According to twitter reports he is imprisoned in SIZO-5, a pre-trial detention centre in Moscow.

For more information and updates on the case of Alexey Gaskarov:

Svetlana Sidorkina (Gaskarov’s lawyer): +7 (926) 557-9016

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Added By: Anonymous - 27th May 2013 @ 1:16 AM
it would be interesting to know if the writer knew any details of the actions of pussy riot for example masterbating in front of children in a crowded supermarket with a frozen chicken and throwing a live cat over the counter at mcdonalds agents of criminals.
Added By: Anonymous - 1st June 2013 @ 3:22 PM
Added By: Anonymous - 2nd June 2013 @ 1:35 AM
note that Pussy Riot is not identical with Voina, and Alexey with neither of them.
Added By: Anonymous - 10th June 2013 @ 11:38 AM
pussy riot are a western controlled satanic operation. The lead members took part in a live podcast orgy one day before one of them had a baby. They have also been involved in animal abuse.
Added By: Anonymous - 10th June 2013 @ 11:52 AM
the moscow demonstrations were financed and organised by zionist forces. Gary kasparov for example is well know western backed agitater. When will the alternative western media realise that russia is much more free place than the west ever was. Gm foods have been banned and there is no floride in the water. 27 million russians were killed in the second world war compared to 250,000 western allies. They are now surrounded by missiles again. Wake up people the russians were never the enemy. And this repeats itself in history look mback to the massacre of the bulgarians that preceded the crimean war and then look at what is happening in syria. Its time to look at our own countries where satanic child abuse al a jimmy saville goes on unchecked and protected by the british elite. God bless the ruuians without them things would be alot worse than even now, the nazi agenda was put back by the defeat of the fascists in the second world war .
Added By: @Anonymous - 10th June 2013 @ 6:35 PM
The jury's still out on whether Stalin or Hitler was the biggest dickhead, either way the fact that the Russians fought against the Nazis in WW2 doesn't really have much to do with Putin locking up dissidents. While I'm not gonna pretend we live in some libertarian utopia, I'm also not convinced banning GM and not puting fluoride in the water are necessarily the most accurate measures of freedom.

The Russians like the Syrian regime because they can sell them weapons, many in the West like the opposition for similar reasons - I suspect the truth is somewhere in-between. Also the article is about an antifascist who is locked up for protesting against Putin, whether or not members of Pussy Riot were ever involved in actions that offended orthodox christians is kinda irrelevant.
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