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GRAPHICS Issues 641-660


See also graphics from issues 351-400, 401-450, 451-480, 481-500, 501-520, 521-540, 541-560, 561-580, 581-600, 601-620, 621-640, 641-660, 661-704 (2009), 705-
Euro Trashed
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19th December 2008 | Issue 660 - EURO TRASHED - It's kicking off in Europe, as the havin' it Greeks continue to lead the way...

Athens hosts the paramilitary olympics
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12th December 2008 | Issue 659 - GO GREECE FIGHTIN' - Athens explodes into riots after the murder of fifteen year-old punk.

Go Greece Fightin'
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12th December 2008 | Issue 659 - GO GREECE FIGHTIN' - Athens explodes into riots after the murder of fifteen year-old punk.

Nottingham Forest goes ballistic
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5th December 2008 | Issue 658 - KOCH-A-HOOP - Nottingham has been labelled the ‘gun crime capital of Britain’ - so it's a funny place for US arms giant Heckler & Koch to have their main UK Headquarters.

Giant oil tanker the Sirius Star is hijacked by Somalian pirates
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5th December 2008 | Issue 658 - SOMALI-ARGH - From Penzance to Puntland as SchNEWS takes to the high seas of Somali piracy.

Iceland Burns!
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28th November 2008 | Issue 657- FROZEN ASSETS - The streets of Reykjavik hot up as financial meltdown hits Iceland.

Colombian President Uribe
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21st November 2008 | Issue 656- MINGA THE MERCILESS - SchNEWS looks at the new peoples' movement in Colombia, and what they're up against - the paramilitary thugs of the government, and the guerrillas of FARC.

Eco Terror - eco activists are the new terrorists
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14th November 2008 | Issue 655 - FIFTH COLUMNIST - After The Observer published it's 'eco-terrorism threat' article, SchNEWS looks at how the British Govt are painting eco-activists as the new terror threat.

Favourite SchNEWS rich boy - Otis Ferry
click for bigger image

14th November 2008 | Issue 655- Things just go from bad to worse for spoiled brat Otis Ferry. The rabidly pro-hunt Z-list celeb has been on remand for eight weeks, and this could stretch out to being inside for six months - until his trial on March 9th 2009. His crime? Attacking a hunt monitor and stealing their camera back, and - even more seriously - attempting to nobble a witness, perverting the course of justice.

Dubya goes onto the garbage heap of history
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7th November 2008 | Issue 654 - George W Bush goes onto the garbage heap of history. This is officially SchNEWS's last graphic about W. Good riddance to him.

SchNEWS anxiously awaits the results of next week's US presidental election
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31st October 2008 | Issue 653 - With the US election next week, we wonder what is the contents of the folder Obama is holding, as he embraces fellow candidate John McCain?

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24th October 2008 | Issue 652- CIBA PUNKS - Animal rights campaigners do a banner drop against Ciba Vision, the contact lens company, in protest against their use of animal experiments, and end up getting their house raided and arrested for 'conspiracy to blackmail'...

SAAB - Our sports cars go like a bomb....
click for bigger image

24th October 2008 | Issue 652- MEET SWEDISH BALLS - Swedish anti-arms trade activists go on the rampage, including visiting SAAB's weapons-making plant...

It Aint Half Hot, Mbm...
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17th October 2008 | Issue 651- PEPPERAZZI - Smash EDO's second mass demo, Shut ITT, goes off with a bang and a cloud of pepper spray...

Boom & Bust Stop
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10th October 2008 | Issue 650 - END OF WORLD IS NIGH - So what is the financial crash going to mean?

Banker in Rescue Drama
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3rd October 2008 | Issue 649- DEBTS THE WAY TO DO IT - "Blimey... you spend 15 years struggling against global capitalism and then the bloody thing collapses of its own accord."

Escape from Capitalititz
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26th September 2008 | Issue 648 - LOST IN TRANSITION - As SchNEWS looks at Transition Towns...

Financial Fantasy Football
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19th September 2008 | Issue 647- BAIL OF THE CENTURY - Football shirt sponsers go bust! - as the government hands out 'welfare for big business'.

9-11 Cluedo
click for bigger image

12th September 2008 | Issue 646 - TWIN OBSESSIONS - On the anniversary of 9-11, we turn all the conspiracy theories into a whole game for the bored family...

We Come In Peace
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5th September 2008 | Issue 645 - UNCONVENTIONAL - The Republican Convention in St Pauls Minnesota saw large protests, and a huge police operation...

There'll be teargas before bedtime
click for bigger image

5th September 2008 | Issue 645 - UNCONVENTIONAL

Police over the top at RNC, St Pauls, Minnesota
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5th September 2008 | Issue 645 - UNCONVENTIONAL

There will be blood - and climate change
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29th August 2008 | Issue 644 - PEAK SPOIL - When it comes to fears of peak oil, the problem might not be that we’re going to run out of fossil fuels - but that we might not...

Shell - responsible energy
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22nd August 2008 | Issue 643- GOING OVERBOARD - Direct action continues at Rossport, Ireland to stop work on Shell's gas pipeline and refinery.
"...the dredging machine started picking up large amounts of debris from the sea bed and dumping it within inches of the protesters – as the Gardai stood and watched..."


Kremlins... they're back
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15th August 2008 | Issue 642 - GAME, OSSETIA, MATCH - Georgia, the West-friendly state in the Caucuses, is invaded by Russia. The geo-politics of the oil-rich former Soviet states is not the walk-over which US and Western think it is, as Russia re-asserts it's position in the area...

Camp For Climate Action, August 2008, Kingsnorth, Kent
click for bigger image

8th August 2008 | Issue 641 - HOO U GONNA COAL? - The 2008 Camp For Climate Action begins at the Kingsnorth Coal Power Station, Kent.

Demo at Kingsnorth Power Station, Legoland
click for bigger image
And Finally, issue 641 - In the run-up to the 2008 Camp For Climate Action at the Kingsnorth Coal Power Station, it turns out E.ON, the energy company running Kingsnorth is also a sponsor of Legoland - and they have a Lego model of Kingsnorth Power Station - ripe for a bit of Lego direct action.

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