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GRAPHICS Issues 561-580

  See also graphics from issues 351-400, 401-450, 451-480, 481-500, 501-520, 521-540, 541-560, 561-580, 581-600, 601-620, 621-640, 641-660, 661-  
Trident submarines
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16th March 2007 | Issue 580 - RADIOACTIVISTS - Protests at Faslane Naval Base - where Trident armed nuclear submarines are held - against the £76bn cost of replacing Trident, which the British govt plan to do...

If Carlsberg did riots....
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10th March 2007 | Issue 579 - DANISH PASTING - The eviction of the four storey Ungdomshuset (literally: Youth House) in Copenhagen has sparked three days of rioting and forced the Danish state to close its borders to foreigners coming to join the solidarity struggle.

Another blatant Danish reference as the Ungdomhuset eviction is depicted in LEGO
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10th March 2007 | Issue 579 - Another blatant Danish reference as the Ungdomhuset eviction is depicted in LEGO. Er what else Danish is there?

David Cameron on walkabout
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3rd March 2007 | Issue 578 - Crap Arrest Of The Week - The keepin-it-real young hoodie who made a ‘firing gun’ gesture at David Cameron last week has ended up the one targeted.

Are You Carbon SchNeutral?
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23rd February 2007 | Issue 577 - FOREST GRUMP - uprooting the carbon offsetting myth - Where there’s a crisis there’s a cash-cow, and while SchNEWS has looked before at the stupidities of industrial carbon trading (See SchNEWS 514), it’s time to turn up the heat on those firms at the cashing in consumers fears about Climate Change. This week activists from London Rising Tide occupied the offices of the Carbon Neutral Company (CNC), at the forefront of the dubious practice of carbon offsetting.


23rd Feb 2007 | Issue 577 - Insurgency for men...


Slaves To Fashion - cotton grover, sweatshop worker, clotheshorse model...
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16th Feb 2007 | Issue 576 - LOOSE THREADS - The clothing industry doesn't just exploit garment factory workers - it also uses large-scale cotton farming, using heavy, toxic pesticides on the crops (because of course it doesn't need to be edible...


As climate chaos looms and action is needed, who you gonna call?
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9th February 2007 | Issue 575 - THE TIDE IS NIGH - As climate chaos looms and action is needed, who you gonna call?


Blair gets his hands dirty at Seedy Sunday
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2nd Feb 2007 | Issue 574 - SOIL OF THE CENTURY - As Seedy Sunday comes around and it's time to start planting crops...


Rave Casualty Support Group
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26th January 2007 | Issue 573 - Social Centres Spoof - As SchNEWS moves to Brighton's autonomous social centre, The Cowley Club, we choose the moment to do a spoof of social centres. To download the A4 page in pdf click here.

John Reid out-Tories the Tories - again
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1st December 2006 | Issue 571 - GET ME OUT OF HERE - Home Secretary John Reid out-Tories the Tories again with xenophobic policies on Asylum Seekers...

X-Tortion - credit brokers
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24th November 2006 | Issue 570 - KISS OF DEBT - It’s Buy Nothing Day this Saturday (25th November), but with £1,300,000,000,000 of consumer debt in the UK, it would appear that the zombies in the malls aren’t listening.

Australia has record droughts
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10th Nov 2006 | Issue 568 - GOIN' UNDER - a drop of strewth in an ocean of bullshit as Australia has record droughts...

As the Stern reports that we're gonna sink...
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3rd Nov 2006 | Issue 567 - The Stern Report sinks in...

David Cameron perfects his Blairite mannerisms and turns 'green'...
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3rd November 2006 | Issue 567 - Step in David Cameron - Blair Mark II - perfecting his 'centre ground progressive rhetoric' courting Blair's centre left/right supporters...

Borat Enlargement Shock
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27th Oct 2006 | Issue 566 - as the right wing tabloids stir up xenophobia - and miss information - as Bulgarians and Romanians join the movement of labour across Europe...

V For Vendetta goes to the Anarchist Bookfair
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20th October 2006 | Issue 565 - BLACK BOOK BLOC - As another Anarchist Bookfair comes around...


The GM Day Of The Triffids
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13th Oct 2006 | Issue 564 - ASSAULT OF THE EARTH - SchNEWS digs the dirt on resistance to the GM / Biotech takeover...


6th October 2006 | Issue 563 - I DID IT MY ZIMBABWE - Strikes, Striking and Strikers in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe - Workers’ resistance in Zimbabwe has been on the rise recently, with street demos, trade union action and new forms of resistance such as the ‘Uhuru Street Soccer Battles’. The ruling elite is attempting to silence opposition with the usual combination of police brutality and state propaganda.

Perpetual War... Means British Jobs
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29th September 2006 | Issue 562 - MAKING A BOMB - Corporations and governments use war to gain power, access to resources and markets, and for domestic propaganda – ultimately it’s just a means to an end.


Welcome to Vodafone Country....
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22nd September 2006 | Issue 561 - Dial M For Malignant - R mobils th nxt 2bacco? - People living near mobile phone masts “are effectively involuntary subjects in a mass experiment” - Dr Gerald Hyland, a board member of the International Institute of Biophysics.

The Curse Of The Radioactive Boy
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Jolly Roger Press
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Jolly Roger Press -
SchNEWS's take on an anarchist publishing house catalogue produced for the Anarchist Bookfair, Issue 608 - October 2007 (Download PDF - 2 pages A4 - 970kb)

Blair Mugshot
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Blair Charge Sheet
- as Blair leaves, we look at his record - Issue 594, June 2007 (Click Here)

Rave Casualty Support Group
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Barrio Social Centre - What's On Guide - SchNEWS looks at a typical British social centre. Issue 573 - Jan 2007. (Download PDF - 1 page A4 - 220kb)

Upper Crust - from the spoof festival guide
click here for larger image

Spoof Festival Guide
- close to the bone parody of UK festival scene produced for Big Green Gathering, Issue 553 - August 2006. (Download PDF - 2.2meg)

Winston get a mohawk - Mayday 2000
SchNEWS Worst Britain
- produced for the Peace De Resistance book in 2003 (Click Here)

Washing Up Section 6
Washing Up Section 6 - spoof of a squatter's Section 6 notice. (Download A4 page, PDF, 6kb)

Are You Really Green? - questionnaire produced for the Big Green Gathering 2007 (not yet available)