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Asylum Seekers/Refugees
Including No Borders, Immigration Detention Centres, deportations and the plight of asylum seekers in Britain.

Xmas greetings from SchNEWS
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17th December 2010 | Issue 752 - XMAS GREETINGS from SchNEWS...

No Borders protest in Brussels suffers violent policing
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8th October 2010 | Issue 742 - FRONTIER LAW - The No Borders camp in Brussels took its protest against harsh European asylum laws to the EU capital - and were met by shocking police violence, leading to 500 being 'preventatively' arrested, and 14 being seriously injured.

No Borders Camp, Brussels
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24th September 2010 | Issue 740 - BRUSSELS SPROUTS CAMP - No Borders Camp 2010 in Brussels kicks off this Saturday (25th) til the 3rd October, and plenty are converging on that part of the continent in an effort to create a world where no one is illegal. Among the objectives of the camp are the denouncing of European migration policy; and showing the links between this policy and the structures of capitalism and repression.

Jungle Mania as Calais' refugee camps are violently evicted
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24th September 2009 | Issue 692 - JUNGLIST MISSIVE - Jungle Mania as Calais' refugee camps are violently evicted and trashed by French police.

Calais - The Final Frontier... for refugees trying to seek asylum in Britain.
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22nd May 2009 | Issue 676 - FINAL FRONTIERS - A humanitarian crisis caused by British immigration policy is taking place just over the channel in Calais. Thousands of people in search of a new life in the area are risking their lives to enter the UK and are only surviving with the ‘illegal’ solidarity of local people. The situation has worsened dramatically since the forced closure of the Red Cross’s Sangatte centre.

Airport Deportures Screen
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20th March 2009 | Issue 669 - STAND UP TO DETENTION - Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has opened the latest addition to UK plc’s capacity for locking people up, Brook House - the largest immigration detention centre yet - with space for 426 prisoners. 2,500 people are currently locked up in 13 British immigration prisons and the government want to be able lock up another 1,500.

Morale Crisis At UK Immigration Centres
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6th July 2007 | Issue 595 - The Home Office is seeking tips from the fashion designers when it comes to designing enforcement officer uniforms - so it's out with the navy blue and in with softer tones...

Rough Guilde to Asylum in Britain
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26th May 2006 | Issue 545 - SNATCH-22 - SchNEWS Reids Between The Lies About Refugees...

Neo Labour reids the riot act to asylum seekers
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26th May 2006 | Issue 545 - SNATCH-22 -
SchNEWS Reids Between The Lies About Refugees...

Government makes immigration check-ups at local schools
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31st March 2006 | Issue 538 - SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO? - Immigration injustices of barbed-wire Britain...

Is It Cos I Is Illegal - Ali G joins the Harmondsworth Massive
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31st March 2006 | Issue 538 - SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO? - Immigration injustices of barbed-wire Britain...

Choices facing Asylum Seekers to Britain
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2nd Dec 2005 | Issue 523 - AMIR - ACLE - Swift intervention by Brighton campaigners last week prevented the deportation of a asylum seeker, Iranian journalist Amir Hassan...

American - the land of the free

24th Jan 2003 | Issue 389 - INS AND OUT - “The idea that terrorism is a third world import carried in by non-white people has become the widely accepted excuse for increasingly repressive border policies throughout the global north... A border panic has been carefully constructed so that the ‘terrorists’ are always seen as existing ‘outside’ of ‘our society’.” - Nandita Sharma, Green Pepper magazine, Autumn 2002

Yarls Wood Towers "I mentioned Group 4 once but I think I got away with it."
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29th March 2002 | Issue 348 - YARL-BOO SUCKS!
Last month the Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre in Bedfordshire burned in a fire. The centre for detaining asylum seekers – the equivalent to a category B prison surrounded by razor wire - opened in November 2001, cost £100 million and is run by Group 4. But ever since it opened there's been constant protests about conditions. In January nearly all the detainees, went on hunger strike for 24 hours, while on the afternoon of 14th February, the day the fire started, trouble flared after a woman was handcuffed so she could be taken to hospital. At some point later a fire started. It’s not clear where, although many detainees believe it started in the reception area to which they have no access. Shocking stories from those who were inside on the day are only now emerging.

Campsfield Detention Centre riot ,  August 1997

29th August 1997 | Issue 132- HOSTILE HOSTEL - Asylum prisoners show their anger - "Campsfield is not a prison, it's a hostel regime" - Group 4 spokesman

Last week, 200 asylum seekers at the Campsfield detention centre near Oxford staged a full scale protest which caused an estimated £100,000 worth of property damage. Several parts of the building were completely destroyed. The 13 hour 'riot' began after one person was removed to a prison without warning, a move campaigners believe was designed to punish troublemakers. Over a quarter of detainees were involved in the protest.


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