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The format of the entries are: Name Address. T phone number F fax number email@address Description.

Baby Milk Action 23 St. Andrew's St, Cambridge, CB2 3AX. T 01223 464420 Aims to save lives and to end the avoidable suffering caused by inappropriate infant feeding. Children

Banana Link 38 Exchange Street, Norwich, NR2 1AX T 01603 765670 F 01603 761645 Banana Link works towards environmentally, socially and economically sustainable banana production and trade through campaigns, awareness raising and lobbying. Farming/Worker's Rights

Bangor-Werdd North Wales email discussion network of non-violent direct action protesters including peace, environment and animal rights. Media

Banksy Political graffiti artist. Culture

Banner Theatre Company The Friends Institute, 220 Moseley Rd, Highgate, Birmingham, B12 0DG T 0121 440 0460 Promotes political change in support of disenfranchised sections of society, through the use of documentary, multi-media cultural productions rooted in radical experiences. Culture

Barbed Wire Britain T 01865 558145/726804, 01993 703994, 07767 414714, 01753 852853 F 01865 558145 Linking and helping to establish local campaigns outside places of detention, demos, lobbies, publications, working with detainees past and present Refugees

Barricada P.O. Box 73, Boston, MA 02133, USA. Publishers of North America's only Revolutionary Anarchist monthly magazine. Media

Bayer Hazard Find out more about Bayer and GM crops, as well as its involvement with heroin, the holocaust, withdrawn pharmaceuticals and toxic chemicals. Health/Genetics

Bellow Box 35, 82 ColstonStreet, Bristol, BS1 5BB. Radical women's newsletter, instigated by Women Speak Out - FREE, available for photocopying/ distribution - hardcopy or PDF. Media/Women/Anarchism

Beyond TV, A website hosting alternative news features - in an online database linking features to campaigns, upcoming events and current projects. Media

Big Issue, The London, SW8 2LN T 020 75263200 F 020 75263302 UK's biggest current affairs weekly, with 1.2 million readers. Campaigning for social justice. Sold by homeless vendors who keep 70p of each issue. Media/Homeless

Bilderberg Research into The Power Elite's secretive Bilderberg Conferences Anti Capitalist

Bindman & Partners Solicitors 275 Gray's Inn Rd, London, WC1X 8QF T 020 7833 4433 F 020 7837 9792 A solicitor's firm specialising in human rights - including criminal law, protest, civil actions against the police. Justice and the Law

Biotic Baking Brigade c/o Whispered Media, POB 40130, San Francisco, CA 94140. USA. Pie-throwing is just one tool in the large toolbox of resistance. Anti-Capitalism

BioRegional Development Group (BDG) 24 Helios Road, BedZED, Wallington, Surrey SM6 7BZ. T 020 8404 4880 F 020 8404 4893 BioRegional aims to bring local sustainability into the mainstream. We offer solutions to make sustainable living easy, attractive and affordable. Energy/Environment/Farming/Gardening

Birmingham Racial Attacks Monitoring Unit (BRAMU) P.O. Box 9289, Birmingham, B15 5AE T 0121 622 4981 - An independent, voluntary organisation, offering free, confidential help, support and advice to anyone suffering racial harassment in Birmingham.Anti-racism

Black Cat Collective Box 22, Green Leaf Bookshop, Colston Street, BS1 5BB T 07905 720575 Anti-reformist loose anarchist collective. Hold monthly open forums, carry-out actions and spread ideas to inspire insurrection. Anarchism

Black Environment Network (BEN) UK Office, 9 Llainwon Uchaf, Llanberis, Wales, LL55 4LL T 01286 870715 F as phone Established to promote equal opportunities, with respect to ethnic communities, in the preservation, protection and development of the environment. Environment

Black Flag BM Hurricane, London WC1N 3XX Class struggle anarchist quarterly magazine with strong international coverage, recently revamped. Contact us for subs info. Comprehensive list of UK Anarchist groups.Anarchism/Media

Black Mesa Indigenous Support PO Box 23501, Flagstaff, Arizona 86002. USA. T(voice mail)+1 9287738086 Supporting the sovereignty of the indigenous people affected by mining activities on Black Mesa, who face forced relocation, environmental devastation, and cultural extinction. Indigenous Peoples

Black Women's Network St Chad's Court, 213 Hagley Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham B16 9RG. T 0121 695 2239 F 0121 695 2253 Supporting and providing networking, and other, opportunities for organisations that work for the benefit of Black women living in Birmingham. Anti-Racism/Women/Community Group

Black Women's Rape Action Project, Crossroads Women's Centre, 230A Kentish Town Rd, Lonon NW5 2AB. T 020 7482 2496 F 020 7209 4761 A grassroots Black and immigrant women's organisation aiming to win justice for rape survivors and to get rape recognised as persecution and therefore grounds for asylum. Women/Community Groups

Blackcurrent Bookshop 4 Allen Rd, Abington, Northampton NN1 4NE. T 07833 17328 Specialises in radical and independent books, comix, cards, badges, tapes and CDs. Bookshops

Blatant Incitement Project (BLINC) Dept.29, 22a Beswick Street,Manchester M4 7HS. T 0161-226 6814 Empower people to organise themselves without hierarchy, for radical action towards social ecological change, by sharing skills, knowledge, and inspiration. Networking Support

Black Information Link (BLINK) Suite 12, Winchester House, 9 Cranmer Road, SW9 6EJ, T 020 7582 1990 F 0870 127 6657 A national Black (African, Asian & Caribbean) organisation to increase the capacities of the Black communities to combat racism. Media

Bougainville Freedom Movement P.O.Box 134, Erskineville, NSW 2043, Australia. T +61 2 9558 2730 F +61 2 9804 7632 To assist the Bougainville people in their struggle for peace and freedom. To educate the world about the Bougainville. Indigenous Peoples

Boycott Israel Info for people who want to boycott produce from Israel and illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Gaza and an educational resource about Israel and Palestine.

Break the Chains Free, Critter and Rob Legal Defense Committee, P.O. Box 11331, Eugene, Oregon 97440, USA. Northwest USA anarchist POWs website, a resource for, by and about anarchist political prisoners in the Northwest. Prisoner Support

Brighton Lifeline Humanitarian Aid 4 Atlingworth Street, Brighton, UK BN2 1PL T+44 (0)1273 680414 Taking aid directly to, and working with people and projects trying to rebuild sustainably. So far, Albania, Macedonia, Kosova, Bosnia, and Ukraine. Peace

Brighton Against Benefit Cuts Brighton & Hove Unemployed Workers' Centre, 4 Crestway Parade, Hollingdean, Brighton, BN1 7BL T 01273 540717 Organizing resistance to the New Deal workfare and other attacks on benefits. Support autonomous action by claimants and resistance by JobCentre staff. Benefits

Brighton Alliance of Sound Systems (BASS) 43 Park Crescent Road, Brighton, BN2 3HE. BASS is about positive free party politics. BASS generates funds to pay for communal safety equipment and courses. Culture

Brighton and Hove Committee  to Defend Asylum Seekers c/o 4 Crestway Parade, The Crestway, Brighton BN1 7BL. T 01273 540717 Campaiging group set up to provide a local response to the growing xenophobia of our government and media. Refugees

Brighton Arts Resources Technology (Brighton ART) T 01273 697579 F 07092 184075 Websites, audio/video production, workshops, and software with friendly rates for charities, arts organisations and voluntary groups. Media

Brighton Peace & Environment Centre Fairtrade and bookshop closed due to soaring rent. New premises planned for shop, library, education and resource centre Fairtrade & Peace/Environment

Brighton Sucks! Keeping us in touch with what sucks about Brighton. Media

Brighton Urban Design & Development (BUDD) PO Box 108, Brighton BN1 4XN. T 01273 681166 BUDD aims to stimulate, encourage and initiate sustainable urban design and development through an inclusive and participatory process. Land Rights & Planning

Bristle Box 25, 82 Colston St. Bristol, BS1 5BB Quarterly magazine for Bristol activism and anarchism treating all relevant subjects from news to campaigns. Media

Bristol Friends of the Earth 10-12 Picton Street, Bristol BS6 5QA. T 0117 942 0129 F 0117 942 0168 Enviromental campaigns in Bristol, seperatley constituted to national FoE. Environment

Bristol Housing Action Movement Box 56, Greenleaf Bookshop, 82 Colston Street, Bristol BS1 5BB. T 07985 557450 A non-hierarchical collective of squatters and their supporters which houses and promotes autonomy for homeless people, advises travellers and promotes social centres. Housing

Bristol Indymedia Bristol's own Indy Media site with news from Bristol and beyond Media

British Anti-Vivisection Association (BAVA) PO Box 73 Chesterfield S41 0YZ. Organisation trying to expose the uselessness and counterproductiveness of animal experimentation in regards to human health. Health.

British Trust for Conservation Volunteers 36 St Mary's Street, Wallingford, Oxfordshire OX10 0EU

T 01491 821600 F 01491 839646 Practical environmental conservation charity. Environment

British Union For The Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) 16a Crane Grove, London, N7 8NN. T 020 7700 4888 F 020 7700 0196 The BUAV is the leading anti-vivisection organisation specialising in public campaigning, hard-hitting undercover investigations, political lobbying and legal/scientific expertise. Animal Rights

Broughton Spurtle c/o Broughton Books, 2A Broughton Place, Edinburgh, EH T 0131 556 0903 F 0131 557 6752 Publish monthly free paper for local area - publicise work of local action groups and generally stir things up. Media/Community

Buddhafield PO Box 27822, London SE24 9YZ. T/F 020 8671 7144 Mobile 07768 200797 Buddhafield runs a festival cafe and the 'Buddhafield Festival', also Buddhaseeds Permaculture and various retreat camps through the year. Culture

Burma Action Group 1101 Pennsylvania Ave, SE #204 Washington, DC 20003 T (202) 547-5985 F (202) 544-6118  An Internet-based organisation who aim to raise awareness about the horrific human rights violations in Burma. Human Rights

Burma Campaign UK, Third Floor, Bickerton House, 25-27 Bickerton Rd, London, N19 5JT T 020 7281 7377F 020 7272 3559 Campaigns for human rights and democracy in Burma. We campaign to improve government and commercial policy on Burma. Human Rights

BuryGreen, A service and gateway to the various groups in and around Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, dedicated to protecting and improving our environment. Environment

Buy Nothing Day 25 Gloucester Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex, BN17 7BT. T 07887 608609 Buy Nothing Day is a simple idea, which challenges consumer culture by asking us to switch off from shopping for a day. Anti-Capitalism

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