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Issues 201-250 / February 1999 - March 2000

SchQUALL annual 2000


SchNEWS and Squall Back To Back

Genetically modified crops get trashed, animal rights, freemasons, June 18th '99 international day of action against capitalism, Exodus Collective, Cuba, the November 30th '99 Battle for Seattle, climate change, parties and festivals, indigenous peoples' resistance to multinational corporations, the privatisation of everything in sight, crap arrests of the week, prisoner support and much more…the full lowdown on the direct action movement in Britain and abroad!

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SchNEWS 250, 3rd March, 2000
Strike It Lucky!
- International Women's Day and how far has it come since 1907? / Ya Basta - Interview with activist who has recently returned from Zapatista territory in Chiapas, Mexico / Kosovo one year on / Campaign Against Arms Trade CAAT / Hell Raising Anarchist Girls (HAG) cause havoc in Brighton

SchNEWS 249, 25th February, 2000
Nano Nano
- the next monster unleashed by bio-technology is nanotechnology - where small really is beautiful - GM food debate / Gorse Wood, Hockley and Glen Of The Downs updates

SchNEWS 248, 18th February, 2000
"The Friends Of The Poor" - International Monetary Fund (IMF) - best friends of the poor! IMF 'Structural Adjustments' and the good work the IMF have already done / Gulf War Syndrome / Clause 28 / Govt to put GM seeds on the National Seed List / Valentines Day at Faslane Naval Base

SchNEWS 247, 11th February, 2000
Ringpeace - Call centres open up for liberalisation - read globalised exploitation - British Telecom go for flexible labour / beach in Thailand destroyed for film 'The Beach' / Gorse Woods protest tunnels evicted / international callout for support for U'wa tribe in Colombia

SchNEWS 246, 4th February, 2000
Postman Splat - New Labour ready to kill more Post Offices all in the name of liberalisation - Post Office Bill / WEF protests in Davos, Switzerland / Voices In The Wilderness against the UN Sanctions In Iraq

SchNEWS 245, 28th January, 2000
Trips, D.N.A. & Orgasms - The GMO lobby is still screwing the comsumer / Birmingham Northern Relief Road / Students go on the warpath over fees / suicide in Harmondsworth Asylum Seekers Detention Centre

SchNEWS 244, 21st January, 2000
Turkish Delight - Blair breaks UN Convention to support Ilisu Dam in Kurdish Turkey - Balfour Beatty

SchNEWS 243, 14th January, 2000
Welcome To The Profit Zone - Privatising the dole - more employment rights bite the dust - Manpower Services - Ernst And Young - Reed - Pertemps / World Economic Forum / tunnelling at Gorse Wood, Essex to stop building development on woodland

SchNEWS 242, 7th January, 2000
State Of Terror - Now everyone can be a terrorist thanks to Hard Labour's new bill - Prevention Of Terrorism Act / Cambridge two imprisoned

SchNEWS 241, 17th December 1999
More S&M than M&S - Child labour in 3rd world sweatshops are the height of fashion in the clothing industry / What Seattle means for whinging big corporations / Glen Of The Downs - Ireland's road protest camp

SchNEWS 240, 10th December 1999
Bare Breasts & Rubber Bullets - Seattle again - need we say more / what the World Trade Organisation will mean for the environment and developing countries / What else happened around the world on November 30th

SchNEWS 239, 3rd December 1999
Seattle's A Gas - SchNEWS on the street as protesters close down / 5,000 French farmers protest trade liberalisation / Huntingdon Life Sciences

SchNEWS 238, 26th November 1999
Aggro-Chemicals - 10th anniversary of Union Carbide's little leak at Bholpal / Police to get rubber bullets and other nick-knacks

SchNEWS 237, 19th November 1999
Drag Queen's Terror - The 'Prevention Of Terrorism Act' is announced / Pressmennan Wood near Edinburgh under eviction

SchNEWS 236, 12th November 1999
Whale Of A Time - Marine life 1 - Oil Companies 0 ! Labour defeated in the courts on oil exploration

SchNEWS 235, 5th November 1999
On The Iraq!! - Human Rights? Not if you live in Iraq - UN sanctions in Iraq / Exodus eviction quashed

SchNEWS 234, 29th October 1999
Trident Tested - three Ploughshares 2000 women are acquitted of malicious damage at Faslane Naval Base / protests against Itoiz Dam in Spain and Narmada Dam in India / protest camp at Hockley, Essex under eviction / Genetix Snowball back in court

SchNEWS 233, 22nd October 1999
Oi, WTO... No!!! - Why everybody should go to Seattle in November to stop the WTO ushering in social and environmental meltdown

SchNEWS 232, 15th October 1999
Rancid Camera - CCTV cameras / Ricky Reel RIP

SchNEWS 231, 8th October 1999
Eat My Isotopes - As Japan has it's worst nuclear disaster since Nagasaki SchNEWS looks at BNFL and the British nuclear industry / International Indigenous Peoples Day

SchNEWS 230, 1st October 1999
No Womb For Mistake - genetics and eugenics / 1,000 students walk out in Montreal

SchNEWS 229, 24th September 1999
End Of The World - The UN bring out their Global Environmental Outlook 2000 report - and it doesn't look good for water supplies, climate change and the rest

SchNEWS 228, 17th September 1999
Guns 'R' Us - Defence Systems and Equipment International (DSEI) hold an 'arms fair' - selling guns and bombs to sound regimes in London Docklands and Chertsey, Surrey

SchNEWS 227, 10th September 1999
Bottle Dead - Nestles baby milk in Africa scandal

SchNEWS 226, 3rd September 1999
Child Pawns - School kids in Hackney kick off after being guinea pigs of New Labour's education privatisation scheme / East Timor to vote for independence

SchNEWS 225, 27th August 1999
Seedy Business
- anti-GM counter conference to be held in Cambridge / Mexico after NAFTA / DSEI arms fair coming up

SchNEWS 224, 20th August 1999
Anarchy In The UK - Tabloid paper frenzy about 'violent anarchists' / Smokey Bears Picnic, Portsmouth / 121 Evicited / protest camp set up at Hockley, Essex

SchNEWS 223, 6th August 1999
Rural Paranoia - Cornwall braces for eclipse mega party

SchNEWS 222, 30th July 1999
Cunning Stunt M'Lord - Monsanto's GM maize test site in Norfolk is trashed by Greenpeace protesters including Lord Melchett, Executive Director of Greenpeace / J18 London aftermath

SchNEWS 221, 23rd July 1999
Ship Of Fools - Highly radioactive shipments of MOx fuel from Japan headed for processing at Sellafield by BNFL get held up by Greenpeace / Protesters at GM crop trials in Oxfordshire / The Land Is Ours

SchNEWS 220, 16th July 1999
Raging Hormones - WTO removes barriers to globalised free trade - as long as it suits the USA / Reclaim The Streets in Bristol / South Korea gets IMF 'restructuring'

SchNEWS 219, 9th July 1999
Sale Of The Century - corporate carve up of Britain with New Labour's Private Finance Initiative (PFI) / camp at Arthurs Wood threatened by new Manchester Airport runway

SchNEWS 217, 25th June 1999
Suits You, Sir! - on-the-spot reports of London and worldwide J18 events / UK Protest Camp round up / Stonehenge

SchNEWS 216, 18th June 1999
A Kick In The Balkans - after the NATO 'victory' in Serbia, the west can help itself to Kosovo's rich minerals and resources / Exclusion zone lifted on Stonehenge at summer solstice for first time since 1985 / BNFL - nuclear trains across Britain

SchNEWS 215, 11th June 1999 | [PDF: 270KB / 2 pages]
Party Animals - Hacienda club in Manchester gets squatted for one last bash - Exodus Collective / New Labour to sell off more council housing

SchNEWS 214, 4th June 1999 | [PDF: 270KB / 2 pages]
Carn'ival - the buildup to global demonstrations on June 18 (J18) around the G8 meeting in Cologne, Germany / Inter-continental Caravan arrives in Britain / Tianamen ten years on

SchNEWS 213, 28th May 1999 | [PDF: 350KB / 2 pages]
World Domination & Bondage - the Bilderberg Group - the secretive cabal with global financial dominance in mind meet

SchNEWS 212, 21st May 1999 | [PDF: 200KB / 2 pages]
Goldfingered - protesters spoil the party at nasty mining company Rio Tinto's AGM - Partizans - Goldbusters / English Collection of Prostitutes / Inter-continental Caravan

SchNEWS 211, 14th May 1999 | [PDF: 200KB / 2 pages]
No Room At The Inn - Kosovan refugee crisis continues as New Labour wheel out draconian new asylum seeker plans / Baby Milk Action campaign targets Nestles / Genetic Engineering Network

SchNEWS 210, 30th April 1999 | [PDF: 200KB / 2 pages]
Fat Cat Slim - New Labour steps up the privatisation juggernaut with the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) / Protest Camp Roundup / Sussex students refusing to pay fees occupy building / Simon Jones gathering at Health and Safety Executive HQ on Workers Memorial Day / In-fill around Newbury Bypass road

SchNEWS 209, 23rd April 1999 | [PDF: 400KB / 2 pages]
Balaclava Bovver - Draconian new Crime and Disorder Act and the spectre of wider 'anti-terrorist' laws / Protest camp at Cedars Wood as new Manchester Airport runway carnage spreads

SchNEWS 208, 16th April 1999 | [PDF: 400KB / 2 pages]
Hillsborough 10 Years On /
Reclaim The Tubes / International TV Turn-off Week

SchNEWS 207, 9th April 1999 | [PDF: 400KB / 2 pages]
War Is Peace - The real reasons NATO are bombing Serbia / Diggers back at St Georges hill after 350 years / GM maize destroyers have charges dropped / British Aerospace

SchNEWS 206, 19th March 1999 | [PDF: 400KB / 2 pages]
Forest For The Chop - World Trade Organisation in timber trade free-for-all shocker / European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT) - Trans European Network (TEN) - acronyms take over Europe / Crystal Palace finally evicted

SchNEWS 205, 19th March 1999 | [PDF: 400KB / 2 pages]
Herbal Highs - drug companies to gain control of herbal cures through the Medicines Control Agency / Ten years on after the Exxon Valdez oil tanker catastrophe in the Gulf Of Alaska / GM maize trashers in Plymouth go to court

SchNEWS 204, 12th March 1999 | [PDF: 400KB / 2 pages]
Killer Corps Go Bananas -
no level playing field as the WTO forces rules on the globalisation of food exporting / Ashton Court protest camp in Bristol ends

SchNEWS 203, 5th March 1999 | [PDF: 300KB / 2 pages]
Parking Mad - Protest camp protecting Grade II listed park at Crystal Palace, London is under eviction / Simon Jones memorial campaign occupies office of DTI

SchNEWS 202, 25th February 1999 | [PDF: 420KB / 2 pages]
Ooh, America - What Big Lies You Have! - US sabotage the International Biosafety Protocol in Cartagena, Colombia - GM food - WTO / Kvaerner - Birmingham Northern Relief Road / Labour's Immigration and Asylum Act targets asylum seekers / Portsmouth three - hunt sabs

SchNEWS 201, 19th February 1999 | [PDF: 200KB / 2 pages]
Mods And Shockers - Neo Labour puts PR company Burson Marstellar in to give the bio-industry a better profile - Monsanto - genetically modified foods - Genetix / Kurdistan / 121 in Brixton barricaded for eviction

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