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G8 Summits
including Japan 2008, Germany 2007, Russia 2006, Scotland 2005, Georgia USA 2004, Evian France 2003

G8 Summit 2008, Hokkaido, Japan
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4th July 2008 | Issue 638- EMPIRE OF THE VANITIES - It's G8 Summit circus time again, this time meeting in Japan. For ten years the G8 - and the US-led Neo-Con empire - has been a big target for protests and anti-capitalist politics. But is the G8 really the unstoppable threat it appeared to be during the height of the summit-hopping years? The power blocks are shifting...


G8 Summit Germany, 2007
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8th June 2007 | Issue 591 - HEILIGENDAMM-BUSTERS - some reports back from the G8 Summit in Germany.

Steve McQueen breaks into the G8 Summit
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1st June 2007 | Issue 590 - ROSTOCK & TWO SMOKIN BARRELS - The G8 Summit starts in Germany next week, as the protests - and police repression - build up a head of steam

As the G8 leaders touch down...
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25th May 2007 | Issue 589 - PREPARE FOR THE WURST - Heiligendamm-busters get ready for anti-G8 actions in Germany...

Tsars In Their Eyes - G8 Summit, Russia, 2006, fiends-reunited
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30th June 2006 | Issue 549 - TSARS IN THEIR EYES - Putin puts the boot in ahead of the G8 Summit meeting in Russia - One year on from Gleneagles (we can’t believe it – poverty’s still not history!), the G8 circus is re-forming (but almost certainly not reforming) for a St Petersburg-based shindig over the weekend of 15-17 July. As activists gear up for the most full-on anti summit mobilisation yet, the Russian state is already cracking down on those who might disrupt or inconvenience its chairmanship of the world’s most powerful club.

G8 Summit, Russia, 2006, fiends-reunited
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Bob Geldof - G8 Summit 2005

Friday 15th July 2005 | Issue 503/4 - Full G8 Summit Gleneagles round-up...

G8 Summit Gleneagles 2005

10th June 2005 | Issue 501 - As all roads to lead to Scotland - and it's not just the G8 Summit - there's also protests at Faslane Naval Base and the planned site of the M74 motorway through south Glasgow...

G8 Summit 2005

3rd June 2005 |
Issue 500 - GRRRrrr8 – IT AIN’T -
"The harmful effects of the corporate globalisation project have led to mass popular protest and activism in the South, later joined by major sectors of the rich industrial societies, hence becoming harder to ignore. For the first time concrete alliances have been taking shape at a grassroots level. It is fair to say, I think, that the future of our endangered species may be determined in no small measure by how these popular forces evolve.” - Noam Chomsky, author, academic and general trouble maker.

Fair Trade cocaine at the Live-8 Concert

3rd June 2005 |
Issue 500 - GRRRrrr8 – IT AIN’T -
As Geldof announces the big Live-Aid style Live-8 concert to coincide with the G8 Summit...

Make Bullshit History

4th February 2005 | Issue 483 - GOBBILISATION - The G8 are like the executive committee of the system that sees economic growth as the answer to everything. They control over half the votes in the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and basically exist to make life easier for transnational corporations. It’s unaccountable, un-transparent and unelected.

But how does what goes on in these meetings affect our lives? Many of the stories you read about in SchNEWS or the corporate media can be traced back to the dodgy influence of the G8. From Iraq to PFI hospitals to the water revolts in Bolivia, the G8’s pervasive stink wafts through many bad news stories in recent years.

The G8/G7 don’t actually make policies, they issue declarations. At a meeting last October they discussed “the sustainability of health-care spending in the major countries and ideas and policies for reform of such spending.” In the UK that will mean goodbye NHS and hello privatisation.

G8 Summit Gleneagles - Shut It Down

18th June 2004 | Issue 459/460 - G8 WAY TO HELL - “The G-8 prescribes neo-liberal policies that accelerate the concentration of wealth, attack workers’ rights, jeopardise employment, lower living conditions for the vast majority of the population, disrespect cultural differences, and harm the environment.” Dissent Network.

Last week the leaders of the eight richest countries of the world (G8) got together for the annual knees up to sort out the worlds problems, this time at the opulent Sea Island, a private luxury resort in Georgia, USA. While SchNEWS realises the world’s in a mess, asking these gangsters to sort it out is like asking a Michael Jackson to do your babysitting…

DSEi 2001 - 9-11

6th June 2003 | Issue 408/409 - G8 MY HAMSTER - Evian famous for its bottled water was instead busy last week bottling bullshit, as the leaders of the G8 summit meet to squabble over the spoils of war. Yet another conference for the new rulers of the world to be wined and dined, protected by thousands of armed police from the bottled-up emotions of the people they supposedly represent.


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Jolly Roger Press
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Jolly Roger Press -
SchNEWS's take on an anarchist publishing house catalogue produced for the Anarchist Bookfair, Issue 608 - October 2007 (Download PDF - 970kb)

Blair Mugshot
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Blair Charge Sheet
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Rave Casualty Support Group
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Barrio Social Centre - What's On Guide - SchNEWS looks at a typical British social centre. Issue 573 - Jan 2007. (Download PDF - 220kb)

Upper Crust - from the spoof festival guide
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Spoof Festival Guide
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Winston get a mohawk - Mayday 2000
SchNEWS Worst Britain
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