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GRAPHICS Issues 661-704 (2009)


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SchNEWS In Graphic Detail
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A collection of SchNEWS' best graphics from the past decade, presented in a full colour pocket-sized book. Covering issues from climate change to vivisection, police repression to resource wars, these graphics manage to raise a grin out of some deadly serious matters, all the while never watering down the uncompromising anarcho-green message of SchNEWS. This is a diverse range of images both in form and content with detourned or subverted images, fake ads, mixed metaphors, wafer-thin gags and more. Order yours now - £6.50 incl P&P, available online through this website. 96 pages, 120x168mm, full colour, ISBN 978-09529748-9-5 For more click here

Copenhagen - as the world hangs by accord...
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20th December 2009 | Issue 704 - NOT A HOPENHAGEN - In the end there was no deal on the table in Copenhagen and COP 15 was the big global cop-out we expected.

Copenhagen - we're brickin' it!
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11th December 2009 | Issue 703 - ONCE YOU COP YOU JUST CAN'T STOP - Going to COP15 at the weekend? Wondering which pair of socks to bring? A space-hopper and a peace flag or a gas-mask and a bag of transit wheel nuts? Ask no longer as SchNEWS brings you our prepare-for-action guide to the week long climate protest in Denmark...

Dubai goes pear-shaped
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4th December 2009 | Issue 702 - DUBAI NOW, PAY LATER - As the oasis of capitalism in the desert turns pear-shaped...

Buy Nothing Day
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27th November 2009 | Issue 701 - BUY BUY CRUEL WORLD - It's Buy Nothing Day, and no better time than to order a complete set of SchNEWS annuals for only £9.99...

The US and China agree to not agree on anything before the Copenhagen climate talks.
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20th November 2009 | Issue 700 - GOOD COP BAD COP - The COP15 UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen - considered the most important climate talks since Kyoto - hasn't even happened, but still the US and China have agreed to not make any agreements, leaving talks dead in the water before they've even started.

Mexican Wave
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13th November 2009 | Issue 699 - MEXICAN WAVE - Around 200,000 workers, teachers, students, unionists, farmers and social campaigners shut Mexican cities down on November 12th in a national strike against the military backed privatisation of a national power company.

Postman Pat goes on strike
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6th November 2009 | Issue 698 - POST APOCALYPSE - as the posties go on strike at a round of cutbacks designed to prepare the Royal Mail for privatisation.

Domestic extremists collectors cards
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30th October 2009 | Issue 697 - A LIBERAL HELPING? - The Guardian publish a police 'domestic extremists' spotter card and brew up a storm about police attempts to monitor protesters.

Sooty and Swoop
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23rd October 2009 | Issue 696 - SOOTY AND SWOOP - Over a thousand swoopers descended on Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station with a stated aim to shut the whole place down. Ratcliffe is a coal powered station owned by Saruman the Mighty, and Britain’s 3rd largest emitter of carbon.

Fabulous Mrs Fox
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16th October 2009 | Issue 695 - KICKING UP A STINK - In a rare SchNEWS advertorial, Cosmetics manufacturer Lush have released a new soap called Fabulous Mrs Fox – on sale from now ‘til Boxing Day. Every penny of the profits is set to be spent on funding sab groups up and down the country as they disrupt bloodsports.

It's beyond the pale...
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16th October 2009 Issue 695 - AND FINALLY ...As farmers take their protest about dairy pricing to Brussels, where they milk it for all it’s worth...

The Great Climate Swoop
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9th October 2009 | Issue 694 - SWOOPER TROOPERS - As the Great Climate Swoop descends on the coal-fired power station at Ratcliffe-On-Soar near Nottingham..

Fabio Capello wonders why England always has trouble fielding a strong left winger
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2nd October 2009 | Issue 693 - WHO ARE YA? - Fabio Capello wonders why England always has trouble fielding a strong left winger, as SchNEWS asks just who are the far-right English Defence League.

Jungle Mania as Calais' refugee camps are violently evicted
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24th September 2009 | Issue 692 - JUNGLIST MISSIVE - Jungle Mania as Calais' refugee camps are violently evicted and trashed by French police.

Finally facing my Portakill
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4th September 2009 | Issue 689 - ARM-A-GEDDON MYSELF SOME OF THAT - An Isreali firm is now offering for sale its “Jumper” robo missile pack – the latest in high convenience unmanned self-powered death machines, all provided in a handy carrying case.

This graphic is a LOLBUNNY if you don't get it - a bit like a LOLCAT
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21st August 2009 | Issue 688 - STOCK HORROR AT HLS - Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), the largest animal testing lab in Europe, are hitting the financial skids - thanks to campaigning which has targeted bankers and investors. (NB - incase you don't get this joke: it's a LOLBUNNY, a bit like a LOLCAT. Look on the web - they're pictures of cute animals with cute text-speak captions).

Fascism out of Britain
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14th August 2009 | Issue 687 - FASH GET THE BRUM RUSH - The far-right in Britain rears it's boney head as the English Defence League march in central Birmingham.

Rooftop occupation of Vestas factory, Isle of Wight
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7th August 2009 | Issue 686 - BLOWING IN THE WIND - The campaign against the closure of the wind turbine manufacturer Vestas’ site in the Isle of Wight, instigated by sacked workers occupying the factory two weeks ago (see SchNEWS 685), has continued this week with a broad coalition of activists and locals assembling to show solidarity with the workers.

Vestas factory occupation, Isle of Wight
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7th August 2009 | Issue 686 - BLOWING IN THE WIND

Hippies go green with rage after Big Green Gathering is cancelled at the last minute by authorities
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27th July 2009 | Issue 685 - THE HIPPY, HIPPY SHAKEDOWN - At the last minute the Big Green Gathering is closed down by the police and local council on a roadblock permit technicality - but as one policeman admitted 'This is political'.

Obama's new model war on terror
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17th July 2009 | Issue 684 - GOOD PLAN, 'STAN - As the body count mounts, we look at the unwinnable war in Afghanistan, and the Obama chapter of the 'War Of Terror'.

Chairman Mao reads the G20 Policing report - and thinks the Met Police were very restrained only killing one man.
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10th July 2009 | Issue 683 - BOBBIES ON THE BLEAT - The HMIC (Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary) report about the policing of the G20 protests - called ‘Adapting To Protest’ - is more concerned about public perception of the police rather than the police actions themselves, which saw one innocent bystander killed and other police violence - all caught on camera.

It's a load of horseshit - a conclusion to the G20 Policing report
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10th July 2009 | Issue 683 - BOBBIES ON THE BLEAT - Here’s an actual page from the G20 police report, wrapping up many pages of lucid argument and rigorous research. But just what is that pile of brown stuff next to the word ‘conclusion’? Under magnification, we can clearly see that it is in fact a well chosen visual metaphor to sum up the report. It’s all complete horseshit.

Michael Jackson RIP - SchNEWS' moving tribute to the king of pop...
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3rd July 2009 | Issue 682 - Michael Jackson RIP - SchNEWS' moving tribute to the king of pop...

Police use unmanned surveillance drone at Stonehenge during the summer solstice celebrations.
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26th June 2009 | Issue 681 - YOU’RE NICKED SUNSHINE! - At this year's summer solstice celebration at Stonehenge, the Wiltshire police went over the top - literally, by flying an un-manned drone surveillance copter continuously over the crowd.

Brighton film maker has house raided in a cack-handed intelligence gathering exercise by Sussex Police about the Smash EDO campaign.
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19th June 2009 | Issue 680 - COPS, LIES AND VIDEOTAPE - Sussex Police raid the home of Brighton film maker on a tenuous pretext. It is in fact a general intelligence gathering effort, as they try to attack Smash EDO.

Nick Griffin gets egged at victory speech
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12th June 2009 | Issue 679 - Nick Griffin is showered with eggs during his 'victory' speech outside Whitehall after becoming an MEP in the EU Elections.

Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega has a mosquito bite on his nose....
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29th May 2009 | Issue 677 - MOSQUITO BITE - On April 19th 2009, representatives from 360 Mískito communities declared the secession of the entire Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, also known as the Mosquito Coast. They announced that the area, which accounts for 46% of Nicaragua’s territory and an estimated 11% of the population, would form the independent Nation of Moskitia.

Calais - The Final Frontier... for refugees trying to seek asylum in Britain.
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22nd May 2009 | Issue 676 - FINAL FRONTIERS - A humanitarian crisis caused by British immigration policy is taking place just over the channel in Calais. Thousands of people in search of a new life in the area are risking their lives to enter the UK and are only surviving with the ‘illegal’ solidarity of local people. The situation has worsened dramatically since the forced closure of the Red Cross’s Sangatte centre.

Riot P*rn Monthly
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8th May 2009 | Issue 675 - BRIGHTON ROCKED - As Smash EDO May Day Mayhem Hits The Streets Of Brighton...

Police make attempts to prevent the spread of Swine Flu
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1st May 2009 | Issue 674 - SWINE FLU - With Sussex police promising a big contingent for Smash EDO's Mayday demo in Brighton, it is feared that they could unleash an outbreak of swine flu.

Chavez give Obama some reading material
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24th April 2009 | Issue 673 - SUMMIT OF THE UN-AMERICAS - Leaders from countries across the Americas – excluding Cuba – meet in Trinidad, in a gathering which produces absolutely nothing. Barack Obama is met with strong criticism from Latin American leaders about the continued US imperialism.

Now That's What I Call A Police State
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17th April 2009 | Issue 672 - PATHOLOGICAL LIARS - Ian Thomlinson is killed by police during the G20 Protests in central London - and he wasn't even on the demo, he was a newpaper seller trying to escape the police cordon to get home. Now That's What I Call A Police State!

G20 Dogs
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27th March 2009 | Issue 670 - APOCALYPSE WOW - The G20 Summit in London kicks off next week as the G20 Dogs hit town.

Gordon Brown asks Bill Gates for a loan
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27th March 2009 | Issue 670 - IN THE BROWN STUFF - The decision to bail out the banking system amounts to a redistribution of wealth from the poor to the rich on an unprecedented scale.

Airport Deportures Screen
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20th March 2009 | Issue 669 - STAND UP TO DETENTION - Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has opened the latest addition to UK plc’s capacity for locking people up, Brook House - the largest immigration detention centre yet - with space for 426 prisoners. 2,500 people are currently locked up in 13 British immigration prisons and the government want to be able lock up another 1,500.

And You Think The UK Health Service Is Under Attack...
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13th March 2009 | Issue 668 - TAKING IT ALL IN - The 110-vehicle aid convoy arrives in war-torn Gaza delivering medical and other aid, as well as the vehicles themselves such as ambulances and fire engines.

Saair Yildirim, a driver from Bristol acknowledged the reception in Gaza had been “tremendous”, but was shocked to see the wreckage of ambulances destroyed by Israeli fire.

The 5th Horseman Of The Apocalypse - Apathy
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6th March 2009 | Issue 667 - FOOLS RUSH IN - Momentum is building up for protests against the G20 Summit next month in London. With four horsemen of the apocalypse about to descend on the city of London, we're worried about the fifth...

The BNP score major own-goal with their new poster
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6th March 2009 | Issue 667 - AND FINALLY - To invoke the spirit of Bulldog Blighty, the BNP have used the image of a WWII Spitfire on their new campaign poster. The catch is that the markings on the plane featured indicate that it was from a Polish Air Force squadron - who in fact participated in the Battle Of Britain. Those bloody foreigners, coming here and taking our jobs...!

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13th February 2009 | Issue 666

Mogadishu we're here!
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6th February 2009 | Issue 665 - SHEIK, BATTLE & RULE - In Somalia the UN/Western-backed ‘Transitional Federal Government’ has fled its base in Baidoa when the Islamist militias of Al Shabab took over took over the town, with MPs fleeing alongside withdrawing Ethiopian troops. The UN rubber-stamped government that never was is no more.

Wham, Obama, Thank U Uncle Sam...
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30th January 2009 | Issue 664 - President Obama is inaugurated - is it the dawn of a new age or more of the same with a more appealing face? Call us cynical but the evidence is the latter.

Guantanamo - the Hilton of the War On Terror
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30th January 2009 | Issue 664 - INSIDE GUANTANAMO - Moazzam Begg, British ex-detainee of Guantanamo, said that Guantanamo was “like the Hilton” compared to other places in which he was incarcerated.

In his first week in office, President Obama made moves to close down Guantanamo - which is great, apart from the fact that it's the tip of the iceberg, and there are many - even less visible - places where suspected terrorists are being renditioned tortured outside public scrutiny.

That's Shoe Business...!
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30th January 2009 | Issue 664 - And Finally - In memory of the Bush shoe thrower, people in the Iraqi town of Tikrit have unveiled a statue... of a shoe.

EDO gets smashed
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23rd January 2009 | Issue 663 - DECOMMISSION ACCOMPLISHED - “I don’t feel I’m going to do anything illegal tonight, but I’m going to go into an arms factory and smash it up to the best of my ability so that it cannot actually work or produce munitions... [which] have been provided to the Israeli army so that they can kill children.” - Elijah Smith, one of the EDO 9.

Raytheon Roof-o-meter
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16th January 2009 | For more info see Issue 661 - RAYTHEON ROOF-O-METER - As the rooftop occupation of the Bristol offices of US arms giant Raytheon goes into its sixth week.


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