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GRAPHICS Issues 521-540

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King of Nepal chats with Prince Phillip
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21st April 2006 | Issue 540 - NEPAL OR NOTHING - In Nepal the showdown between a fat power-crazed king and a huge pro-democracy movement has shut down the entire country since April 6th...

Co-Op Ted - the ethical bank?
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7th April 2006 | Issue 539 - ETHICAL CLEANSING - Co-Op shopped over 'ethical banking' - There are banks showing a healthy return on 'ethical' investments... aren't there? Like Co-Op? Er - no actually - they have been putting money into such corporations as Glaxo-Smithkline and Vodafone, who, we can assure you, are not ethical businesses.

Blair makes immigration check-ups at schools
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31st March 2006 | Issue 538 - SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO? - As Neo-Labour has locked up 25,000 asylum seekers in it's harsh treatment of refugees...

Is It Cos I Is Illegal - Ali G joins the Harmondsworth Massive
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31st March 2006 | Issue 538 - SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO? - Immigration injustices of barbed-wire Britain...

Thierry Henry - "Hey Bobby, what's French for 'It's kicking off'...?"
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24th March 2006 | Issue 537 - GAUL TO ARMS - Last Saturday over a million took to the streets across France, coming just two days after 300,000 had done the same nationally. This week 70 campuses have been partially or totally shut down and some 800 high schools are also striking. In some places the youth of the suburbs whose rioting spread across the country last October (see SchNEWS 520) have joined forces with students.


24th March 2006 | Issue 537 - Riots break out across France, and the French people reject the constraints the EU is putting on them...

Water privatisation

17th March 2006 | Issue 536 - WATER TORTURE - Privatisation leaves us high and dry...

Corporations have to splash out billions every year to persuade us to buy unneeded crap. But no such problems exist when they have a grip on more essential, life-sustaining, natural resources, like water.


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10th March 2006 | Issue 535 - PIGS MIGHT LIE - Sussex police have shot themselves in the foot with unerring aim again after charges were dropped against eight activists relating to a mass demo outside Brighton bomb-builders EDO MBM on May 31st last year. Three of the defendants were up for the “Go directly to jail” offence of ‘assault police’, and others for Section 5 and obstruction of the Highway. The charges were formally dropped on Thursday afternoon, and a CPS statement claimed that as the injunction had now effectively collapsed it was ‘no longer in the public interest’ to continue the prosecutions.

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4th March 2006 | Issue 534 - YOU'RE HAVING A L.A.R.R-F - Heard about the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill - possibly the biggest goosestep towards a totally authoritarian society the Blair oligarchy has yet dared to take.


Live And Let PFI
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24th February 2006 | Issue 533 - MoD PLC - Arms trade. Government sweeteners. Tax havens. Dodgy corporations making a killing. Directors paying themselves a packet. Ridiculous company names. Welcome to Neo Labour’s first full blown privatisation - QinetiQ, the arms research group.

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17th Feb 2006 | Issue 532- Waropoly

Another offensive cartoon designed to incite hatred
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10th February 2006 | Issue 531

Style Police Arrest Man Over Fashion Suicide
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10th February 2006 | Issue 531

Gordon The Gravy Train
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3rd February 2006 | Issue 530 - CHARITY BALLS - As Neo-Labour turns to the 'third sector' - the voluntary sector - to do the social work it won't pay for.

"An alliance of neo-labour ideologues and ambitious managers in the voluntary sector are embarking on a process that will eventually return social welfare to the 19th century with private businesses making money out of poverty... and many bigger charities now see privatisation as a way of increasing their own power and influence."

ID Cards
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27th Jan 2006 | Issue 529 - MISTAKEN IDENTITY - “A national ID card for the UK is overly ambitious, extremely expensive and will not be a panacea against terrorism or fraud, although it will make a company like mine very happy.” - Roberto Tavano, biometrics specialist for Unisys.


George Galloway

20th Jan 2006 | Issue 528 - George Galloway does anything for Big Brother...

Cafe in Broadway Markets, Hackney  is squatted
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13th Jan 2006 | Issue 527 - HACKED OFF - A cafe in Broadway Markets, Hackney, which was closed last year to make way for a yuppy development, is squatted and re-opened...


Respect to the underage ASBO sin-bin massive

13th Jan 2006 | Issue 527 - ‘NUFF RESPECT - Big up the respec’ agenda - ASBO massive in da house. The Respect agenda – what’s it all about? Could it be an attempt to head off the Tories in the headlong rush to the right? In fact it’s a cobbled together manifesto of rehashed ideas which exposes the neo-Labour project as the kneejerk crackdown conservatism it actually is.

Tony B In Da House

13th Jan 2006 | Issue 527 - ‘NUFF RESPECT

Tenth anniversary of The Third Battle Of Newbury
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6th January 2006 | Issue 526 - CARRY ON CAMPING - A decade on the from the high point of the 90's ecological direct action protest camps - Newbury - SchNEWS looks at the current crop of protest camps around the country.


Carry On Anarchy

6th January 2006 | Issue 526 - CARRY ON CAMPING

Father Xmas threatens his elves with outsourcing
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16th Dec 2005 | Issue 525 - INSIDE JOB - Companies are using UK prisoners as cheap, ununionised labour as another option for cheap workers rather than outsourcing. ASDA, Sainsbury’s and Tesco and Argos are all companies in on the act...

BNP Mr Men
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16th Dec 2005 | Issue 525 - And Finally... The BNP attempt to co-opt Mr Men by publishing a racist 'Mr Jihad' on the 'humour' page of their website - with a disclaimer saying 'if anyone is offended -tough! The essence of comedy is to have fun at someone else's expense!".

Hong Kong Phooey at the WTO meeting
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9th December 2005 | Issue 524 - HONG KONG PHOOEY - WTO Ministerial Conference Circus Hits Hong Kong

“The rhetoric of the WTO may be free trade, but its key agreements promote corporate monopoly.” - Walden Bello, Focus on the Global South

Hong Kong Phooey at the WTO meeting
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Choices facing Asylum Seekers to Britain
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2nd Dec 2005 | Issue 523 - AMIR - ACLE - Swift intervention by Brighton campaigners last week prevented the deportation of a asylum seeker, Iranian journalist Amir Hassan...

If the Romans used nuclear power....
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25th November 2005 | Issue 522 - OVER-REACTING - Just when you thought it could get no worse, Neo Labour goes nuclear. The whispering campaign around the push for nuclear power has been gaining momentum since last year. Until then Britain’s nuclear programme seemed to have been largely written off as the costly and dangerous failure it was. Nobody even knows how to safely decommission the power stations already built or store the radioactive waste already produced. Britain’s nuclear power programme was historically dogged with safety issues, radioactive contamination and massive overspend.

BAe sponsor university students
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18th November 2005 | Issue 521 - LOOSING THEIR FACULTIES - UK Universities are increasingly turning to the corporate sector, including the arms industry, to sustain themselves financially. Currently 67 UK universities hold significant investments in arms companies, and in return arms companies are investing in universities, which involves sponsoring departments and research.



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Jolly Roger Press
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Blair Mugshot
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Blair Charge Sheet
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Rave Casualty Support Group
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Upper Crust - from the spoof festival guide
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Winston get a mohawk - Mayday 2000
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