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The Blair autobiography comes out - A Journey or is it Mein Kampf?
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3rd September 2010 | Issue 737 - MEIN KAMPF? - The Blair autobiography comes out - full of, as expected, lies and fantasies justifying all his diabolical and murderous actions masquerading as a 'hey guys' self-effacing leader on a crusade to 'well, you know' right the wrongs of the world. A Journey or is it Mein Kampf?

The Blair Charge Sheet
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29th June 2007 | Issue 594 - The Blair Charge Sheet - As the Blair era ends, we look at his legacy of war crimes and deceit...


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11th May 2007 | Issue 587 - The SchINDEPENDENT - 'Iraqis tear down Blair statue after regime change is finally confirmed...'


Blair gets his hands dirty at Seedy Sunday
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2nd Feb 2007 | Issue 574 - SOIL OF THE CENTURY - As Seedy Sunday comes around and it's time to start planting crops...

Yo Blair....
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21st July 2006 | Issue 552 - GUNS AND MOSES -
Appetite for Destruction in Lebanon’s Paradise City - Israel’s military attack against Lebanon is the latest in an endless series of aggressive wars the country has waged against its Arab and Persian neighbours...

As Blair is arrested at Mayday
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5th May 2006 | Issue 542 - MayDay 2006 - The Space Hijackers hold a party for police, and make them feel at home by dressing as police. But someone came in a Blair mask, and some of the participants got carried away and arrested him for war crimes...

Blair makes immigration check-ups at schools
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31st March 2006 | Issue 538 - SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO? - As Neo-Labour has locked up 25,000 asylum seekers in it's harsh treatment of refugees...


Tony B In Da House

13th Jan 2006 | Issue 527 - ‘NUFF RESPECT - Big up the respec’ agenda - ASBO massive in da house. The Respect agenda – what’s it all about? Could it be an attempt to head off the Tories in the headlong rush to the right? In fact it’s a cobbled together manifesto of rehashed ideas which exposes the neo-Labour project as the kneejerk crackdown conservatism it actually is.

Blair fights 21st century crime...
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30th Sept 2005 | Issue 514 - NO NONSENSE - At the Labour Party Conference - All this week Brighton has been playing host to the corporate jamboree of the Labour party conference. A dumbed down Nuremburg rally inside a heavily policed exclusion ‘island’, Brighton’s very own “Green Zone”, with the police carrying out random stop and searches under the Terrorism legislation.

Blair - batting at no. 10 for England
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16th Sept 2005 | Issue 512 - ASHES TO ASHES - England regain the ashes in a flag-draped show of small-island patriotism, becoming another distraction from the heavy loss of life and the reality of the Iraq invasion...

Make Bullshit History

4th February 2005 | Issue 483 - The Make Poverty History bandwagon is selling lots of white wristbands to help save the planet - here's the suggested use for one of them...

After the Madrid train bombing, Blair wonders if the same will happen in Britain

19th March 2004 | Issue 446 - TOTAL PAZ TAKE - After the Madrid train bombing - just days before the Spanish election where the pro-war Aznar government was ousted and a contributing factor in the defeat - Blair wonders if the same will happen in Britain...

Who wants to be a millionaire?

7th March 2003 | Issue 395 - WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONNAIRE? - Tony's been phoning a certain friend a lot lately as he positions himself as the US lapdog in the run-up to the Iraq invasion...

Blair's dodgy dossier...

27th Sept 2002 | Issue 373- WEAPON OF MASS DISTRACTION - The dodgy dossier is released - thin on details - as the US and Britain sells the idea of invading Iraq.

Blairs Entitlement Card
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5th July 2002 | Issue 363 - IDENTITY CRISIS - ID cards are back on the agenda – or as the government would like us to call them ‘Entitlement Cards’, which must mean the government and police are entitled to find out everything about you whenever they like...

Blair sells to both sides in the Kashmir conflict

31st May 2002 | Issue 357/8 - KASHMIR SWEATER - In January, as India and Pakistan prepared for war over Kashmir, a ‘Presidential’ Blair arrived in the subcontinent on what was called a “peace mission” – which coincided with the UK flogging 60 Hawk jets to India for a billion pounds...

Blair signs a SchNEWS copy
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April 1997 | On his last visit to Brighton, on the election trail in April 1997, SchNEWS followed Tony Blair and offered him a copy of SchNEWS 115 for an autograph. "I never know what I'm signing" smiled Blair and duly obliged. An ominous sign of things to come...


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Jolly Roger Press
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Jolly Roger Press -
SchNEWS's take on an anarchist publishing house catalogue produced for the Anarchist Bookfair, Issue 608 - October 2007 (Download PDF - 970kb)

Blair Mugshot
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Blair Charge Sheet
- as Blair leaves, we look at his record - Issue 594, June 2007 (Click Here)

Rave Casualty Support Group
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Barrio Social Centre - What's On Guide - SchNEWS looks at a typical British social centre. Issue 573 - Jan 2007. (Download PDF - 220kb)

Upper Crust - from the spoof festival guide
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Spoof Festival Guide
- close to the bone parody of UK festival scene produced for Big Green Gathering, Issue 553 - August 2006. (Download PDF - 2.2meg)

Winston get a mohawk - Mayday 2000
SchNEWS Worst Britain
- produced for the Peace De Resistance book in 2003 (Click Here)

Are You Really Green? - questionnaire produced for the Big Green Gathering 2007 (not yet available)