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Copyleft - Information for direct action - Published weekly in Brighton since 1994

Party & Protest - 1996


Weds 3-4 - Appeal against first CJA 'prohibited assembly' convictions at Stonehenge Beanfield Anniversary. 9.30am, Salisbury Crown Court.

Mon 8 - Torchlight Procession to Downing Street against the Asylum Bill. Meet at St Martins in the Field, Trafalgar Square, 6pm. Brighton Posse meet 3pm, New Kensington - bring banners, placards, torches!

Mon 8 - Mass Picket of West St. Job Centre, Brighton 8am onwards Dole workers around the country are still on strike over performance-related pay. 20 more Job Centres to follow from Jan 15th as well as regional strikes. Increase the pressure! 01273 671213 / 01865 723750

Mon 8 (& Feb 5th) - Patrick Quinn was killed in Hammersmith Police station in 1990 and Malcolm Kennedy was charged with his murder. Kennedy says he saw police officers assault Quinn. Pickets in support of Kennedy: Hammersmith Police Station. Contact Colin Roach Centre, Tel: 0181 533 7111

Tues 9 - The Yukon Territorial Government are organising their 4th annual wolf kill. 132 wolves have been slaughtered and a recent survey shows that only 38 wolves are left alive. Demo outside Canada House London. Contact 01373 473 711

Weds 10 - Justice? Meeting, 7:30pm Unemployed Centre, off Carlton Hill behind Amex - discussing what to do about the crack down on squatting in Brighton.

Thurs 11 - Court Appeal of first ever CJA charges. Manchester Magistrates Court, 9.45am. 0161 2744665

Fri 12 - Tree Party at Picasso's, Broad Street, Wolverhampton. Proceeds to support independent tree preservation and reforestation. 01902 24048

Sat 13 - Rally against the Asylum Bill. Meet 1.30pm at Bloomsbury Baptist Church.

Tues 16 - M65 mass trial begins of 76 eviction-resisters. Blackburn Magistrates Court. Demo planned - 0161 2738338

Weds 17 - It's 100 years since Daimler was given a license to manufacture cars in the UK. To 'celebrate' this a 1896 Daimler will be driven down the aisle of Coventry Cathedral - followed by a new Electric Peugeot - followed by a jamboree dinner for 2,000 motor industry executives! Ring 0171 490 1555 if you'd like to demonstrate your disgust!

Weds 17 - Justice? Meeting, 7:30pm Unemployed Centre, off Carlton Hill behind Amex - to discuss squatting strategy.

Fri 19 - Lecture- "The Politics of Food". West Yorkshire Playhouse. Includes meal, £6. 0113 2692361

Mon 22 - Trial of Kate Witham. In court for allegedly causing £21,540 worth of criminal damage at Menwith Hill US Spy Base, N. Yorks 0113 2629365

Tues 23 - Andrew Lloyd Webber has decided to open an ostrich farm... as if enough of his shows haven't been turkeys already. Contact London Animal Action 0171 837 7557 who've organised a demo outside the Adeiphi Theatre, Charing Cross.

Mon 22 - Cool Tan Party Possee "It Shouldn't Be Allowed" presents Freedom Network Rainbow Benefit. 10am-10pm. Technol Trance! Jungle! Cold taps turned on. Chill-out room and cafe. **WHERE IS THIS BENEFIT**

Tues 23 - Demo against slaughter of wolves in Canada. Canada House, Trafalgar Square, London, noon. (01373 473711)

Weds 24 - National Demo against Asylum Bill. Meet 11am - Embankment to Trafalgar Square

Weds 24 - Launch of William Morris (the Libertarian Socialist) Centenary Programme. Numerous events- contact 0181 7413735

Thurs 25 - Whatley Quarry benefit @ Beachcomber, Brighton. feat. NEW! Flannel and some other dodgy band plus DJ Dora (Jungle) Two quid, mate.

Thurs 25 - The Land Is Ours open planning meeting to organise a major occupation of derelict urban land sometime in the spring Hackney Squatters Centre, 75a Mildmay Park, London, N1 01865 722016

Fri 26 - Launch of Homelessness Networking Project to set up self-help groups around the country. Tel: Housing Information Project 0171 277 7639

Sat 27 - British Aerospace Campaigning Dayschool in Manchester Campaign Against The Arms Trade 017l 281 0297



Fri 2 - Mass Demo in remembrance of Jill Phipps at Dover port. Jill was an Animal Rights campaigner killed during a demonstration by a truck carrying live animals at Coventry Airport on February 1st 1995. (See SchNEWS 59)

Sat 3 -  Live exports Rally and memorial for Jill Phipps (killed at Coventry airport during a no live animal exports demo) Birmingham 12 noon 0121 6432445

Sat 3 - Rainbow Centre benefit Glastonbury Assembly Rooms. 01458 834677

Weds 7 - Bub on trial for Aggravated Trespass at US Spy Base in Menwith Hill. Tel: 0113 2629365

Weds 7 - Justice? Meeting, 7:30pm Unemployed Centre, off Carlton Hill behind Amex.

Fri 9 - Anniversary of the 1991 killing of Mike Hill, Phone 0115 959 0357

Newbury Mass Days Of Action
Sun 11 - Rally And Route Walk At Newbury - Mass walk along the route! Peaceful rally. Info hotline for transport 0990 224488 Meet at 12 noon at Newbury Train Station.
Brighton Coach: tkts from Peace Centre 592880. London lifts 0171 2814621 - 0171 249 9114. Newbury Info. Line 01635 550552, 3rd Battle Office: 01635 45544.
Mon 12 - National Day Of Action At Newbury - Stop The Diggers! Really early! Stay over Sun night at the camps and wake up to stop the bulldozers! Bring sleeping bags, warm clothes, be as self sufficient as possible. Newbury Info. Line 01635 550552, 3rd Battle Office: 01635 45544.

Tues 13 - Squatters Estate Agents Meeting, Unemployed Centre, off Carlton Hill behind Amex, Brighton, 3pm

Tues 13 - Ramona Africa from The Move will be speaking of her experience of police brutality and injustice in the US at Brighton's Unemployment Centre, 6 Tilbury Place, from 6.30pm onwards. 

Wed 14 - Brighton Reclaim The Streets meet 12.30pm Churchill Square (01273 685 913) Snogs and pink fluffy shit galore. Come and dance your little pink fluffy socks off.

Fri 16 - Live Animal Exports Action - late at night, Dover Port.

Sat 17 - National Rally against Live Animal Exports, Dover Port.

Mon 19 Day of Action against Durnford Quarry expansion at Ashton Court Estate. Meet Clifton gate entrance to Ashton Court, on Rownham Hill Road, Bristol, at noon. Phone 01225 448556

Weds 21 - Squatting Estate Agents Meeting 3pm at Brighton Unemployed Centre

Weds 21-25 - Green Party Conference, Dover Town Hail. Contact Miriam Kennet to find out fees (various rates) and to book. Phone 0181 882 0955

Sat 24 - March against the Immigration and Asylum Bill, London, Embankment to Trafalgar Square. Ring 0171 729 1264 Buses from Brighton 9am St Peters Church

Tues 27 - Black Moon sound system, the first crew to be charged under the rave sections of the CJA, are in Corby magistrates at 10am. They are being charged for preparing to play at the Mother festy - the one that wasn't! Turn up and give them some support! 01298 27475 for more info.

Thurs 29 - Hawks Into Doves action at BAe Brough (near Hull). For further details contact Jen on 0l8l 888 4795.

Thurs 29 - Squatters Estate Agents Meeting, Unemployed Centre, off Carlton Hill behind Amex 3pm

Thurs 29 - Release Satpal Ram benefit. 7:30pm at the Red Rose Club, Seven Sisters Road, Islington, London. Features Banner Theatre's debut of 'Criminal Justice'. (£5/£3)

Thurs 29 - Lloyds and Midland Boycott (LAMB) campaign is conducting a day of direct action against the Midland Bank because of it's role in financing the arms trade, with particular focus on their part in the Arms to Iraq affair and the Scott Enquiry. LAMB c/o Grassroots, Manchester University Student's Union, Oxford Road. Manchester M13 9PR. Ph: 0161 274 4665


Sat 2 - Legal Defence Monitor Group at the New Kensington 11:30am for briefing for independent witnesses before Critical Mass.

Weds 6 - Hearing in Brighton Magistrates Court for those arrested at Valentines Day Reclaim The Streets. 9.45am.

Weds 6 - Justice meeting, 7:30pm at the Squatting Estate Agency.

Thurs 7 - Trial Commences for the women who smashed the Hawk jets (See SchNEWS 62) on Jan 29th. The four women remain imprisoned on remand for four weeks at Risley Prison in Warrington. Trial at Lytham Magistrates Court.

Fri 8 -  International Womens Day 0121 235 4475 / 0161 234 3391

Sat 9 - Motor-car on trial! 01904 415755

Sun 10 - National Demo in support of Tibet 0171 3597573

Mon 11 -  Newbury Benefit at the Joint, Brighton DJ's Lettuce, Ugly Day & freakout.

Fri 15 -  Joint Benefit Gig for Justice for Keith Mann and MOVE. @ The Richmond, Brighton. Frothy murmurs +Brian Wilson + DJ Chris Natural. Tickets £4 from JFKM or on the door

Sat 16 -  Alarm UK National Conference, Nottingham. Info: 0181 983 3572

Sat 16 -  Green Student Network Gathering in Cambridge 01223 227187

Sat 16 -  Stonehenge Benefit Gig at Glastonbury Assembly Rooms 01458 834677

Sat 16 -  Fur Trade Hit! Meet 12 noon outside Hockleys Fur Shop, Conduit St off Regent St, London. 0171 8377557

Sun 17 -  National Animal Rights Coalition Gathering Conferences in North and the South of the country 01902 711935

Sat 16 - Newcastle Reclaim The Streets. Meet 12 noon St. Thomas Church, Haymarket. (???? did this event happen?)

Weds 20 - Justice meeting 7:30pm @ Brighton Unemployed Centre, off Carlton Hill. at the squatting estate agency.

Sat 23 - Ploughshares Support Network are organising "If I Had a Hammer"- an Introduction to the Ploughshares Movement in Oxford. 10am-5pm. (01865 714 036 for more details)

Sat 23- Picket organised by the Ibrahim Say Memorial Campaign.  Ibrahima was the fiirst person killed by CS Gas, just 17 days after it was introduced. Meet outside Forest Gate police station, nearest tube Upton Park, between 2-4 pm

Mon 25 - Protest at Lewes Crown Court for Robin Webb and David Hammond - A.L.F. activists arrested for alleged possession of a sawn off shotgun and 20 rounds of ammo (Bollocks!) 10am.

Mon 25-29 - Week Of Action Against BAe to protest at the proposed export of 24 Hawk jets to the Indonesian military regime takes place all next week including a 24 hour vigil outside the Foreign Office in Whitehall 0171 561 1236

Fri 29-31 March Sellafield Women's Peace Camp gathering 01706 371387

Sat 30 - Glasgow Critical Massive Street Party George Square 1pm 01555 820555

Sat 30 - Hands Off Our Water! No to privalisation! 11am Blythswood Square, Glasgow

Sat 30 - Europe - wide day of action against TENS (Trans European Network)

Sat 30 - Sound From The Ground + SchLive at Hanover Centre. Soutbover St., Brighton - benefit for local Green Party

Sat 30 - Action to abolish the Grand National 0151 72603339

Sun 31 - International Telepathy Day


Sat ? Manchester Reclaim The Streets - no date found - did it happen?

Mon 1 - "Time to play the Joker" Faslane Peace Camp Helensburgh G84 8NU. Info. 01436 820901.

Mon 1-7 - International Earth Nights -The Earth Liberation Front's annual April Fools Day bash of eco-nasties

Weds 3 - Justice? meeting @ 7:30pm @ Brighton Unemployed Centre

Thurs 4 - No Live Animal Exports demo at Dover docks 8 am onwards.

Thurs 4-5- Newbury Benefits, Brighton. Someone has decided to replant some of the trees from Newbury at an as yet undisclosed site and the benefits should help. Friday night Mandragora and Dreadloss DJs + SchNEWS and Conscious Cinema, at the Richmond, Brighton, 10pm-2am £3/£1 concs. 01635 45544

Fri 5 - All New SchNEWS Live! returns to the New Kensington at 7pm. With a new (strictly adhered to) time, theatre, props, songs, poems, leotards and all new cast. Miss it at your peril!

Fri 5-26 Atomic Mirror Pilgrimage. 10th Anniversary of Chernobyl (from Canterbury to Sellafield) CND 0171 700 2393.

Sat 6 - Faslane Chaos Carnival - fancy dress street parade, from the local town to the camp with a Party afterwards. Get up there, get involved and have a party. Falsane Peace Camp, Helensburgh G84 8NU.

Tues 9 - Demonstration against the JobSeekers Allowance, London. Demonstration against the JSA organised by London against the JSA - independent dole-workers and claimants working together. Meet Geraldine Hamsworth Park, Lambeth Road 1pm, nearest tube: Lambeth North.

Weds 10, Thurs 11 & Fri 19th - Trial of the "Worthing Critical Mass Three". One of the three was set up on false charges of assault of a police officer (possible six month jail sentence). All three face charges of resisting arrest and obstructing the highway. Worthing Magistrate's Court, Christchurch Rd. Worthing. Worthing Critical Mass now resumed after winter break (01903) 531769.

Thurs 11 - Lloyds TSB Group Annual General Meeting. LAMB have got shares that can get activists into it. For several years now the meetings have been heavily disrupted by audacious actions. LAMB c/o Grassroots, Manchester University Student's Union, Oxford Road. Manchester M13 9PR. Call 0161 274 4665.

Sat 13 - Demos against Project Work / Forced Labour scheme Kent organised by Medway Towns Trades Council. Coaches from Brighton to Kent leave 8am, Palace Pier. £3 unwaged, £4 waged.

Sat 13 - Demos against Project Work / Forced Labour scheme Hull meet 11am Victoria Square

Sat 13 - "Reduce Road Traffic" Action 3-5pm at Great Minster House, London (jnt Marsham St. & Horseferry Rd). Surround the DoT, Give 'em hell. 0171 490 1555.

Mon 15 - Last November, members of the Movement for Justice chucked paint at Tory party chairman, Brian Mawhinney, in protest at the racist Immigration and Asylum Bill. Funny at the time but now they're in court for assault and using 'threatening words'! Trial at Bow Street Magistrates Court at 9.30am. Nearest tube: Covent Garden. Info: 0956 365393.

Weds 17 - Justice? meeting @ Brighton Unemployed Centre @ 7.30pm

Sat 20th: March and Rally Shamrock Farm Meet 1pm Preston Park 01273 691628 - Last year this was Brighton's biggest action attracting around 1000 people shutting down Boots, McDonalds and Burger King. Rally at the Level followed by indoor market, video show and food at the Unemployed Centre.

Sat 20 - Conference On Airport Expansions and the environmental impacts is taking place at Manchester Metropolitan University More info 0161 225 4445

Sun 21 - Help day at new 'Diggers' camp set up on the site of the old Gotan camp at Newbury. One objective of the camp is to create a market garden. John Terry, one of the Diggers said: "The community hopes to embrace all those opposing the Newbury Bypass. We plant seeds of hope, and reject the wanton destruction of the Department of Transport Just as our seeds will grow, opposition to the by-pass grows. The action for today's Diggers mirrors that of their forebears in seeking to establish a just, equitable and sustainable future for the people of this land." Meet 2pm by the Gotan Camp, Wantage Road (B4494), beside (what was) Snelsmore. Bring tools and seeds. Third Battle office: 01635 45544. Info-line: 01635 550552

Mon 22-26 Chernobyl Week - events to remember 10th anniversary. Contact Faslane Peace Camp 01436 820 991 / Youth CND 0171 607 2302

Tues 23 - May 1 - Mass Action at Sherwood Forest (with the emphasis on FUN!) - soon to be turned into a major trunk road linking the A1 and M1, including major industrial developments en route. Meet mid-day at Forest Fields Recreation Park, 7 miles from Nottingham City Centre. Unite and celebrate the start of summer! 0171 582 3474 The Land is Ours 01865 722016.

Weds 24 - NEW! SchNEWS fortnightly get-togethers 7:30pm ring office for venue - please come if you wanna help.

Weds 24-25 Brighton Critical Mass bods arrested in Jan in Brighton Magistrates Court 9:45am

Fri 26 - Bracknell Environmental Fair, South Hill Part Bracknell, Berks. 12-5pm

Fri 26 - May 6 - Magic Hat Rainbow Circle Beltane celebration 01373 831020.

Fri 26 - May 7 - Magical Beltane Camp, Somerset. Contact RG Gang, 96 Church Road, Redflelds Bristol. 01386 554283

Sat 27 - Cardiff Bay Barrow Action celebrates 2 years of CJA resistance 0171 281 4621

Sat 27 - May 6 - Beltane gathering in Gloucester 0585 327382 (£30)

Sat 27 - May 6 - Beltane Gathering in Kent 01603 661038

Sun 28 - Anti-election Alliance meeting to discuss Class War aims and methods 1.30pm-5.30pm Conway Halt Red Lion Square, Holborn, London

Mon 29 - Trial of Garforth opencast protestors 0113 262 9365

Tues 30 - Justice? meeting @ Brighton Unemployed Centre, off Carlton Hill behind Amex. 7:30pm. "The New Terrorists?" Speakers (3rd Battle of Newbury)

Tues 30 - Beltane celebrations at Fairmile, Exeter (possibly followed by eviction - that'll be nice with a hangover) 01404 8!5729


Weds 1 - Give Shell Hell Day- boycott Shell products and service stations.

Fri 3 - SchNEWS Live at the New Kensington Pub every Friday 7pm.

Fri 3-4 - Snelsmore Common, Newbury 01635 45544

Fri 3-6 - Teesdale Thrash 01833 638288

Sun 5 - Anarchist Picnic, 2pm, Parkers Piece. Cambridge

Sun 5 - Land Is Ours Urban Land Occupation - somewhere in London - exactly 50 years since the beginning of the biggest squatting movement in England, when ex-servicemen and their families began taking over thousands of empty properties in Britain including disused army camps and luxury London hotels! "Activists from all over will converge on a large derelict site in London and rebuild it, with a sustainable village, gardens and farms. In the first week the occupation will be used as a demonstration project to show how developments designed and built by ordinary people can work. After that the land will be left in the hands of those who want to live there." details 01865 722016.

Sun 5-7 - Land occupation in York - York EF! 01904 634073

Mon 6 - Pagan Picnic. Butley nr.. Ipswich People's Festival, noon, Alexandra Park, Ipswich 01473 713179

Mon 6 - May Day Festie, Clapham Common, London

Mon 6- Free all-day festie at Loughborough University 01509 217766 ext. 2607

Fri 10 -Activists Networking Crew Meeting at the Land is Ours Occupation from 3pm onwards to chat about July's RTS Big Green Gathering July 24th - 28th; CJA March Sep 7th; JSA and lots of other stuff.

Fri 10-12 - Beltane celebration and actions at Aldermaston women's peace camp 01222 396563

Sat 11 - Holistic Spring Fair, Buryfleld, Goldalming 01483810843

Mon 13 - Remember the Massacre of Move members by police in 1985 (See SchNEWS 73) by joining the picket of the US Embassy, Grosvenor Square, London, 12pm-2pmFriends of MOVE for a copy of their prisoners list at PO Box 3069, London SW9 8LU

Mon 13 - Sarah Saunton is in court in Oxford to appeal against the life sentence she is currently serving for the murder of her violent husband

Weds 15 - The Land is Ours are in court over the occupation of the Guiness site at Wandsworth (See SchNEWS 73) at 10.15am in the High Court in the Strand. Get along and tell Guinness what you think of them! (Land Is Ours 01865 722016; 111 Magdalen Road, Oxford, OX4 1RQ; e-mail:

Weds 15 - Justice? Meeting @ Brighton Unemployed Centre, off Carlton Hill behind Amex, 7:30pm.

Wed 15-19 - Teknival Free Festie in Northern France 0181 959 7525

Wed 15 - International Climate Action Day 0131 557 6997

Wed 15 - Shell AGM 01865 721224 if you want shares

Thurs 16th - The McLibel Trial will have been in court for a record 250 days, the longest running civil case in British legal history. Paul Preston, McDonald's UK President, is in the witness box next week. Get along to see the greatest free show in London - Royal Courts of Justice, Strand (Holborn tube) or check out the web-site or ring 0171 713 1269.

Fri 17 - Ledbury Hunt Ball' s 150th Anniversary Demo, 7pm at Eastnor Castle nr. Ledbury, Worcestershire 0121 643 2445

Fri 17-19 - Letham Free Festival. nr. Brechin, Scotland 01436 820901

Sat 18 - The Great Brighton Water Fight, 12 noon on the Level. Info from Courthouse Bookshop (bottom of Edward St)

Sat 18 - Pagan Federation Great Northern Conference Newcastle-upon-Tyne £12/£2.50. Details BM 7097, London, WC1N 3XX

Sat 18 - Reclaim The Streets in Norwich ? (in SchNEWS 71, 73 - but did it happen?)

Sat 18 - Mind, Body & Spirit Festival, Greycoat St., London 0171 938 3788

Sat 18 - Leeds Reclaim The Streets

Sat 18-19 - Devonshire Green Festival Sheffield 0114 2534548

Sat 18-19 - Letham Free Festival nr. Brechin, Scotland 01436 820901

Sat 18-19 - London-Dover march against live animal exports 0115 958 5666

Sat 18-25 - National Vegetarian Week 0161 928 0793

Sat 18-28 - Amazon Women's Festival, Menwith Hill Women's Peace camp - plus actions & workshops to celebrate 2nd anniversary of the camp

Sun 19 - Bernard Matthews apparently invites you to a vegan picnic on his lawn! 11 am onwards Great Witchingham A1067 Midway between Fakenham and Norwich

Mon 20-30 - Actions + workshops to celebrate 2nd anniversary of Menwith Hill US SpyBase Peace Camp 01943 468593

Thurs 23-26 - Orkney Traditional Folk Festival 01856851331

Fri 24-26 - African drumming weekend in the Coltswolds 01452 812983

Fri 24-27 - Sellafield Women's Peace Camp Gathering, Cumbria 01706 371387

24 - 2 June - Hackney Anarchy Week - A celebration of subversion in east London - bands, films, cabaret, football, workshops. discussions, critical mass, Exploding Cinema + more Info + programme details: BM Active, London. WC1N 3XX e-mail:

Mon 27 - Small Press Fair during Hackney Anarchy Week (24th May - 2nd June) on Bank Holiday Monday 11am-6pm at St. Barnabus Hall, 109 Homerton High St., London, E9. freee! Checkout DiY print-creations by the underground's finest. Detaits of Anarchy week: BMActive, London WC1N 3XX Email:

Thurs 30 - Roadblock! Meet 730am. Outside Chats Palace, Chatsworth Rd. Hackney, London. Contact 0171 281 4621

Sat 25 - Groundswell National Conference - at Sheffield Co-ordinating Centre Against Unemployment, 73 West St. Groundswell is a network of claimants and workers fighting against the introduction for the JobSeekers Allowance (coming your way in October) Info from: PO Box 446 Sheffield, S1 1NY

Sat 25 - Wanna take control of your life? Break the habit of job-pay-bills-stress-frustration? Learn about housing co-ops, credit unions, workers co-ops, jobseekers allowance, home education, permaculture, homebrew (that's got yer interested now) and loads more? Then get to the Slade Lane Neighbourhood Centre, 642 Stockport Rd., Longsight, Manchester 10am-6pm. More info 0161 248 9224

Sat 25-27 - Essential Music Festival in Brighton (nineteen quid a day tho' mate) 01273 888787

Mon 27 - Kingston Green Fair 0181 5461827

Mon 27 - Maidstone Green Fair (including SchLIVE!) 01622 673 413

Mon 27 - Festival of Natural World. Colchester 01206 793625.

Mon 27-29 - Reclaim the Valleys. Hit Celtic Energy's where it hurts - their pockets. More information ring 01639 842363, 01792 649071 or (mobile) 0385 711136

Weds 29 - Justice? meeting @ Brighton Unemployed Centre off Carlton Hill 7.30pm. Henry Law 'The Price of Vacant land is Unemployment' - Land right & use 

Weds 29 - To mark the anniversary of an anti-fur action in Finland (3 people released 600 foxes, received huge fines and in two cases, prison sentences). Demo: Finnish Embassy, 38 Chesham Place, London (nearest tube Hyde Park Corner) at 12 noon. Info 0171 837 7557


(from SchNEWS 72)
Mon 6th - Glastonbury Assembly Rooms - 7pm
Tue 7th - Bristol Kebele Community Centre - 7pm
Weds 8th- Cardiff - Robert's Emporium - 8pm
Thurs 9th - Exeter - The Cavern Club - 2pm
Frid 10th - Plymouth - The Coo Perridge - 8pm
Sat 11th - Fairmile Protest Site - If it's sunny!

(from SchNEWS 73)
Sat 11th - The Land Is Ours Occupation, Wandsworth, London - early evening.
Weds 15th - Reading Rising Sun, 30 Silver Street - 6:45pm
Fri 17th - Oxford Bloomin' Arts Centre - 8:00pm
Sun 19th - Cambridge Theatre of the Absurd, The Boat Race - 5:00pm
Tues 21st - Big Issue Offices, Clerkenwell Rd, Farringdon, London - 8:00pm
Mon 27th - Maidstone Green Fayre, Kent - all day
Tues 28th - Keynes JCR Uni, Canterbury - 7:00pm


SchNEWS & Conscious Cinema on tour...

20 - Land is Ours! Occupation, York Rd, Wandsworth
29 - The Peacock, Newbold Rd, Rugby 8pm
39 - Morris's Riverside Pub, Sheffield 7pm
31 - Bridge St. Tavern, Manchester 7.30pm

1  - Solidarity Centre, Glasgow 7.30pm
3 - Casrock Cafe, Edinburgh 8 pm
5 - Tap & Spile Pub, Newcastle 7pm
6 - 1 in 12 club. Bradford ?pm
8 - Strawberry Fayre, Cambridge All pm


Sat 1 - Stokey Punx Picnic 2pm at Clissold Park, Stoke Newington, London, N16

Sat 1 - Aberystwyth Summer Fete inc. Zion Train + Tragic 01686 440668

Sat 1 - Walk London To Stonehenge (to arrive for the solstice) leaving Battersea Park at 3pm (after an Anarchist's Picnic).

Sat 1 - Brighton Critical Mass 1st Birthday. The monthly cycling mayhem celebrates 12 months of pollution-bustin' action with a special anniversary ride. Meet 12.30 St Peter's Church - and bring a picnic, allegedly. Meanwhile, one of the Brighton Critical Mass Crew arrested in January and charged with "obstructing traffic as part of an illegal demonstration" is defending himself by submitting evidence that it is not illegal as it's a regular event for which the police do not have to be notified.

Sat 1-3 Sustainable Europe Tour in Glasgow music, art, workshops, culture, politics, exhibitions, street theatre, perfomance art + concerts 0141 423 0213

Sun 2 - Walk Brighton To Stonehenge - leaving from the West Pier during the drumming session - if you're interested or call Mystic Smeg 01273 685913.

Thurs 6-11 - Swansea Music Festival Doo The Moog etc.

Thurs 6-12 - Dance + Yogi in Dartmoor 0117 9422847

Fri 7-9 - African drumming weekend in the Coltswolds 01452 812983

Fri 7-9 - Leominster Fringe Festival 01568 610060

Sat 8 - Gay Pride West 0117 951 1076

Sat 8 - Fleadh Festival Finsbury Park, London

Sat 8 - Strawberry Fair Midsummer Common, Cambridge FREE!

Sat 8-16 - Green Future Survival Base Camp Kent 01836 337245

Sun 9 - Leicester Reclaim The Streets. Meet 1pm Victoria Park next to the Pavilion.

Weds 12 - Democracy for Nigeria Commemoration Event 0171 627 1299

Weds 12-18 - Earth First! Summer Gathering Snowdonia, North Wales. This is a eco-activist gathering not a festival! The gathering itself is free, although there is a charge of £10 per person for the week for the hire of the site. For general enquiries ring 0122 238 3363 / 0171 249 9114, and if you have any offers of help, ring 01749 812665. or SAE for EF! Gathering flier, PO Box 7, Cardiff, CF2 4XX.

Thurs 13 - Disabled Action Network action against Alister Burt, minister for the disabled 0161 303 9613

Fri 14 - Techno Gods (£15) Sanctuary, Milton Keynes 01865 742118

Fri 14-16 - Trash Trident! Party & Protest at Faslane Peace Camp, Scotlad CND 0171 700 2393

Fri 14-16 - Gower Festival West Glamorgan 01792 850803

Fri 14-16 - Keith Festival Grampian 01542 810222

Fri 14-22 - African Oye! Merseyside club sessions + free gigs 0151 708 6344

Fri 14-23 - Unicorn Solstice Camp 01256 893369

Sat 15 - Ambient Picnic against the CJA celebrating 7 years of GuilFin. 1pm onwards. Guildford 01483 203245

Sat 15-16 - Leamington Peace Festival 01926 421830

Sat 15-23 - Stonehenge People's Free Festival (if no site available, we have it on good faith that it's at Royal Ascot on 18-21st)

Sun 16 - Anti-coarse fishing campaign 0117 944 1175

Mon 17 - Shut Down RAF Valley - protest against low flying military aircraft training pilots for the Indonesian airforce. Meet noon outside Valley train Station (N. Wales coast - Holyhead line)

Fri 21 - Counter summit planned for the week before the G7 Summit in Lyons, France. ASEED Europe PO Box 92066, 1090 AB Amsterdam , Netherlands +31 206 682 236

???????????? 21- 21 July - Action Camp against the Oresund Bridge. Stop the 17km Swedish concrete superbridge - actions, workshops + more! Call Faltbiologerna at +46 46 145018 for info!

Fri 21 - *** Summer Solstice ***

Fri 21 - Church in the Field Summer Solstice - somewhere in the South East 01908 665124

Fri 21-23 - Solstice Healing Camp 01458 831485

Fri 21-24 - Druid Camp Blacklands Lake Wilts

Sat 22 - Sundance Festival Earlham Park, Norwich 01953 488150

Sat 22 - Great Brighton Water Fight 1:30pm North Laine - keep yer eyes peeled - we're everywhere!

Sun 23 - Mass vegetarian rally & picnic 0181 681 8884

Sun 23 - Ghost Bike Rally 01702 338519

Sun 23 - Camden Green Fair in, er, Camden

Mon 24 - Picket by Incapacity Action London of the AGM of the British Medical Association (Brighton) 0181 520 4582

Tues 25 - Incapacity Action London is planning a picket of this year's AGM of the British Medical Association. 11am @ Metropole Hotel in Brighton. Its aim is to persuade members of the BMA to pass motions (!) to INCAPACITATE Incapacity Benefit and the "All Work" test and to oppose any suggestion or movernent towards the privatisution of medical assessments, planned for introduction next year 0181 520 4582

28-29 - Direct Action Network action in Cardiff, targeting two MPs. Call 01222 704 906

28-30 - Bracknell Festival, South Hill Park, Bracknell, (Chumbawamba, Ian Dury, Back to the Planet) 01344 484123

28-30 - Cheesefoot Head 'Alternative to Glastonbury' Festival nr. Winchester, Hampshire

28-30 - African drumming weekend II in the Coltswolds 01452 812983

28-30 - Spreadeagle Beer Festival Hereford (need more bands) 01432 272205

28-30 - Dream Dance + Sweatlodge (is this Dime Bar heaven?) 01638 741 280

28- July 1 - Robin's Greenwood Gang Solstice Moon + Seaspirit Camp ("this makes sense if u know them") 0117 954 2273

29 - Tribal Gathering, Bedforshire in Luton Hoo, providing locals don't object and the police get a huge wad! The final hearing is 14 June. Cutting it close, again.


Mon 1 - Gathering at DunAdd, Argyll for 'spirit people' 01324 861627 (undead! undead!) This Festival Is Under Threat (See SchNEWS 79) The Police are using the CJA to prohibit New Travellers from coming to the site.

Mon 1-15 - Tribe of Doris Drumming Celebration (£65/£45) 0117 954 0297

Weds 3 - Justice? Second Birthday - Unemployed Centre, off Carlton Hill (behind Amex) in Kemp Town. 7:30pm. (01273 685 913) The collective who produce SchNEWS is celebrating two years since a bunch of local itinerants met at the Prince Albert Pub and formed Justice? in response to the Criminal Justice Bill.

Sat 6 - Gay Pride Festival Clapham Common, South London FREE

Sat 6 - Trance Festival '96 Annual art and technology festival, Bordeaux, France. Call 0033 572 40112

Sat 6 - Treason in the Park, Queens Park, Glasgow 2pm FREE...

Sat 6 - Slough Critical Mass - "Come friendly hike riders and fall on Slough" That well known hot-bed of radical activism Slough is hosting its first Critical Mass bike ride. Meet outside the train station 2pm.

Sat 6-7 - Mela Festival. Bradford 01274 309199

Sat 6-7 - Music Festival Mermald, Hedenham. Norfolk 01508 482480

Sat 6-13 - Drearns, Visions & Sacred Time (Native American inspired camp for wimmin) 01884 881 229.

Sun 7 - "Criminal Justice" - a wicked play by the Banner Theatre company about the CJA, is playing the Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth. £5/£4 concs. 01705 863911

12-14 - Larmer Tree Music Festival Nr. Salisbury 01722415223

12-14 - African Drumming weekend in the Cotswolds 0l452 812983

Sat 13 - Reclaim The Streets - Street Party III. A street in London will be transformed with music, art, magic, poetry, food, sunbathing, volleyball, clowns, acrobats, street theatre, trapeze, debates, children's area, info-stalls, an instant beach and a prize for the best fancy dress... Meet 12 noon, Saturday 13 July, Broadgate, next to Liverpool St Station Reclaim the Streets 0171 281 4621. * If you get nicked on the day ring Legal, Defence & Monitoring Group 0171 837 6687.

Sat 13 - JobSeekers Allowance Awareness Day at Kidderminster Market Tavern. For a quid you can see Danbert Nobacon from Chumbawamba, DJs from Pop Will Eat Itself and Ned's Atomic Dustbin, some local bands, alternative puppet show, food, cheap bar and information. More info 01562 825868.

Sat 13 - There will be a procession in Bath to mark the opening of the Batheaston By-pass. Meet 2pm at the Environment Centre, followed by a wake in Alice Park 01225 448556

Sat 13-14 - T in the Park. Strathclyde country park. Glasgow (£45)..

Sat 13-14 - Butley Music Festival, Suffolk

Sun 14 - William Morris Festival, Morden Park, London (in aid of Merton Unemployed Workers Centre) 0181 646 7723

Sun 14 - 6th World Music Day (£10) Shrewsbury 01743 365913

Mon 15 - Support the people of Bougainville - Besiege the Australian Embassy! London, 12 noon (Charing Cross Station) Midday. Protest against Australian involvement in the genocide of the people of Bougainville. The Bougainville Freedom Movement (UK) c/o SDEF!, Prior House, Tilbury Place, Brighton, East Sussex.

Weds 17 - Justice? meeting 7.30pm @ Brighton Unemployed Centre, off Carlton Hill behind Amex. Video on Ploughshares Hawk Jet Action

Thurs 18-21 Phoenix Festival, Stratford. A snip at only £65 from Mean Fiddler money-grabbers - jump the fence

Fri 19-21 - Trowbridge Village Pump (£40) 01225 782647

Fri 19-21 - Womad, Rivenmead, Reading (£44/£50)

Sat 20 - Respect: Anti Racist Festival, Finsbury Park, London (inc. DreadZone, Chumbawumba, Dub Warriors) 0171 467 1287

Sat 20 - Sunrise and Laughter Festival, Bury St. Edmunds 01359 221276

Sat 20 - National Punks Picnic SAE 121 Bembridge Brooksdie. Telford. Shropshire. TH3 1NE

Sat 20 - Great Brighton Water Fight North Laine 1:30pm...

Sun 21 - Tolpuddle Martyrs Rally. Tolpuddle. Dorset 01202 294333.

Mon 22 - Costain Extraordinary AGM, Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre. Tube St. James Park 10am. Poor old Costain, they thought they'd take on the contract that even Tarmac wouldn't touch - the Newbury contract. Sine then they have been targeted for relentless harassment by road protesters - go along and show them some support.

Tues 23 - Reclaim The Streets open meeting 7pm Battlebridge Centre, behind Kings Cross 0171 2814621

Weds 24-28 - Big Green Gathering. near Warminster, Wiltshire 01747 870667 (£37)...

Fri 26 - Stop the Poison Gas Attack! Picnic against the Lea Interchange. Meet at the corner of Homerton Road and Eastway E9. 7:30pm

Fri 26 - Memorial gig for Tim Smale at the All Saints Centre in Lewes 8:00pm £2. Following the tragic death last year of Tim Smale, who helped set up two squatted community centres in Lewes.

Fri 26-28 - Rossie Moor Free Festival. Scotland 01438 8209l0..

Fri 26-4 Aug - Passages: Music & Dance. Somerset 01458 831485...

Sat 27 - Summer Rites Gay Festival, Kennington Park. London..

Sat 27 - Animal Awareness Rally & Fair Chamberlane Square. Birmingham, 12 noon-4pm 01902 711935...

Sun 28 - Rainbow Festival, West Park, Hull 10 am - 6 pm

Sun 28 - National Bog Day. Explore Britain's own rainforests - more info 013l 312 7765


Thurs 1-4 - Big Chill live, world and electronic musik, East Anglia

Thurs 1 - Flannel at the Albert, Trafalgar St, Brighton

Fri 2-4 Earthy Energy Festival; Beddington Park, Croydon 01273 708888

Fri 2-5 - Robin's Greenwood Gang; Magical lammas camp 0117 954 2273

Fri 2-11 - Celtic Festival; Lorient, Brittany- FREE!

Fri 2-11 - Edinburgh City of Punk Rock 1996

Sat 3 - Brighton Critical Mass 12:30 St. Peters Church

Sat 3-4 Organic Gardening Weekend; HDRA, Coventry 01203 303517

Sat 3-17 - "The Life, Liberty, Survival Exhibition 1996" Bob Dobbs and his MIGHTY Church of the Subgenius. 11am - 6pm at the Phoenix Gallery, Waterloo Place, Brighton. Don't be slack ring 01273 686 818 for info.

Tues 6 - National actions against Trident, including action at Faslane Peace Camp to commemorate the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Call 0171 607 3616.

Weds 7 - Support Hunt Sabs In Court - Eight hunt sabs are on charges of aggravated trespass and breach of the peace - meet 2pm outside Ayr Sheriff Court, Strathclyde.

Thurs 8 - National day of action against the Al(M)adness. Alconbury to Peterborourgh: one of the first privately financed roads. Meet 10am in McDonalds car park near the roundabout at the junction of the B1043 and the A14 at Alconbury. Phone Tina on 01767 692326.

Fri 9-11 - African Drumming Weekend; Godfrey Mensah, Cotswolds 01452 812983

Fri 9-18 - Rainbow Circle Music and Dance Camp; Gloucestershire 01452 813505

Sat 10 - Wolverstock Free Festival; Brickton Park, Bilston, w. Midlands 01902 711890

Sat 10 - Vegan Camp, Dumfries and Galloway

Sat 10 - Second Brighton Festival Of Freedom - 12 noon 'til 10pm @ Stanmer Park. Info: 01273 746 262

Sun 11 - Smokey Bears Picnic 2pm, Southsea Common, Portsmouth. "More than just an opportunity for toking and chilling with like minds. The Smokey Bears Picnic is about liberty, freedom and common sense".

Sun 11-18 - Green Hand Camp; theatre in nature 01239 710390

Fri 16-18 - African Drumming Weekend; Godfrey Mensah, Cotswolds 01452 812983

Fri 16-18 - Pontardawe Festival; West Glamorgan 01792 830791

Sat 17 - Birmingham Reclaim The Streets meet Cannon Hill Park 12 noon

Sat 17 - Bath Reclaim The Streets 01225 448556

Tues 20 - BAA McArthur Glenn have been given planning permission to build an out of town shopping centre on wildlife site in York. Yorkleaf organising one day phone blockade - speak to Gary Bond 0171 799 8204 : More info on campaign 0831 586 938

Thurs 22 - Critical Mass Benefit at The Beachcomber, Brighton

Fri 23-25 - Lowlands IV; Dronten, Netherlands 0031 15 212 1980

Fri 23-26 - Harvest Fair; Dyfed 01994 419641

Sat 24 - Brighton Reclaim The Streets. Meet Churchill Square 1pm. Theme: Beach Party.

Sat 24 - Interested in anarchism? There's a one day summer school in Glasgow - discussions include anti-election campaigns, JobSeekers allowance, egoism & anarchy, community & education cuts campaigns, computer nerds, ethnological despotism - as well as a social and a day trip round the city on Sunday. Info from R. Lynn. 151 Gallowgate, Glasgow, G1 5AX 0141 226 5066

Sat 24-26 - Hempton Festival; Sussex 0171 613 5166

Sun 25 - Sutton Environmental Fayre; Carshalton Park, Roskin Road, Carshalton 11am-10pm - FREE!

Sun 25-26 - Notting Hill Carnival; London - FREE!

Mon 26-30 - Art Bypass and Flim-Flam Festival - a five day event running along the length of the Newbury Bypass Route... Meet Sunday 25th, 4.30pm at Newbury train station. Bring a torch! Newbury will stage the best free festy yet this year. 'It will be a huge free festival on DoT land with much entertainment, and there will be ample opportunity for fence climbing. We may even be able to undo a lot of the damage that has been done.' From 26th-30tAugust the Flim-Flam Festival will bring you bands including Julian Cope, Mother Samosa, Smokie Bears, Revolutionary Dub Warriors, Electric Groove Temple, Snails With Attitude, and others. There has now been OVER 1000 ARRESTS, and there are over 20 twenty people in prison at present... The story continues.  Call 01635 550 552 24 hr info. or ring Joanna on 0171 566 1612 if you want to steward.

Wed 28- Sun 1 Sept - Reclaim The Valley II - protest against opencast coal mining in Wales. Camps have been established at Nant Helen (site mobile number 0468 732829 after 7pm at 01792 475882) and Selar (on an island) which has tripods on the land a Celtic style stiled village growing in the water)

30 - Sept 1 - Big Chill Gala in Norfolk. Info 0171 281 8106

30 - Sept 1 - Womad; Morecambe Bay, Lancashire 01542 582804

30 - Sept 1 - African Drumming Weekend in the Cotswolds 01452 812983

31 - Oxford Reclaim The Streets

31 - Vegan Summer Gathering- Peak District Details: Malcolm, 10B Windsor Square, Exmouth, EX8 1JU



Sun 1 - First International Peace In Kurdistan Festival - Trafalgar Sq from 2-8pm. Tel: 0171 249 6980. (Kurdistan Information Centre, 10 Glasshouse Yard, London EC1A 4JN. Tel 0171 250 1315.)

Mon 2 - Post Reclaim The Streets meeting @ The Albert, Trafalgar St, Brighton, 7.30pm (PARTY meet postponed)

Mon 2 - Blockade of Farnborough Arms Trade, details 0171 281 0297

Fri 6 - Action against LWT to protest against their recent 'Expert Witness' programme on Keith Mann. Meet at noon, Eurotunnel terminus (top of the escalators) Waterloo Station. (See SchNEWS 88)

Fri 6 - Glastonbury Tor Acoustic Jam (6/9/96 - geddit))

6-9 - Faslane Camp Gathering, with workshops, canoeing and actions. Call 01436 820901

7 - JSA March & Rally. Assemble at noon, Shepherd's Bush Green, London

8 - Critical Mass against planned £80 million tunnel under the River Medway in Kent. It will save time for motorists - but not cyclists or pedestrians who are banned from using it. Meet at the tunnel 10am

11-15 - Drum & Dance Camp, Somerset 0117 954 0297

14 - National day of Action against London's Fur Trade. Meet 12 noon, Green Park, Piccadilly, details 0171 837 7557

14 - Cambridge Reclaim the Streets. Meet BR station at 1pm

14 - Hemp Awareness Conference, Battlebridge centre, Battlebridge Rd, King's Cross, London. Howard Marks to speak, entrance by donation

20 - Autumn Equinox Festival, 01908 665124

20 - Autumn Equinox Gathering, Faslane Peace Camp 01436 820901

21 - Hemp festival in the New Forest 01722 331942

21-22 - Midge Death Free Festival, 0141 226 5066

Weds 25 - The Hanson Corporation, responsible for the Whatley 'Super' Quarry expansion are holding their A.G.M. in London. Shareholders will be meeting inside the Four Seasons Hotel, Hamilton Place (nr Hyde Park/Marble Arch tube station). Turn up at 9:30 and show them how you feel!

27 - Eclipse of the Moon 1.15am - 6.30am

27-29 - Sellafield women's peace camp

28th - Cannabis Awareness Day, details to be announced - CHIC 0171 613 5166

Sat 28-29 - Reclaim The Future - Liverpool. There will be a MASSIVE gathering in Liverpool on Saturday Sept 28th, the anniversary of the dispute. On that day last year, 500 dockers reasserted a basic rule of human life: never cross a picket line. It will be not only a labour movement and mass action but also an environmentalist, anti-capitalist, pro-entertainment celebration and rave! It promises to be a massive show of force, and also, if the very thought of Tony Bleurrgh makes you want to puke, the event immediately precedes the Labour Party Conference in Blackpool. Be there, prepare to spend a night or two, and bring some sounds.

Sat 28 - Repeal the CJA Demo & Rally,
 Myrtle Parade, Liverpool, 12noon. Details Freedom Network 0171 582 3474
Mon 30 - Mass Action at Seaforth Dock, Liverpool, 10am. Info: 0181 450 6929

Sun 29 - McLibel-Free Speech Conference, continuing the campaign as the trial nears it's end. Conway Hall, Holborn 0171 713 1269

Mon 30 - Five Shoreham campaigners in Lewes Crown Court to contest charges, 01273 733124



Tues 1 - Mass picket outside Hillingdon Hospital, Pieldhealth Rd, Uxbridge, in support of the strike. 56 Asian women domestic workers were sacked for refusing to sign new contracts by Pall Mall which would have meant a 20% pay cut - just £2.70 an hour, as well as cutting sick and holiday pay. 7-8am/12-2pm

Tues 1 - Justice? meeting 7:30pm. @ The Albert, Trafalgar St, Brighton. Films and chats about Direct Action Conference.

Fri 4-5 -  Two days of activities organised by Anti Fascist Action to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street and the Spanish Civil War. Rally on Friday at Camden Irish Centre, 52 Camden Square, NW 7.30 pm. Films, exhibitions and speakers £4/£3 (Rio Cinema, 103 Kingsland High St., Dalston, London E8 Sat 1pm) and music (The Oppressed & Stage Bottles Sat 8 pm Camden Irish Centre £5/£3) More info AFA, BM Box 1734, London, WC1N 3XX 0161 232 0813

5 - Demonstrate in support of the stirking Hillingdon workers - meet Uxbridge Civic Centre 12 noon. More info on 01895 255 071

Sat 5-6 - Nationwide action against the Torture Trial, Campaign Against The Arms Trade 0171 281 0297

Sun 7 - 'Out of the Ghetto' discussion 3pm at the 121 Centre, Railton Rd., Brixton. Organised by Contraflow mag. (New issue out now for a donation + SAE to 121 Railton Rd., Brixton, London, SE24. They are skint and it could be the last, so why not bung 'em some cash quick smartish.)

Tue 8 - Six months since the fatal CS Gas spraying of Ibrahima Sey - picket of Forest Gate Police Station 7pm 0181 555 8151

10-19 - Aberdeen Alternative Festival 01224 635822

Thur 10 - Simon Sutherland appeal against a 5 year sentence for graffiti art! Appeal Court, Strand 10am. Lots of support & noise needed 0171 737 5294

Fri 11 - Sat 12 - New Moon with Friends of Twyford Down: exhibition, meeting, lanterns, song, dance & sacred gathering in Winchester 01962 868763. People are getting a book together about what happened on the Down; photographs, letters etc. for inclusion to P.O.Box 162, Winchester, Hants, SO23 8AA

Sat 12 - Sufficiency 96 Day School organised by Enough - looking at the social and environmental consequences of consumerism. Friends Meeting House, Mount St., Manchester M1 5NS. Suggested contributions £5 waged/£1 unwaged 0161 225 4507

Sat 12 - Interational day of solidarity with McDonalds workers, including picket in Manchester organised by parents of McDonalds worker electrocuted at work 4 years ago 0171 713 1269

Tue 15 - The Motor Show - 'celebrating' 100 years of the motor car - is at the NEC Birmingham. Reclaim The Streets are planning an action for the first day 0121 449 5452

15-20 - Bomb Out In Bradford. Youth and Student CND gathering. Contact Y&S CND 0171 607 3616 to book a place.

Wed 16 - Annual worldwide day of action against McDonalds. Plus picket of McDonalds Head Office, East Finchley High Rd., London N2 (opp East Finchley Tube) 4.30 - 6.30pm 0171 713 1269

Fri 18 - More Prisoners, Less Rights - An evening in support of prisoners rights with speakers (including one of the Justice? crew), music, poetry, prisoners' art exhibition and a glass of wine £6/£2 unwaged Bridewell hall, St. Bride Foundation Institute, Bride Lane (off Fleet St), London EC4 (Blackfriars tube). Info Terry O'Hallaran Memorial Fund, BM Box 5960, London, WC1N 3XX

Sat 19th - SchNEWSnight. Political Cabaret, SchLive, Flannel Undrugged and much more. Sanctuary Cafe, Hove. 7pm, £1.50 before 8.30pm, £3/2 after. (This could well be a fortnightly fixture from now on if all goes well).

Sat 19 - Anarchist Bookfair, 10am-8pm, Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London, WC1 (nearest Tube Holborn)

Sat 19 - Manchester Reclaim The Streets. meet 1pm Albert Square 0161 226 9904

Sat 19 - Apple Day

Sun 20 - Conference on the JobSeekers Allowance. Brighton Unemployed Centre Ltd. 01273 671213

Thur 24 - National Mahogany Action, somewhere in Kent 01603 611953

24 - Hull Reclaim The Streets?

Fri 25 - National action in support of the Liverpool Dockers are happening all over the country. In Brighton meet 12am Churchill Square. More info 0181 806 0249

31 - Oxford Reclaim The Streets ?



Mon 4 - Justice? meeting about direct action conference. New Kensington, Kensington Gardens 7.30pm

4 - Faslane action?

Tues 5 - COPEX Arms Fair. Blockade the torturers. Coaches to both events, details from Campaign Against the Arms Trade 0171 281 0297.

Thurs 7 - Benefit for Festival of Freedom, Richmond Pub, Fog HMC, Tragic Roundabout and DJ's, £2.50/£3. Help pay the debt.

Fri 8 - SchNEWSnight at Sanctuary Cafe, Hove ring 01273 685913.

Sat 9 - Green Left Conference, Conway Hall, Red Lion Sq., London. info: 13 Shetland Drive, Nuneaton, CV10 7GA

11? - Mass Picket of Liverpool Docks 10am Seaforth Container Terminal (near Crosby Road) Info 0151 207 3388

13 - Brighton Eco-action are participating in the national Red Flag Day, 100 years after it was repealed. The old law said that cars could only travel with a flag bearing man in front of the vehicle, reducing the speed of cars to a walking pace of 4 miles an hour! They intend to slow down traffic by introducing the Red Flag Law between 8.30-9.30am at Falmer University Campus. 01273 747104

13-17 - The World Food Summit, Rome. Bigwigs at the Summit arc trying to conclude that the solution to world food problems is biotechnology and liberalisation of trade. UK activists arc welcome to go there from the 4th on in order to plan actions. Ring Manchester EF! on 0161 224 4846 if you would like to go. There is transport going on the 4th and 8th November.

Sat 16 - Free Satpal Ram March and Rally to mark a decade of injustice. Assemble 12 noon Holyhead Rd., Handsworth, Birmingham 1pm. March through Handsworth 3pm rally at Burbury Park Centre, Wheeler St., Lozells. Mote info: 0121 507 1618 Transport from London: 0171 837 1450.

18 - Benefit for the Brighton K Rig People's Sound System. 10-3am at the Volks Tavern

19 - Reclaim The Campus, 2pm @ Falmer House Square. Calling a halt to education cuts

20 - Mad Meat Trade, speakers & videos, Conway Hall, London 7pm.

20 - Demo against Tuition Bills. Meet 12 noon Uni of London, Malet St.

22-24 - Sellafield Women's Peace Camp's 6th Birthday celebrations. Tel: 01706 812663 for more details

23 - Alternative Winter Fayre, Corn Exchange, B'ton, 11am-5pm, Contact 01273 625580 (after 6pm)

23 - Direct Action Conference, Brighton. Help Justice? celebrate SchNEWS' 100th anniversary, plus party at the Paradox the day after. For more info phone Justice? 01273 685913.

23-24 - CND Annual Conf. Uni of London, £5/£8 unwaged. Contact 0171 700 2393

23 - Unite The Struggles' Conference, 11am-5pm, Conway Hall, Red Lion Square.

24 - National demonstration against the Smithfield Show, Earls' Court Exhibition Centre, London SW5. 9am - 6pm, Details: 0171 837 7557

27-30 - "Tatting Down" Squatting Play @ Nightingale Theatre, Brighton (Nr Station)

28 - Picket of Toxicol labs, Ledbury. Contact 0121 680 2833 / 01562 700086

29 - 1st Dec - Taxes for Peace Not War Conf. Info From Kiri Smith, 175 Bellhagg Rd Walkley, Sheffield, S6 5DL

Sat 30 - While Sheffield City Council are hosting the 4th National Conference on the 24 Hour City a bunch of sorted itinerants are hosting an alternative bash. 12 hrs of workshops then 12 hrs of partying. "We don't necessarily oppose the notion of a 24 hour city. We question whether the current debate considers the issues surrounding it: How much for an hour's work ? How much for a cappuccino? Can the people who live, and would have to work, in a 24 hour city, really ever enter the debate at £233.83 a time?" 0378 102 560 or PO Box 1022, Sheffield.

Sat 30 - National No Shop Day - Consume less for a just, sane and sustainable future. Info: One World Centre, 6 Mount St. Manchester Tel: 0161 237 1630

Sat 30 - No Shop Day Sheffield - Anti-consumerists are planning a day of no shopping in that temple of consumerism, Meadow Hall Shopping Centre. 270 shops and 12,000 free car parking spaces, it's a nightmare vision of the future, as one poor lost SchNEWS scribe can vouch for - they found themselves there last Sunday! To go to the planning meeting or get in on the action on the day - 0114 267 1200



l - Xmas without Cruelty Fayre, 01732 364546

2-6 - Stop the Hawks to Indonesia - five days of action against the anus trade 9am - 5pm Dept of Trade and Industry, Kingsgate House, Victoria St., London, SW1 Info from CAAT 11 Goodwin St, Finsbury Park, London, N4 3HQ 0171 281 0297 / 01603 611953.

6 - Music for Mumia Benefit @ School of Oriental & African Studies, 9-1am \A33 (in advance) 0171 272 5368

7 - Vegan Society AGM, Conway Hall, London

14 - March and Rally with the dockers, Hyde Park, London, 12 noon. Details: 0151 207 3388 or 0181 442 0090

14 - National day of leafleting about Genetically engineered products. Contact Women's Environmental Network: 0171 345 8823

18 - Kirkstall Valley Campaign Action opposing supermarket development Info: 0113 262 9365.

19 - Vigil outside Maidstone Prison for political prisoners Winston Silcott, Raphael Rowe & Oliver Cambell, 12 noon. Info: 01474 566701.

21 -Winter Solstice Celebration, Stonehenge, 8.l6 am.

25 - Pay Bernard Matthews a visit. Details 01553 617521.

26 - Boxing Day Anti Hunt Demos, Contact HSA, 01273 622827.

This is the complete set of listings taken from the 'Party & Protest' columns in SchNEWS issues produced in 1996. This was before events listings were published on the website, indeed it was before SchNEWS had a website. Only events published in SchNEWS at the time appear here, without additions.

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