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The format of the entries are: Name Address. T phone number F fax number email@address Description.

Sambhavna Trust 44 Sant Kanwar Ram Nagar, Berasia Road, Bhopal, 462001, Madhya Pradesh, India. Sole objective is to improve the health condition of the survivors of the Bhopal disaster. Health

Save Our World exists to help protect and sustain the natural world through increasing awareness and caring, and inspiring and empowering people to change attitudes, habits and lifestyles - personally, locally, nationally, globally and spiritually. Environment

Scarborough Against Genetic Engineering (SAGE) c/o 7 Palace Hill, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 1NL T 01723 375533/865773 F none A local campaign against the use of genetic engineering in food and farming. Genetics

SchNEWS c/o on the fiddle, P.O.Box 2600, Brighton, E. Sussex, BN2 2DX T 01273 685913 F as phone The UK's weekly direct action newsletter. Media

Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR) P.O. Box 473, Folkestone, CT20 1GS. T 07771 883696 Promotes the ethical practice and use of science and technology. Education

Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), 15 Barrland Street, Glasgow G41 1QH. T 0141 4231222 F 0141 4332821 Largest Peace organisation in Scotland. Campaign against Trident at Faslane, co-ordinates the Coalition for Justice Not War. Supports direct action and political action. Peace

Scottish Genetix Action T 0141 334 4355 F 0141 588 0664 Campaigning for a GMO free Scotland. Genetics

Scottish Human Rights Centre (SHRC) 146 Holland St, Glasgow, G2 4NG T 0141 332 5960 F 0141 332 5309 SHRC aims to promote human rights in Scotland through advice/information, research, scrutiny of legislation, monitoring international human rights treaties. Justice and the Law

Scottish Opencast Action Group c/o 42 Woolfords, by West Calder, West Lothian, EH55 8LH A network of people across Scotland opposed to opencast coal mining. Mainly information exchange & help with opposing planning applications. Environment

SCRAP Records PO Box 2023, Brighton, BN1 1AA. Hardcore underground label bringing music and culture for your hot, drowning planet. Culture

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society PO Box 6095, 4000 HB Tiel, Netherlands. T +31 0344 604130 F +31 344 604808 Dedicated to the protection and conservation of marine ecosystems and biodiversity. Take direct action where authorities are unwilling to enforce conservation regulations. Environment/Animal Rights

Sea Turtle Restoration Project (STRP) PO Box 400, Forest Knolls, CA 94933, USA. T (415) 488 0370 F (415) 488 0372 STRP works to protect sea turtle populations in ways that meet the needs of the turtles & the local communities who share the beaches & waters with these endangered species. Environment

Seedswapper Free non-commercial seed swapping website (USA). Gardening/Forestry

Seeds for Change Network 96 Church Street, Lancaster, LA1 1TD. T 0845 3307853 Free training + support on campaign planning, tactics, non-hierarchical organising, consensus and facilitation plus advice on low cost computing and free software (linux). Networking Support.

SELFED Collective (SelfED) P.O. Box 1095, Sheffield, S2 4YR For self-education ideas and practice, developing real alternatives to state-sponsored education.  Courses, self-help materials, workshops, etc. Education

Seriously Ill Against Vivisection (SIAV) PO Box 116, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP14 3WX. T 0845 4581720 Campaigning for a ban on all vivisection. We want non-animal, scientific methods of research to establish cures for disease. Animal Rights/Disability

Sexual Freedom Coalition BM Box Lovely, London, WC1N 3XX Coordinating the groups who campaign for the sexual freedom of consenting adults, providing a back-up force when problems occur. Sexuality

Shared Interest Society Limited 25 Collingwood St, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1JE T 0191 2339101 F 0191 2339110 Co-operative lending society, lending money on fair terms to enable Third World producer groups to pay for labour, materials and equipment. Economics

Sheffield Mayday News and information for activists in the Sheffield area, also e-mail discussion group Media

Sheffield SF PO Box 1095, Sheffield S2 4YR. Solidarity Federation group in Sheffield/south Yorkshire (see also Solidarity Federation under anarchism). Community Group

Shoreham Protester, The c/o 7 Stoneham Rd, Hove, Sussex, BN3 5HJ T 01273 885750 F as phone Fortnightly newspaper reporting local and national animal rights news, especially reports from demonstrations. Input welcomed. Animal Rights

Simon Jones Memorial Campaign P.O.Box 2600, Brighton, BN2 2 DX T 01273 685913 F as phone Campaigns for justice for Simon Jones, killed on his first day as a casual worker on a Shoreham dock, and to expose the dangers of casualisation. Workers' Rights

Single Step Co-Op 78A Penny St, Lancaster, LA1 1XN T 01524 847234 Selling wholefoods and organics in a democratic, non-hierarchical, workers' co-op stylee. Also stock non-mainstream mags and journals. Food

SKA TV Suite 75 Trades Hall Carlton Vic 3053 Australia T 61 3 9663 6976 A grass-roots community organisation using TV and video as tools for social change; training, screenings, broadcast, distribution.. Media

Slough Environmental Education Development Service (SEEDS) 1st Floor, 29 Church St, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 1PL T 01753 693819 F as phone To protect & improve the natural and living environment through education, awareness raising and community based project. Education/Environment.

Slower Speeds Initiative (SSI) PO Box 19, Hereford HR1 1XJ. T 0845 345 8459 Lower speeds make walking and cycling safer, provide alternatives to road-building, support local economies and reduce CO2 emissions. Transport

Sma' Vennel A libertarian socialist group concerned about the challenges to freedom in the age of global capital. Publishes an online magazine, and welcomes contributions. Anarchism/Anti-Capitalism/Media

Social Centre Autonomous Network The Midnight Star Social Centre, 55-57 Parramatta Rd., Homebush, NSW, Australia. T 0415-882-901. We are squatting activists and autonomously organised groups who make decisions through the network to occupy and organise around squatted social centres. Cafes/Culture

Social Anarchism Atlantic Center For Research and Education, 2743 Maryland Avenue, Baltimore MD 21218, USA, As both political philosphy and personal lifestyle, social anarchism promotes community self reliance, direct participation in political decision-making, respect for nature. Produce magazine. Anarchism

Soil Association Bristol House, 40-56 Victoria St, Bristol, BS1 6BY T 0117 929 0661 F 0117 925 2504 Campaigning and certification organisation for organic food and farming. Farming

Solent Coalition Against Nuclear Ships (SCANS) c/o 30 Westwood Rd., Southampton, SO17 1DN T 023 8055 4434 F same as T. Mob. 07880 557 035 Awareness to stop nuclear powered sub. from using Southampton docks Peace

Solidarity Federation (SolFed) PO Box 469, Preston PR1 8XF. T 01772 739724 Anarcho-syndicalist federation of groups (contact us for your nearest).  Dedicated to an anti-authoritarian future based on mutual aid and individual freedom. Anarchism/Networking New open collective website 'by the people, for the people'. Read and write on virtually any subject of interest, including: Art, Environment, Health, Money, Obsessions, Sport, Technology, True Sci-Fi, Work etc... Media

Sound Conspiracy European travelling soundsystem Culture

South East Asia Solidarity Network anarcho-syndicalist activists in Australia seeking to engage with working class and student movements in our immediate region of Indonesia, Timor, Papua New Guinea, West Papua, Malaysia, Burma and other countries in and around the South Pacific Community Group

South Herts SF PO Box 493, St Albans ALl 5TW. Tel. 01727 862814. Solidarity Federation group in South Herts (see also Solidarity Federation under anarchism). Community Group

South West Solidarity, Box 43, 82 Colston St, Bristol BS1 5BB. Solidarity Federation group in the Bristol and Avon area (see also Solidarity Federation under anarchism). Community Group

Spacestation PO Box 209, Brunswick, Victoria 3056, Australia. T 03 9343 6593 A media lab, a guerilla media node, a skill sharing network, melbourne indymedia centre. Anti-Capitalism/Culture/Media

Spitalfields Market Under Threat (SMUT) T 020 7613 5897 Oppose the destruction of three-fifths of the historic old covered market to make way for yet another office development. Community Group

Spiral Objective P.O.Box 126, Oaklands Park, South Australia 5046 T +618 8276 5076 DIY fanzine, record label, mailorder, distro and umbrella organistaion for travelling activist theatre group. Culture

SPOR Making free space available. Nomadic, sporadic and materialising at unannounced intervals in varying forms. Culture/Anti-Capitalism.

Sprawl Busters 21 Grinnell St, Greenfield, MA 01301, USA. T +1 413 772 6289 Help local community coalitions on-site to design and implement successful campaigns against megastores and other undesirable large-scale developments. Planning.

Spunk Library, The Collects and distributes literature in electronic format, with an emphasis on anarchism and related issues. Media

SQUALL Magazine P.O.Box 8959, London, N19 5HW Regularly updated online magazine presenting  radical journalism, photography and culture with content. Media

[Squat!net] An international internet magazine with main focus on squatted houses, car sites and other free spaces. Media/Housing

Statewatch P.O.Box 1516, London, N16 0EW T 020 88021882 F 020 88801727 Statewatch monitors the state and civil liberties in the UK and Europe Justice and the Law.

Steward Wood Moretonhampstead, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ13 8SD. T 01647 440233 Mob 07050 674464 Demonstrating positive sustainable alternatives - a vegan community based in a woodland in Dartmoor. Permaculture, renewable energy, organic growing, low impact living. Visitors welcome. Community Groups

Stonehenge Campaign c/o 99 Torriano Av, London, NW5 2RX. T 07970 378572 Meet at Solstice and Equinox sunrises at Stonehenge, want more Free Festivals at Stonehenge, and free access into the Stones for all who come in peace. Culture

Stonewall Lobby Group ltd. 46-48 Grosvenor Gardens, London , SW1W 0EB. T 020 7881 9440 F 020 7881 9444 Working towards the advancement of the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of lesbians and gay men. Sexuality

Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) 6 Boat Lane, Evesham, Worcs WR11 4BP
T 0845 4580630 SHAC campaigns to close down the animal testing lab Huntingdon Life Sciences, and target anyone connected with them. Animal Rights

Straight Goods Canada's independent on-line source of news Media

Student Action India c/o HomeNet, Office 20, 30-38 Dock Street, Leeds LS10 1JF. T 07071 225866 F 07071 225866 Self-funded volunteers work in India, assisting NGO's with community development schemes, and using their experience to raise awareness in the UK. Education/(Development)

Student Action Aims to provide an overview of campaigns and political activities at the University of Sussex, along with local, national and global events. Education

Subvertise! c/o PO Box 68, Headington, Oxford OX3 7YS, UK An archive of 100s of subverts, political art, cartoons and articles. Anti-capitalism

Sumac Centre 245 Gladstone St., Nottingham, NG7 6HX. T 0845 458 9595 F phone first Resource centre for local groups campaigning for human and animal rights, the environment, peace, etc. Community Group

Sunderland Fans Against Racism PO Box 601, Sunderland SR2 7XY T 07967 886257 We are a group of Sunderland Fans committed to tackling the problems of racism and fascism amongst supporters of our favourite football team, Sunderland. Anti-Racism/Sport

Sunrise Screenprint Workshop The Old Schoolhouse, Kirkton of Menmuir, by Brechin, Angus, Scotland, DD9 7RN We're vegans who print t-shirts inc. lots of animal rights/anarchist/stonehenge designs and print for groups and campaigns using environmentally safe inks. Culture

Sunseed Technologia del Desierto/Sunseed Desert Technology P.O.Box 2000, Cambridge, CB4 3UJ T 01273 387731 F 0034 950 525 770 Community of volunteers in southern Spain, researching regeneration of lands, solar energy, appropriate technology. Also, sustainable organic living; education about issue of desertification. Environment

Surfers Against Sewage Wheal Kitty Workshops, St Agnes, Cornwall. England TR5 0RD Formed in 1990, one of the fastest growing pressure groups in the country, SAS call for full non-chemical treatment of sewage discharged into our seas. Health/Environment

Surrey Anarchist Group (SAG) PO Box 375, Knaphill, Woking, Surrey. GU21 2XL. Focus on both local and national actions and campaigns. Anarchism

Survival International 6 Charterhouse Buildings, London, EC1M 7ET T 020 7687 8700 F 020 7687 8701 Survival International is a worldwide organisation supporting tribal peoples. It stands for their right to decide their own future and helps them protect their lives, lands and human rights. Indigenous Peoples

Sustain 94 White Lion Street, London N1 9PF. T 020 78371228 F 020 78371141 Sustain advocates food and agriculture policies and practices, that promote equity and enrich society and culture. Farming/Environment

Sustainable London Trust 7 Chamberlain Street London NW1 8XB. T 020 7722 3710 F 020 7722 3959 A user-focussed sustainability network for London, to find mutual support and link work with the actions of others who have similar goals. Networking Support

Sustrans 35 King Street, Bristol BS1 4DZ T 0117 926 8893 F 0117 929 4173 Sustrans is a civil engineering charity which designs and builds routes for cyclists, walkers, and people with disabilities.Transport

Swan Net diary of events for Swansea or email Networking support

Swansea Community Resource Centre 217 High Street, Swansea SA1 1NN. T 01792 642404 / 07974 892651 Free space for all, including cybercafe, gallery space, stage, permaculture garden. Free workshops, meeting space, information and "other stuff" *wink* Community groups/Cafes & Clubs

sw@rm Mobile radical infospace and information for action! Send an email to to get regular updates. Culture

Sweet Potato 130a Hartley Road, Radford, Nottingham NG7 3AJ. T 0115 970 2791F 0115 970 2791 Promotion of gigs & parties, supporting all good causes, inc eco-action and animal rights. Culture

SchNEWS, PO Box 2600, Brighton, BN2 0EF, England
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