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SchNEWS 632, 16th May, 2008
Sects and the City - Cult friction as police harass anti-scientology protest in London... Plus, Man jailed after massive animal rights conspiracy trial, Cardiff anarchist newsletter 'Gagged' in libel shocker, Brighton squatters in occupied Methodist Church defy bailiffs, Housing benefit snoopers to get latest lie-detecting gear, and more...

SchNEWS 631, 9th May, 2008
Heckler at the Back - Protesters have targeted the Nottingham premises of Heckler & Koch... Plus, activists arrested last year after banner drops in protest against the widening of the M1 have their charges dropped, BASF trying another crop trial of a GM potato, Northern Petroleum trying to drill in an area of outstanding natural beauty in West Sussex, and more...

SchNEWS 630, 2nd May, 2008
Snatch of the Day - No Borders actions around the country target Borders and Immigration Agency snatch squads... Plus, the SOCPA laws are to be replaced with a new armoury of anti-protest legislation, Southampton University becomes the latest victim of censorship when it is forced to pull the scheduled screening of the Smash EDO campaign film, bio-tech corporation Novartis is in SHAC's sights for the World Day For Lab Animals, and more...

SchNEWS 629, 18th April, 2008
Mayan the Force be with You - Thousands of indigenous Mayans are threatened with displacement by new hydroelectric dam project...Plus, Adbusters have called for people to switch off all their electronic gadgets in Mental Detox Week, incoming UN Human Rights Council investigator into the Israeli oppression of Palestine, compares Isreal's treatment of Palestine to Nazi Germany, US Raytheon arms manufacturers have their facility in Glenrothes, Scotland hit by d-lock action, and more...

SchNEWS 628, 11th April, 2008
F.A.C.K. YOU - Ten years after the death of Simon Jones at Shoreham docks in an accident, SchNEWS asks whether workplace safety has improved in the past decade... Plus, hunger strike at Harmondsworth asylum seekers detention centre, MESHO, a 16 page, tabloid sized spoof paper has been released and will be distributed across Britain, Street Blitz is coming to London - where artists will install art around the capital in public place and more...

SchNEWS 627, 4th April, 2008
Only Fuels & Horseplay - April 1st was International 'Fossil Fools Day' - a day of action against the culprits of climate change...Plus, a special report from Palestine gives reports a situation rarely brought to light in western media - that it's the Palestinian Authority who are doing Israel's job of crushing dissent, Anti-military protesters staged a demonstration in northern Poland at the site of an ex-Soviet military base, the British government has decided that Iraq is now safe enough to return Iraqi asylum seekers back home by forcefully deported fifty five, and more...

SchNEWS 626, 28th March, 2008
Verge on the Road - One week into the Smash EDO national tour, screening the notorious SchMOVIE 'On The Verge' -- the film police tried to ban... Plus, Terminal five at Heathrow opens to chaos -- and climate change protesters, A British reality TV show illegally goes deep into the Peruvian jungle to use remote, uncontacted tribes as a backdrop for some riveting survival television, The Grand National is coming around again -- and animal rights protesters will be there to highlight this cruel race which has seen thirty five horse destroyed in the past decade alone, and more...

SchNEWS 625, 20th March, 2008
Showstoppers - As Sussex Police try to censor anti-arms trade film...Plus, in Big Brother Britain. Peace activist's vehicle tagged for surveillance, Celtic Heritage Trust win legal victory after free party fracas, daring activist raid on depleted uranium test site, Catholic worker activists sent down for refusing to pay fines from DSEi action, Murdoch's union-busting print plant at Wapping closes, and more...

SchNEWS 624, 14th March, 2008
Fort For The Day - Direct action camp at Rath Lugh is raided as protesters build tunnels to defend the site. Call out for activists to go to Ireland to help... Plus, Another mighty cock up this week by Sussex Police – as yet again the Crown Prosecution Service is forced to drop a Smash EDO court case, A protester who muttered a swear word to police at last year's No Borders Camp near Gatwick has her case thrown out of court last week, Depleted Uranium weapons to be tested in Scotland, and more...

SchNEWS 623, 7th March, 2008
Bunch of Hunts- It's three years since the Fox Hunting ban came into force in England. What's changed - not much, with fox hunts still going on...Plus, Wilton Park, a mansion owned by the Foreign Office for conferences and meetings of those involved in arms trade, counter terrorism, privatisation and more, Protesters fighting the building of a Dow Chemicals research lab in India, have a victory after a seven-week long blockade, Five cops from Gwent police in Wales decided to have day-trips to the seaside during working hours... before they were rumbled, and more...

SchNEWS 622, 29th February, 2008
Strain No Gain - SchNEWS looks at how corporations and governments are limiting and controlling the varieties of crops grown... Plus, Wikileaks - exposing corruption - is under attack, refugees incarcerated in Harmondsworth Detention Centre acquitted of conspiracy to commit violent disorder, DEFRA bending over backward to change the rules so the locations of trial GM crops can be kept secret,and more...


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Reckon students are all bone-idle skiving filth who haven’t even got the wit to tie their shoelaces properly? Well then you’d be in disagreement with Judge Parsons (of Brighton magistrates). He’s just refused legal aid to seven students up in front of his bench for ‘aggravated tresspass’ (punishable by up to three months inside) on the grounds that “they are intelligent enough to represent themselves”.

The seven are accused of D-locking and supergluing to EDO MBM’s infamous factory of death in Brighton on the fifth anniversary of the Iraq War. Despite the fact that the student protesters are all in their first year and none are studying law, the judge is perhaps paying the defendants a compliment in considering them equal in legal know-how to a barrister (who study for around six years before they are considered ready to defend their clients). They are under stringent bail conditions to stay away from EDO MBMs factories.

Of course legal aid is gradually being whittled away for all of us (See SchNEWS 618). But the decision to cut off the supply this time is interesting in the light of how many cases against EDO protestors have ended in failure for the authorities (See SchNEWS 535). Campaign spokesman Andy Beckett told SchNEWS “By robbing these defendants of their rights to adequate legal representation, the authorities are launching an attack on our campaign as a whole. They’ve been forced to drop cases when it looked as if evidence of police collusion with the factory owners was about to emerge. But that evidence only emerged after careful examination by trained solicitors. The whole thing smacks of a desperate attempt to secure convictions against supporters of our successful campaign”.

The National Union of Students is up in arms at this abuse of the student’s status to trick them out of their right to legal representation. In the words of the USSU education officer; “That students are being denied legal assistance simply because they are students is disgraceful. A fair and public trial is a human right. When students take on international arms dealers without legal representation it is laughable to claim that the proceedings could be fair or equal. At a time when civil liberties are under attack nationally, this court is specifically targeting students as an isolated and disempowered group.”

To support the defendants, fight for civil liberties and take action against the arms trade join Smash EDO at the Carnival Against The Arms Trade...


For recycling

One Wrexham woman found herself on the wrong side of the law when she helped herself to four plastic garden chairs from a privatised council tip. The Waste Recycling Group - instead of lending her a hand for helping push towards their target of 65% of all rubbish being recycled – phoned the cops.

One house search later and the chairs have been returned to their rightful place: a landfill, and the would-be Womble is waiting to see if the CPS is going charge her under the Theft Act.

The Smash EDO campaign would like to invite you to join the Carnival Against the Arms Trade - a big, lively and interactive experience featuring live music, a critical mass bike ride (meeting 11.30am by Brighton train station), and other creative festivities of resistance. Bring your own whistles - instruments - banners - masks or anything else you can think of. The event will have a theme of red to symbolise the victims of the arms trade.

So far this year has been a hectic but successful one for the Smash EDO, especially with the campaign film ‘On the Verge’ touring the country, despite heavy police repression.

The Carnival will be a great opportunity to show EDO that the movement is bigger than ever and growing. If you want to promote it yourself in any way, flyers can be downloaded from the website below.

Meet June 4th, The Level, Brighton, 12 noon. See


New information is slowly coming to light about Sussex Police’s attempt to censor ‘On the Verge’ – the Smash EDO movie (see SchNEWS 625). Initially Chief Inspector Laurence Taylor put out a statement denying all police involvement. The very next day Sussex police P.R. dogsbodies issued a press release stating “Brighton and Hove Police were aware that ‘On The Verge’ was being shown at the Duke of York cinema. However, we do not become involved in, nor do we have knowledge of, the law relating to film certification. That is a matter for Brighton & Hove City Council. However, a junior officer, who is not based in the city, alerted the city council to the showing and they advised the cinema of its responsibilities.

More recently thanks to diligent inquiries by one SchNEWShound the name of the officer involved has come to light. The man responsible for contacting Brighton Council’s environmental health officers was one Detective Constable Ian Skelton. Now Ian isn’t based in the city it’s true but he’s not exactly a maverick lawman patrolling a rural backwater either. In fact his base of operations is Sussex Police HQ in Lewes, all of seven miles up the road.

Following the Brighton hoo-ha, the film received police attention wherever it was shown around the country. Sussex Police then denied involvement in a campaign, telling The Guardian “To confirm, we haven’t sent a circular to other police forces.”

Sussex Police are being charmingly coy about exactly which department DC Skelton works for but his rank indicates that he’s probably in a plain clothes outfit. SchNEWS wonders how SPECIAL a constable Ian really is, but don't want to BRANCH out into unwarranted speculation.

More news soon as the Freedom of Information wheels grind their slowest – we expect a full and accurate explanation sometime after the London Olympics.

* See also SchNEWS 630


Residents of Dalston, London, being priced out of their houses as they watch the economic forces of gentrification fill their streets with overpriced coffee chains and other global franchises, are to be visited by some seasoned anti-gentrification activists from New York. Juan Haro, a speaker from Movement for Justice in El Barrio, will bring his experience of fighting the same forces in Harlem to help Dalston residents resist the landlords and multinationals who are destroying the fabric of their community.

Haro commented, “Here in El Barrio (East Harlem, New York City), landlords, multi-national corporations and local, state and federal politicians and institutions want to force upon us their culture of money, they want to displace poor families and rent their apartments to rich people, white people with money. They want to change the look of our neighbourhood, with the excuse of “developing the community.

* May 24th, at Passing Clouds, Richmond Rd, Dalston, The talk has been arranged by Hackney Solidarity Network, starts 7pm, followed by Latin bands and djs (talk - free, music - a fiver).


Doing one last junket over to Europe before he goes off to Hangar 19 to get his brain de-programmed and re-booted by the aliens responsible for 9-11, George Bush (remember him?) is coming to London from June 9th-16th.

The last time he was here in November 2003 (See SchNEWS 431), he was met by protests up and down the country, including 300,000 in London – thought to be the biggest mid-week protest ever. Only last week John Bolton – former Bush apparatchik and warmonger – cancelled a visit to Bristol because of anti-war demonstrations.

* Watch out for updates about anti-Bush demonstrations in SchNEWS.



31st - Say NO to Heathrow’s 3rd Runway - the Carnival March will walk around the airport perimeter to Sipson – the village which would be wiped out by a 3rd runway. Called by Campaign against Climate Change, HACAN, NOTRAG and others. Assemble Hatton Cross Underground Station (Picadilly Tube Line) 12 noon


1st-8th - Stop the Arms Trade Week – there will be a week of events by CAAT around the country, concentrating on the Control BAE campaign, bringing the government to justice about the BAE-Saudi arms deal.

7th - Manchester Anarchist Bookfair - For all your anarchist requirements including books, pamphlets, t-shirts, paraphernalia, plus cafe and vegan food. Jabez Clegg, 2 Portsmouth Street, off Dover Street, off Oxford Road (opp Manchester University Student Union), M13 9GB. 11am-5pm,

13th-16th - ARUK2008 - UK Animal Rights Gathering - talks, discussions and workshops on a wide range of issues and activities related to animal rights campaigning, as well as a chance to relax with like-minded people and socialise and network with other campaigners from all over the UK. at Friend Farmed Animal Sanctuary near Tonbridge, Kent,


For full listings updated weekly see


The International Days of Action for Squats and Autonomous Spaces, which took place on the 11-12th April, saw a flurry of squatting activity across the UK, with new spaces established and a range of events taking place (See SchNEWS 628). The Days of Action, which emerged from the international squatters meeting in Dijon last year, saw a variety of creative forms of resistance, ranging from a Reclaim the Streets in Wellington to a bicycle tour in Rotterdam and theatre performance in Athens (see for the full round up).

Squatters and community direct action groups in Britain demonstrated the resurgence of a networked and politically active squatting movement, marked by the national squatters meeting that took place in Leeds in February. During the weekend in April, eight cities across Britain saw city-centre buildings occupied – some just for the weekend, others are still going...

It will come as no surprise to regular SchNEWS readers that these spaces have received special attention from the authorities, as the boys in blue continue their quest to dispose of positive, non-corporate community jaunts. The former Wilco building in Cambridge, squatted to provide a cinema, caff, and activities space, was raided by armed police after a ‘tip-off’ from a neighbour on the pretext of looking for illegal drugs. After a thorough search, Cambridgeshire’s finest uncovered a supermarket trolley, and the Mill Road social centre lives to fight another day. It will host a welcome meeting tonight (23rd) at 7pm.

Meanwhile, in the capital, the space opened for the days of action has at last taken the revolutionary step of giving itself a name. The Bowl Court social centre in Shoreditch attracted mainstream media attention for their Squatters Estate Agency and, despite customary threats from the building’s owners, intends to carry on its good work. Check for the latest.

The last few weeks have also seen spaces fighting back against court orders, with the sacrosanct possession order being resisted in London and Brighton.

The WominSpace, off Mare Street in Hackney has, over the past three months, hosted welding, stencil-making and herbal skill-share workshops and held a regular café and meetings space. The first eviction attempt was thwarted with the help of the North East London Squatters Network, but on the 9th May their luck ran out and the space was evicted.

After successfully defying police and bailiffs last Monday (see SchNEWS 632), the 88 London Road social centre, a former Methodist church in Brighton, remains fighting and has been hosting a regular ‘free kaff’ on the street outside. Clearly peeved, Brighton’s police have vented their frustration at anyone else unlucky enough to be squatting in the city, with three illegal police evictions carried out in the last ten days.

* If you fancy joining in on the community spirit, look for an empty building in a city near you! Check out and for inspiration, information and advice.


Two men arrested by Nottingham Police under the Terrorism Act have been released without charge – after 7 days. One was a student the other a member of staff at Nottingham University. Nottingham cops staged a major uniformed operation on campus during the arrests and subsequent house searches.

And what triggered the clampdown? – the discovery by a clerical worker of an edited Al-Qaeda training manual. One small thing – it had been downloaded from a U.S Government website. The student was in fact researching U.S foreign policy and his personal tutor stated that she was in possession of similar materials.

The Uni bent over backwards to assist the cops, saying the institution “has been co-operating fully from the outset throughout this inquiry. Here, at the institution, we fully accept that this sort of police operation is necessary and reasonable for the welfare of our communities.” This fawning was repaid by one investigating officer who told academic staff “This would never have happened if the student had been white.”

During questioning, the police regularly attempted to collate information about student activism and peaceful campaigning. They asked numerous questions about the student peace magazine ‘Ceasefire’, and other student activities. The overt police presence on campus, combined with increased and intimidating police presence at recent peaceful demonstrations, has created a climate of fear amongst some students. Many saw the operation as a message from the police that they are likely to arrest those who have been engaged in peaceful political activities. University authorities also spoke of stopping groups or individuals who “unsettle the harmony of the campus.”


Activists fighting the building of new open cast coal mines in Britain are planning a mass trespass and picnic at a new site in Derbyshire which is about to be destroyed in the pursuit of the black stuff. With Earth campaigners urging world leaders to look to renewable, clean energy sources before we fuck the world up beyond repair, UK Coal carry on in their pursuit of money regardless and have plans to build seven open cast mines in the UK.

The new site is 122 hectares and will have one million tonnes of coal ripped out of it over the next five years. Supported by Earth First, the Leave It In The Ground campaign hope to kick-start their campaign against open cast mines with a fun day and trespass allowing people to see the pretty site before it’s permanently destroyed when the diggers and drills roll up. Bring your picnic mats, sturdy footwear and vegan sausage rolls to the Visitors Centre in Shipley Country Park, Heanor at noon on the 26th May.

* Call 07852 460871, email web


A German mail company came unstuck when it ‘inadvertently’ issued stamps of Rudolf Hess, Hitler’s one-time right hand man deputy. Fortunately stopping at a mere 20 stamps, the Nazi collectables were the result of a service that allowed clients to order custom made envelopes.

* Rudolf Hess was the Nazi top dog who flew to Britain to arrange a truce with the leading racist genocidal empire of the time... er us.


SchNEWS warns all readers - if you're going to take the law into your own hands, don't try do-it-yourself when it comes to representing yourself in court. Honest!


ON THE VERGE - The Smash EDO Campaign Film - is out on DVD. The film police tried to ban - the account of the four year campaign to close down a weapons parts manufacturer in Brighton, EDO-MBM. 90 minutes, £6 including p&p (profits to Smash EDO)

TAKE THREE - SchMOVIES Collection DVD 2007 featuring thirteen short direct action films produced by SchMOVIES in 2007, covering Hill Of Tara Protests, Smash EDO, Naked Bike Ride, The No Borders Camp at Gatwick, Class War plus many others. £6 including p&p.

V For Video Activist - the SchMOVIES 2006 DVD Collection - twelve short films produced by SchMOVIES in 2006. only £6 including p&p.

SchMOVIES DVD Collection 2005 - all the best films produced by SchMOVIES in 2005. Running out of copies but still available for £6 including p&p.

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