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Issues 251-300 / March 2000 - April 2001

SchNEWS Squall Yearbook 2001

The Zapatistas march into Mexico City, thousands disrupt the World Bank meeting in Prague, Churchill gets an anarchist make-over: from Bognor to Bogota, Dudley to Delhi, and Kilburn to Melbourne, resistance has become as global as the institutions of capitalism. This was a year full of stories of people at the frontline of struggles worldwide, and creating sustainable solutions to the corporate carve-up of the planet. These 50 issues of SchNEWS along with the best of Squall magazine, plus loadsa photos, cartoons, satirical graphics, subverts, and a comprehensive contacts database are available together in....

SchNEWS/Squall Yearbook 2001
300 pages, ISBN 09529748 4 3, £3 inc. p&p direct from us
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PDF files available for all issues

SchNEWS 300, 6th, April, 2001
Terror Firmer
Terrorising cyberspace, and a cafe near you (if yer lucky), for the 300th time...

SchNEWS 300, 6th, April, 2001 - Extracts in Spanish - Espanol ?
Terror Firmer
Terrorising cyberspace, and a cafe near you (if yer lucky), for the 300th time...

SchNEWS 299, 30th, March, 2001
Train To Kill
Stopping a nuclear train across Europe..

SchNEWS 298, 23rd, March, 2001
Trade Jazz
A quick global round-up of mass demos against meetings of the world's business and government elites.

SchNEWS 297, 16th, March, 2001
Magical Mexican Tour
The Zapatour - featuring one man with a mask and pipe - makes it to Mexico City

SchNEWS 296, 9th, March, 2001
Pub chains and buy-outs are making it so sitting in yer local having a pint puts money into the hands of big business

SchNEWS 295, 2nd, March, 2001
Shopping Maul
After foot & mouth and Britains food production becomes firmly in the hands of big business and supermarkets.

SchNEWS 294, 23rd, February, 2001
Bombing Peace Take
The 'forgotten war' of continual bombing of Iraq since the Gulf War ended in 1990.

SchNEWS 293, 16th, February, 2001
Teachers Pest
Money, Money, Money, eh no, Education, Education, Education

SchNEWS 292, 9th, February, 2001
Fistful Of Dollars
- the successes of the IMF in destroying Ecuador, 'dollarisation' and more...

SchNEWS 291, 26th, January, 2001
Law Of The Lab
Govt protects vivesection company Huntingdon Life Sciences

SchNEWS 290, 19th, January, 2001
Dying For Profit
- western pharmaceutical companies think of profit first, as AIDS ravages Africa...

SchNEWS 289, 12nd, January, 2001
Just Say Know
Govt protects privacy of vivesection

SchNEWS 288, 22nd, December, 2000
Wheels Of Fortune
- Getting ready for the new battle of Hastings if the planned Hastings bypass road goes ahead..

SchNEWS 287, 15th, December, 2000
Nice But Naughty
70,000 rally at the EU Summit in Nice, France.

SchNEWS 286, 8th, December, 2000
Mind The Gat!
GATS (General Agreement On Trades and Services) - institutionalising free trade rules forcing mass privatisation and free trade over the world.

SchNEWS 285, 1st, December, 2000
The wet climate change conference - the COP6 UN Convention on Climate Change in the Hague, Netherlands

SchNEWS 284, 24th, November, 2000
You've Been TABD
Keeping tabs on the Transatlantic Business Dialogue.

SchNEWS 283, 17th, November, 2000
Flight Of Fancies
- Food miles - how corporatiseed food production and distribution systems mean your dinner is better travelled than you

SchNEWS 282, 10th, November, 2000
Shell Suit
Fifth anniversary of Ken Saro-Wiwa - and we look at the continued genocide on Shell's behalf as they plunder the Niger delta, Nigeria.

SchNEWS 281, 3rd, November, 2000
Truck Off
The truckers strike - good timing for an oil company stunt while torrential rain forewarns climate change.

SchNEWS 280, 27th, October, 2000
The Right To Profit
The European Convention Of Human Rights comes to England - and big business are gonna use to their advantage...

SchNEWS 279, 20th, October, 2000
Gaza Stripped
State terrorism and occupation on Palestinians by Israel

SchNEWS 278, 13th, October, 2000
In Sickness And In Wealth
Health workers in Dudley on strike over privatisation of health system.

SchNEWS 277, 6th, October, 2000
Czech Mate!
Back from the streets of Prague for the World Bank/IMF Metting there.

SchNEWS 276, 22nd, September, 2000
- BP perfect the new art of Greenwash - pretenting they're sustainable while it's business as usual.

SchNEWS 275, 15th, September, 2000
We're running out of gas but there's no end to the hot air

SchNEWS 274, 8th, September, 2000
Riding Rough Shod
Hunt Sab Steve Christmas is fighting for his life after being deliberately run over by car while sabbing

SchNEWS 273, 1st, September, 2000
Marching Orders -
US funds Plan Colombia - militarising Colombia on its own terms.

SchNEWS 272, 25th, August, 2000
Czech-point Charlies
Prelude to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund meeting in Prague in September

SchNEWS 271, 18th, August, 2000
Swizzlers Of Oz - Digging for gold and finding dirt at the Sydney Olympics

SchNEWS 270, 11th, August, 2000
Town Whores The Local Government Act - opens the door for Labour cronies to sink their teeth into councils

SchNEWS 269, 4th, August, 2000
The Empire Bites Back - The Regulation Of Investigative Powers Bill (RIP Bill) becomes law - opening the way for Big Brother to read your emails and more..

SchNEWS 268, 28th, July, 2000
Jack Boot Terror Master terrorist Jack Straw's prescription for helping beleagured transnationals becomes law.

SchNEWS 267, 21st, July, 2000
Is It Cos I Is Black? Asylum seekers in detention, New Labour and new refugees!

SchNEWS 266, 14th, July, 2000
Dam Your Money Big 'infrastructure' projects like dams line the pockets of international contractors like Balfour Beatty, and destroy other countries - backed the whole way by Britain's 'Export Credit Guarentee' Dept

SchNEWS 265, 7th, July, 2000
Mad For It
The 'mad' get attacked in new govt bill - being resisted by Mad Pride.

SchNEWS 264, 30th, June, 2000
Genie Genie
The ' Human Genome Sequence' is complete - now anyone can be Frankenstein!

SchNEWS 263, 16th, June, 2000
Weather Cock-up
Climate change? No such thing if you believe the oil industry!

SchNEWS 262, 9th, June, 2000
Wish You Weren't Here
- The world is a playground for western tourists - propping up regimes and exploiting the locals

SchNEWS 261, 2nd, June, 2000
Water Disgrace
- The most precious resource on earth is getting commodified - the water wars of the third millenium!

SchNEWS 260, 26th May, 2000
Chinese Horrorscope
China to join the WTO - a big market and cheap workforce to get your teeth into!

SchNEWS 259, 19th May, 2000
Damn It!
Stopping Balfour Beatty building the Ilisu Dam in Turkey, and Export Credit Guarantees

SchNEWS 258, 5th May, 2000
Lawn & Order
- Guerilla Gardening at Parliament Square and Mayday roundup

SchNEWS 257, 28th April, 2000
The Coca Cola Kids
- Privatisation of eduction

SchNEWS 256, 21st April, 2000
The Murdering Fund
- Washington DC kicks off in protest against the meeting of the IMF - the Internation Murder Fund

SchNEWS 255, 14th April, 2000
Maypoles & Beanstalks - What is Mayday all about.. Upcoming Guerilla Gardening

SchNEWS 254, 7th April, 2000
Blobby's House Party Mr. Blobby's over-developed greenfield housing policies!

SchNEWS 253, 31th March, 2000
Rip It Up!
The RIP Bill. Yer privates aren't private no more!

SchNEWS 252, 24th March, 2000
Udder Madness!
Government policy responsible for BSE?

SchNEWS 251, 17th March, 2000
Who are the real terrorists?
The Prevention Of Terrorism Bill set to become law

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