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The format of the entries are: Name Address. T phone number F fax number email@address Description.

Maloka Anarcho Collective BP 536, 21014 Dijon Cedex, France T +33 3 8066 8149 F +33 3 8071 4299 French anarchist collective from Dijon. Anarchism

Manchester Earth First! Dept.29, 22a, Beswick Street, Manchester M4 7HS. T 0161 2266814 Non-hierarchical direct action to defend people & planet, and create the world we want to live in. Environment/Anti-Capitalism/Networking

Manchester Environmental Resource Centre initiative (MERCi) Bridge-5 Mill 22a Beswick Street, Ancoats, Manchester, M4 7HR T 0161 273 1736 F 0161 274 4598 North West's leading sustainable development innovator and the largest membership based environmental charity in Manchester. Environment/Community group.

Manchester SF PO Box 29, SW PDO, Manchester M15 5HW. T 07984 675281 Solidarity Federation group in the Manchester area (see also Solidarity Federation under anarchism). Community Group

Mannequin Republic 2 Combe Farm Cottages, Alldens Lane, Godalming, Surrey GU8 4AP. T 07810 595392 Socio-democratic, anti-capitalist, anti-IMF. We stage local demos, various other mischief, and publish a monthly newsletter, Black Star News. Anti-Capitalism

Marine Conservation Society 9 Gloucester Road, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, HR9 5ZZ. T 01989 566017 F 01989 567815 Charity dedicated to protecting the marine environment and wildlife. Environment

Mast Action UK 20 Outwood Road, Radcliffe, Gtr. Manchester M26 1AQ. Voluntary organisation dedicated to supporting, advising and actively aiding and representing local campaigns fighting the current mobile phone mast invasion that is sweeping the country. Land Rights & Planning

McDonalds Workers Resistance (MWR) PO Box 3828, Glasgow, G41 1YU. We work for McDonalds and fuck shit up. We encourage other Mcworkers to do the same. Workers' Rights/Anti-Capitalism.

McLibel Support Campaign 5 Caledonian Rd, London, N1 9DX T 020 787131269 F as phone Encouraging people everywhere to see the sordid reality behind corporate propaganda, and to fight back against McWorld. Anti-Capitalism/Children/Environment/Farming/Health/Workers' Rights.

Media Circus A semi regular critical media event in Australia - often webcast! Media

Media Lens Correcting for the distorted vision of the corporate media. Education/Media

Médecins Sans Frontières 124-132 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1R 5DJ. T 020 7713 5600 F 020 7713 5004 Independent humanitarian medical aid agency providing medical aid wherever needed and raising awareness of the plight of the people. Health

Mina Housing Co-Op Ltd 160 Gloucester Road, Bishopston, Bristol BS7 8NT. T 0117 9246228 Housing

Mines & Communities Roger Moody, c/o Partizans, 41 Thornhill Square, London, N1. T 20 7700 6189 F 20 7700 6189 Seeks to empower mining-affected communities so they can struggle successfully against damaging proposals and projects. Has links to many anti-mining campaigns. Environment/Energy

Minority Rights Group International 379 Brixton Rd, London, SW9 7DE T 020 7978 9498 F 020 7738 6265  Work to secure rights for ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities world wide, and educating people about minority issues in order to counter racism and prejudice. Anti Racist

Miscarriages of Justice UK (MOJUK) Tardis Studios, 52-56 Turnmill St., London, EC1M 5QR T 0121 554 6947 F 0870 055 4570 Founded by Paddy Hill, one of the Birmingham 6, they fight for people who are wrongly imprisoned. Justice

Monbiot, George He's got a website about: Advertising, climate change, corporate power, culture, economic justice, education and childhood, employment, environment, farming, food, foreign affairs, genetic engineering, globalisation, health, health and safety, hunting and the countryside, interviews and debates, landrights and planning, law and order, media, nuclear, politics, protest, racism, religion, science, supermarkets, tourism, transport. apparently...Media

irregularly. Send three stamps for an issue. Media

Motkraft The internet infocenter of the Swedish libertarian left. Publish news and information about actions, lectures, etc. Anti-Capitalism

Movement Against the Monarchy (MA'M) P.O. Box 14672, London, E9 5UQ T 07931 301901 Local and national direct action against the parasitic, undemocratic Royals; preparing major anti-Golden Jubilee 2002 activity. Anti-Capitalism

Movement For Compassionate Living The Vegan Way (MCL) Burrow Farm, Highampton, Beaworhty, Devon EX21 5JQ. T 01409 231264 Environmental veganism. Changing ones diet is just first step towards compassionate living. Food

Multimap.Com A complete interactive atlas on the web! General

Mumia Must Live! BM Box 4771, London, WC1N 3XX Mumia Abu-Jamal is a political Prisoner facing death row in the USA. This is a coalition fighting to free Mumia and end the racist death penalty. Prisoner Support

'Mushroom Cultivator, The', P .Stamets & J.S. Chilton, (Agarikon Press) Definitive handbook for growing all mushroom species.

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