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GRAPHICS Issues 541-560

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Linux - wipes Windows in seconds
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15nd September 2006 | Issue 560 - GATES-CRASHER - Bill Gates and Microsoft have climbed to the top of the computer industry though sheer ruthless corporate behaviour. Still, why not ditch that pirate copy of Windows and move to a free alternative based on the notion that information should be free - GNU Linux...

9-11 - Bush in Alien conspiracy shocker
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8th September 2006 | Issue 559 - TRUTH-ACHE - It’s the big fight over ‘the truth’. In the blue corner we have the US government’s official version of 9-11 events and in all the other corners we have proponents of various ‘conspiracy’ theories. But in these days of governments caught telling outright lies about WMDs etc, and a massive groundswell of cynicism about any official pronouncement - just what is a conspiracy theory? What happens when ‘common sense’ is hijacked and the fringe goes mainstream?
And the repetitive beats go on
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1st September 2006 | Issue 558 - RAVE NEW WORLD? - As riot squad crash a free party in Chesterford, Essex over the bank holiday weekend...

Camp For Climate Action at Drax Power Station
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1st September 2006 | Issue 558 - DRAXIS OF EVIL - “Shutting down a power station isn’t enough to stop climate change but it’s a start.” - spokeswoman for climate camp protesters.

Big up to the 600 or so residing at the Camp For Climate Action, on a squatted site set against the backdrop of the Drax power station’s enormous cooling towers in north Yorkshire (See SchNEWS 546). Drax, the biggest the coal fired power station in Europe kicks out a massive 7% of the UK’s megawatts and emits as much CO2 as a quarter of Britain’s vehicle fleet.

Energy Saving Lightbulbs
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25th August 2006 | Issue 557 - READY? CHARGE! - Surviving the day after tomorrow - The double-whammy of peak oil and climate change have recently become much more mainstream, but the (if you’ll pardon the expression) ‘roadmap’ to a sustainable future is still very sketchy. Of course our governments are still too focussed on unsustainable growth of an oil-based economy to do anything much about either issue. But there’s little point in waiting for them to sort it out, when there’s so many positive ideas and capacity for real change to be found at the community and grassroots level.

Coal powered climate change
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25th August 2006 | Issue 557 - Coal powered climate change...


Hasta La Vista Socialist Club
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18th August 2006 | Issue 556 - ON THE FIDEL -
Battle for the future of Cuba after Castro -
Fidel Castro’s laid up in bed, with possibly weeks to live. He’s had to hand the reins of power to his brother Raul, only five years younger and not terribly popular. Cuba’s status as an alternative model of development for Latin America is clearly under threat. Over the water in Miami thousands of exiled Cubans were disappointed that Old Fifi made his 80th birthday earlier this week (13th August) but it’s the end of an era and what happens next is the hot topic on the streets of Havana.

UN's pathetic attempts to stop a belligerent Israel attacking Lebanon
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11th August 2006 | Issue 555 - AXIS OF OIL -
It seems as if attempts in the UN to obtain a ceasefire between Hizbollah and Israel have failed. As Israel pours more troops across Lebanon’s borders, the war’s escalation threatens a cataclysm. Is Lebanon destined to play the overture to a far wider middle-eastern war? It is this fear coupled with solidarity with the Lebanese people which has sparked a resurgence in the UK anti-war movement.

Chicken Run
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2nd Aug 2006 | Issue 553/554 - WING & A PRAYER - Air today, gone tomorrow for jet set society...



Climate Change - a new marketing opportunity for some...
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2nd Aug 2006 | Issue 553/554 - PROFITS OF DOOM - So are the most powerful institutions on our planet slamming on the economic brakes before we get to the cliff edge? Er no, they’re plotting ‘profit-driven’ solutions to the oncoming tumble into the abyss...

Upper Crust
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2nd Aug 2006 | Issue 553/554 - SPOOF FESTIVAL GUIDE - Made especially for the festival season, the inside pages of this issue contains a pisstake of the UK festival scene... To see it download the pdf of this issue (2 meg) click here

Yo Blair....
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21st July 2006 | Issue 552 - GUNS AND MOSES -
Appetite for Destruction in Lebanon’s Paradise City - Israel’s military attack against Lebanon is the latest in an endless series of aggressive wars the country has waged against its Arab and Persian neighbours...

A New Non-American Century

14th July 2006 | Issue 551 - BI-POLAR DISORDER - In the lead up to the G8 summit in Russia, we look at the rising power of China, Russia and others, and ask - whatever happened to the neo-con plans for a 'new American century'? And who are the 'Shanghai Five?

The decadent ruling class are quite sure all this will continue for another century...
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7th July 2006 | Issue 550 - A decadent ruling class are quite sure all this will continue for another century...
Tsars In Their Eyes - G8 Summit, Russia, 2006, fiends-reunited
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30th June 2006 | Issue 549 - TSARS IN THEIR EYES - Putin puts the boot in ahead of the G8 Summit meeting in Russia - One year on from Gleneagles (we can’t believe it – poverty’s still not history!), the G8 circus is re-forming (but almost certainly not reforming) for a St Petersburg-based shindig over the weekend of 15-17 July. As activists gear up for the most full-on anti summit mobilisation yet, the Russian state is already cracking down on those who might disrupt or inconvenience its chairmanship of the world’s most powerful club.

G8 Summit, Russia, 2006, fiends-reunited
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Minister - here's the pesticide resistant crop...
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16th June 2006 | Issue 548 - FOOD FOR THOUGHT - There's no business like agri-business

As a malignant plague takes over the Earth
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9th June 2006 | Issue 547 - PRICKS AND MORTAR - Placing an even greater burden on dwindling water supplies, bureaucrats have come up with a scheme to build another 200,000 new houses in the South East by 2020, with government white-coats showing their dry wit by claiming that the new builds will only need an increase of 0.1% of water usage. Either way this plan is madness considering there are currently 84,000 empty properties in the South East, and almost 730,000 nationally.

SchHUMMER - the world's first zero emissions SUV
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2nd June 2006 | Issue 546 - The SchHUMMER - the world's first zero-emissions SUV

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2nd June 2006 | Issue 546

Beckham laments that 'it's a world of two halves, Brian'
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2nd June 2006 | Issue 546 - FEVER PITCH - With the World Cup about to start again, so begins the marketing frenzy with England fans wearing £40 replica kits made in China by workers on 40p a day, and all the other pigs at the trough including Coke, Gillette, McDonalds and the rest

Rough Guilde to Asylum in Britain
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26th May 2006 | Issue 545 - SNATCH-22 - SchNEWS Reids Between The Lies About Refugees...

Neo Labour reids the riot act to asylum seekers
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26th May 2006 | Issue 545 - SNATCH-22 -
SchNEWS Reids Between The Lies About Refugees...

The Apartheid Wall
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19th May 2006 | Issue 544 - WALL OF SHAME -
as the West pushes Palestinians further into crisis

The real gulf of Mexico

12th May 2006 | Issue 543 - FLOWER POWER - Resistance to police repression grows in Mexico - In Texcoco, (just east of Mexico city) a flower market was the flashpoint for a bloody showdown between the state and a local community hell-bent on self-rule and autonomy. All this took place against the backdrop of the Mexican elections and the Zapatista inspired 'Alternative Campaign' which is touring the country attempting to build an anti-capitalist coalition.

As Blair is arrested at Mayday
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5th May 2006 | Issue 542 - MayDay 2006 - The Space Hijackers hold a party for police, and make them feel at home by dressing as police. But someone came in a Blair mask, and some of the participants got carried away and arrested him for war crimes...

Hitler points the way for the BNP
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28th April 2006 | Issue 541 - ONE GOOSE-STEP BEYOND - Far-right racist British National Party are fielding an unprecedented number of candidates for the local council elections on 4th May. Their campaign feeds off the natural disillusionment people in the UK have with New Labour’s cut-throat capitalist policies...

Nick Griffin - leader of the BNP
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Jolly Roger Press
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Jolly Roger Press -
SchNEWS's take on an anarchist publishing house catalogue produced for the Anarchist Bookfair, Issue 608 - October 2007 (Download PDF - 2 pages A4 - 970kb)

Blair Mugshot
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Blair Charge Sheet
- as Blair leaves, we look at his record - Issue 594, June 2007 (Click Here)

Rave Casualty Support Group
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Barrio Social Centre - What's On Guide - SchNEWS looks at a typical British social centre. Issue 573 - Jan 2007. (Download PDF - 1 page A4 - 220kb)

Upper Crust - from the spoof festival guide
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Spoof Festival Guide
- close to the bone parody of UK festival scene produced for Big Green Gathering, Issue 553 - August 2006. (Download PDF - 2.2meg)

Winston get a mohawk - Mayday 2000
SchNEWS Worst Britain
- produced for the Peace De Resistance book in 2003 (Click Here)

Washing Up Section 6
Washing Up Section 6 - spoof of a squatter's Section 6 notice. (Download A4 page, PDF, 6kb)

Are You Really Green? - questionnaire produced for the Big Green Gathering 2007 (not yet available)