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Includes other parliamentary British politics. See also Blair.


The real winner of the London Mayoral Elections
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2nd May 2008 | Issue 630- As the country goes to the polls in local elections, the question was who was going to win the London mayoral election...

Gordon Brown - the biggest fool on 'Fossil Fools Day'.
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4th April 2008 | Issue 627 - ONLY FUELS & HORSEPLAY - Despite a national day of action against Climate Change on 'Fossil Fools Day', Gordon Brown was still the biggest clown.

Gordon Brown - New Leader - New Danger
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29th June 2007 | Issue 594 - Blairite Neo-Labour hasn't gone, we've just sunk further into the brown stuff as Gordon takes over as Prime Minister...

John Reid out-Tories the Tories - again
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1st December 2006 | Issue 571 - GET ME OUT OF HERE - Home Secretary John Reid out-Tories the Tories again with xenophobic policies on Asylum Seekers...

David Cameron perfects his Blairite mannerisms and turns 'green'...
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3rd November 2006 | Issue 567 - Step in David Cameron - Blair Mark II - perfecting his 'centre ground progressive rhetoric' courting Blair's centre left/right supporters...

John Reid reads the riot act to asylum seekers
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26th May 2006 | Issue 545 - SNATCH-22 - SchNEWS Reids betweens the lies about refugees - Home Secretary John Reid out-Tories the Tories with xenophobic policies on Asylum Seekers...


Blunkett performs miracles to get the sick back to work...
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14th October 2005 | Issue 516 - SICK JOKE - “If people re-associate with the world of work, suddenly they come alive again. Work will overcome depression and stress a lot more than people sitting at home watching daytime television.” - David Blunkett, Secretary of State, Department of Work & Pensions.

New Labour - New Britain - New Fascism
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23rd September 2005 | Issue 513 - YOUR LOGO HERE... - As Neo Labour holds its annual conference. “20 years ago the Labour conference was packed with social justice campaigners”, says Terry, a lifelong party activist, as he contemplates ripping up his membership card. “Now you can’t get around without tripping over some suited corporate lackey.”

David Blunkett's identity crisis
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3rd September 2004 | Issue 466 - I.D.EAL CITIZEN - The proposed Children’s Bill will create a database of every child in the country - as Britain continues to sleepwalk into a surveillance society...

"Two Jags" Prescott goes to a transport policy meeting...

6th August 2004 | Issue 464 - FIRST FOR PROFIT - As Neo-Labour public transport policies are tied up with PFIs and subsidising the profits of the private companies involved, such as the First Group...


School privatisation

23rd July 2004 | Issue 463 - PAY AS YOU LEARN - Neo Labour have announced their five year plan for education, to end the comprehensive schools system and replace it with specialist schools, foundation schools and city academies. This “new breed” of schools will give greater freedoms for headteachers to set everything from the wages they pay their teachers to what sort of kids are allowed in the school, and give parents more ‘choice’ where they send their kids. It will also open the back door even further for private companies to get involved in education...

Thatcher recalls the heady days of the Miners Strikes
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5th March 2004 | Issue 444 - MINER SURGERY - On March 1st, 1984, Margaret Thatcher announced the closure of Cortonwood colliery in Yorkshire - signaling her government’s determination to ram through a massive programme of pit closures and destroy the power of the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM). Miners had no choice but to fight, or see their lives and communities devastated. The longest major industrial battle in British history had begun - a battle that still defines the political landscape of today.

As Blair pisses on the firefighters...

22nd Nov 2002 | Issue 382 - FIREBRANDED - As SchNEWS went to press the Fire Brigade Union were planning an eight day strike over Neo Labour’s refusal to pay them a decent wage...

The Health Minister has another episode....

7th July 2000 | Issue 265 - MAD FOR IT - Last November the Government released a Mental Health Green Paper (Reform of the Mental Health Act). The 'mental act from hell' will sanction the medically approved force-feeding of toxic drugs to people in the community with a mental health disorder. A side effect will be increased profit for pharmaceutical multinationals. ‘Mad’ people will continue to be incarcerated with even fewer rights of appeal than before...


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Jolly Roger Press
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Blair Mugshot
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Blair Charge Sheet
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Rave Casualty Support Group
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Upper Crust - from the spoof festival guide
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Spoof Festival Guide
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Winston get a mohawk - Mayday 2000
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